SUCCESSION: the triumph of three over seven

Does seven minus four equal Fifth column King?

A few of us here in the Gambian office have been batting ideas back and forth about our new king, the ineptly named Charles III – better known to Sloggers as C3PO:

For myself, I think the first official photograph (left) quite appropriate given the silly old fart suffers from incurably robotic shiney-but-lobrow cod science syndrome. I’m being flippant, but from here on I hope to register some concern in a more serious vein.

So convinced was I last Friday that the new monarch would declare himself George VII, I bounced onto Twitter and declared the belief without fear of contradiction. I turned out to be wrong.
It’s not the being wrong that bothers me so much as the reasons why I felt sure I was right. Let me explain.
Many years ago – we’re talking almost half a century here – I was very close to one of Princess Anne’s horsey friends. She told me categorically that Prince Charles was frequently pestered by “advisers” to the royals – equerries and so forth – not to use his first forename on becoming king. The reason was very clearly the complete balls of duty dereliction achieved by versions I and II: the first causing our one and only Civil War, and the second spitting all over Parliament’s forgive-and-forget by trying to reinstall Papism by stealth in England. C1 lost his head about the matter, and C2 was forced to make an inglorious dash for Abroad in order to evade the same fate.
The common factor was religion, as inscribed in the role awarded to all British monarchs, ‘Defender of the Faith’.

Bear with me on this. My Dad was a Catholic, and my Mum an Anglican. When they married, they were ostracised for years by both families. While I never suffered in any way from “mixed marriage” syndrome, they very clearly did. Times change on religious matters, but human nature doesn’t. It’s all part of my detestation of catechismic ideology – be that socialism, fascism or fundamentalist Islam.

The years passed, and let’s be clear about this – the Windsors and I, we’re not close. I lost touch with my horsey friend, and gained instead the company (not always desired) of those in Westminster and Whitehall who occasionally become indiscreet after a few too many sherberts. It was via this community that I became aware of Gordon Brown’s dark side, Tony Blair’s longer term ambitions and family complications, Leon Brittan’s sexual proclivities and Charles the inveterate meddler.
“Charles is a sucker for Reader’s Digest philosophers with a big idea and a foreign accent”, a chum of mine who was at Cambridge with him once remarked, adding “If he had power, he’d be dangerous”.

My friend assumed of course that Charlie would never be anything but a figurehead – as did I, for this was a long time before Davos. But times change, and Britain’s insanely cynical immigration policy has ensured that there’s no longer “the” faith to defend.
Today, much of Britain’s future is about a separate religion entirely; a religion which can be a force for good (as I already think it almost certainly is here in Gambia) or the most extreme ideas and foul actions…especially when allied too closely with the State.
If you compare Islam to Christianity in today’s UK on the basis of regular attendance and observation, then Islam is far and away the most influential religion in the country. Its ideas about family, education, marriage, feminism, sexuality and democratic toleration do not accord at all with either modern British history or today. Further, its senior clerics are incessantly apologist about rape, while in turn critical of what they see as the decadence of the indigenous peoples…..’the infidel’.
With the braindead assistance of equally rigid Leftists, the Muslim Council has taken full advantage of all the freedoms on offer from UK multiculturalism, without in any way signing up to any of the responsibilities that go with it. The Council has pushed over and over again for special treatment, at one point in 2002 coming within a whisker of banning any and all criticisms of Mohammed in particular and Islam in general.

One of the new king’s most obvious weaknesses (available for anyone to view in both his writings and speeches) is a truly Page One failure to understand any of the scientific principles that lie behind social anthropology….and the ability to discern when his attraction for certain groups is based on more than his tailoring. Unfortunately, one such group is the World Economic Forum, with whom he has a relationship going back to 1992. Thus he is ineluctably accepting of their cynical espousal of climate change and pandemic twaddle but fails to grasp that the very unit he heads up – a Nation – is the main thing they want to get rid of.
“If we don’t do something now,” he drawled last year, “then these, um, pandemics will just keep on happening”. It didn’t really suggest that C3PO had done a lot of reading around the subject: but then, he is a dupe and a very easy mark.

That said, like many an upmarket thickie, our new king has a degree of innate cunning. He did a couple of very seedy deals with the Cameroons after 2011 (more draconian censorship of royal scandal press coverage in return for giving away a couple of meaningless royal assent conventions) and is the first Monarch in our history to have given his royal seal of approval to all three security services. He also has a handful of very loyal story-planters in the Press and BBC.
In the Spring of 2019, Charles was still hellbent on being George VII.

Since then, we have had the Covid caper, the vaccine depopulator, the war in Ukraine and the resultant drastic reduction in potential EUNATO gdp – with yet another roasting summer to convince the wombats that we’re all going to burn to death. I think it entirely likely that security service sirens have been pounding his taxi-door earholes throughout that time about the flaws in our democracy, and desperate times calling for desperate measures…featuring Charles III as a leading hero of the Great Reset.

I’m equally willing to entertain the idea that such voices have encouraged him to be “his own man” and reject the George VII option. For these people, the more anarchic confusion reigns in Britain, the more their powers are multiplied and their ends made easy to rationalise.
C3PO gives all the signs of being the “defender of all faiths”, climate nut, wind power and dabbling dilletante we do not need right now. Unlike versions I and II plus Uncle David, however, this time the absolutist king no longer in waiting has access to all the unelected power he needs.

This is not going to end well.