We need to talk about the Banks

No, it is not a Wonderful Life

To be slightly more exact, we need to debate more frankly the concept of a different kind of banking system once the myths and fantasies of unipolar globalist monopolism have finally been laid to rest in a lead casket and launched off towards the Zob nebula inside a Tesla spacecraft lined with crucifixes dipped in Holy water from the original Nativity well. This essay forms part of a series intended to show just how radical socio-economic reform needs to be if we are not to revert disturbingly quickly to the evil greed of the 1 in 975 of us who are never satisfied with More Than Enough

John Ward is currently based in Gambia, and retuning himself to the concept of a cash economy where most citizens think a Bank transfer might involve the sale of footie superstar Lamin Bank from Brufurt City to Banjul Rovers.