In the New Normal, mediocrity prospers

Crib sheets, cod science, cheats, collateral damage and keeping quiet in the Health space

According to Bill Gates-sponsored scientist Kari Nadeau, climate change is responsible for the rise in heart attacks, stillbirths, and cardiovascular disease….especially in children. This was always on the switch-sell-cause-of-death agenda, but of course it is important for the climate liars to keep up the fearmongering….and this has led to White House climate officer Jane Lubchenco being struck off, by the National Academy of Science, for plagiarist fraud.

Not only did she claim authorship of an article she hadn’t written, the piece itself contained false data that was known to be out of date at the time the article was written. Imagine an obvious fake Picasso being touted to Sotheby’s as an undiscovered Turner masterpiece, and you’re about there. An awful lot of these science-benders are really not that bright; let’s be clear about this, if they were they wouldn’t be working in the Biden White House.

Leading the charge against false death cause data in the UK is funeral director John O’Looney, recording an 18.5% increase in early middle aged unexplained mortality in his own business – and flatly refusing to accept the climate change twaddle as “an explanation”. More directly, prolific substacker and medical hero Dr John Day has collated global data showing 29.24% of 12-18 year old Thai patients getting vaccination effects ranging from tachycardia and palpitation to myopericarditis – consistent with findings from US Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville; and claims at German insurance giant Techniker Krankenkasse suggesting millions of unreported vaccine effects at a 4.3% rate involving ‘a medical treatment billed for vaccine injury’. While most injuries weren’t serious, it’s important to wonder – if these were immediate effects – what the medium to longterm consequences might be.

The truth is, none of us can know that….not even all those modellers, experts and smug bureaucrats who dismiss such things – so quick to exaggerate the danger of a virus, and even quicker to underrate the risks of mRNA experimental bioweapons, sorry, vaccines….sorry – one is inclined to forget, hahaha.

And so we turn The Slog’s fickle flicker of harsh light back on she of the promised “narrow, restricted use” of the drugs she so gainfully helped develop all those months ago, pocketing a Dameship while she was at it.

Yes, it’s National Treasure Kate Bingham out of hiding at last. And gosh, she told the 2022 Medics’ Day, what a jolly-hockey sticks uphill race against time it was to take on insurmountable odds by developing a virus vaccine in five months when such a thing had never been done before. What a personal career risk she took knowing absolutely nothing about virology. And how clear she was at the end of this astonishing – nay, world-beating – success that only the vulnerable would be “vaccinated” because it was vitally important for the rest of the largely healthy population to develop natural immunity in relative safety.

But then – really alarmingly soon – these promises were thrown under a steamroller of misuse as the Jabbernaut accelerated into warped pharma-speed, demanding the arms of every blackmailed employee, health worker, teenager and pregnant mum in the Land. Those of us with a sense of fairness waited for plucky heroine Basher Bingham of the Lower Fourth to shout foul.
And we waited. We not only waited and waited, we waited some more as it became clear that there were blood clots, collapsing footballers, miscarriages, stillbirths, cardiac issues, hard-sell phone-jockeys offering everything from free pints to holiday raffles, and kids being told it wasn’t necessary to tell their parents they were going for The Clot Shot.

What Katy did next beggars belief. She went off-radar, and she stayed there while lockdowns, half-baked infection tests, naked media lies, immunisation failures, strange gaps in the Oxford Recovery Timeline, and flagrant safety lies foisted onto Commons members by Matthew Halfcock all came to light. She cringed in a dark corner as cod-scientific drivel about super-spreaders, breakthrough infections and the “clear case” for vaccinating under-twelves was broadcast through the mendaciously whistling teeth of pustulous Mammon.

And then – when false victory celebrations had convinced most Covidiots that the war was over – Dame Bingham rose again to claim her plaudits.

Now some of you are going to tell me I should stop being Beastly to the Bingham…that there were others who knowingly cooperated in far more malodorous schemes than she. But you’re wrong – and here’s why: more than any of those people, she and she alone had the inside story and reputation to blow the whole fallacy sky-high.
I cannot go along with the idea that a woman of her intelligence and commercial acumen failed to see this, The Great Health Hypocrisy, for what it was and is. Perhaps she was threatened, or bribed. We are all human. But the least she could have done was to remain quietly in her anonymous corner.

Now, she has given her approval to the régime; and that’s unforgiveable. Lest we forget, this “lady” sourced and put forward a dangerous mRNA formulation that has killed thousands, injured more, doesn’t vaccinate in 75% of cases, is closely associated with stillbirths and has damaged the immune systems of millions

The last twelve months have hammered home some awkward truths into my resistant brain about the the hopelessly frail and yet confidently judgemental nature of Homo sapiens. But none of it will make me cynical, for to succumb to that is the ultimate defeat. Instead, we must strive for the best possible, make the most of it……and call out the lackeys.