There’s always a conjuring trick in the Vicious Circle

If I have learned anything at all from this century, it’s the ease with which developments that represent obvious symptoms can be looked upon as if they were somehow random. The fascinating thing about this is that the event becomes the news – thus distracting most people from the cause. The Slog analyses and explains the Vicious Circle in charge of the deception…with special reference to Bill Gates

The Times yesterday called Liz Truss ‘the latest victim of a never-ending Tory death cult’ – a silly analysis that the Murdoch rag knows better than to put forward. It’s a little like saying Little Red Riding Hood was the victim of her Granny dressed up as a wolf.

Yet even I found myself caught off balance by the news of Kwarteng’s abrupt removal from the illusion of power; but the Truth is, there was nothing surprising about it at all. The pattern of events has been the same for some time: the only change is that after the pupae that burrowed its way (into a British democracy weakened by Blair and Campbell) burst out of its chrysalis in Iraq, the resultant dragon fly took wing….and deadly action to protect itself.

First Greece was ‘beaten to death with a baseball bat’ (to use Tim Geithner’s memorable phrase) and the charismatic leadership of Syriza was quietly threatened, silenced and then ambushed by the joint evils of Draghi and Schauble.

Next came the UK’s UKIP movement, the determined tell-as-is by Nigel Farage; and then, the obdurate attitude of EU grandees (stubborn, stupid and stupefying) when Prime Minister Cameron asked them to engage with democratic reform. Sent away with a flea in his ear, Cameron was returned to office but remained – rightly – fearful of the UKippers pulling more and more votes and MPs away from Toryism.

Much to the fury of NATO and Anglo-American intelligence, Cameron gambled on killing UKIP with a once and for all referendum. He lost. Three days after promising to honour the verdict, he was gone…summarily dismissed by the Sedwill Mob who had poured in US electioneering bodies to ensure victory. The new Prime Minister Theresa May was hoisted into power by her long-time chumsat the Home Office, and its MI6 branch suitably threatened (for such is their way) her opponent to ensure a simple coronation.

But the Tory Right railed against her obvious sell-out in the risible carve-up known as The Withdrawal Agreement. BoJo saw his chance, but he too was not the Unelected State’s choice….especially as their biggest heist to date – virus and vaccine working in perfect harmony to terrify the People and destroy national wealth– was already in the pipeline. Johnson, a thoroughly depraved sociopath, did himself no favours – and the now poodlesque British media ruthlessly kicked him out with the help of the usual crop of Tory Remainers.

The NWO’s candidate to take over (Rishi Sunak) was defeated by the naked racism of the Tory blue-rinse grass roots. Instead, quite the most unengaging and disloyal greenhorn in history Liz Truss walked intoDowning Street and had an immediate collision with the realities of power in the corporacratic State.

She and her momentary Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng displayed staggering ignorance (of neoliberal monopolism and the real econo-fiscal disaster in the UK) by going for tax-cutting growth. A man known only too well in these columns, Andrew Bailey the boss man at the Bank of England, moved swiftly to poo all over their idea by raising rates – causing Sterling to have a nasty wobble. Bailey won without breaking into a sweat. [See earlier under turbo-charged dragon flies]

For me, however, far more significant is the equally predictable Third Coming of Jeremy Taiping-Errah, whose real status as a human is best summed up by this wonderfully captured shot

I suppose this is where I get to say, ‘’You read it here first’’ but Mr Hunt was billed to me many years ago by Tory Big Beasts as ‘The Chosen One’. He has four main connections: a British Tory billionaire man ofmurk and mystery, once very close to degeneracy at London’s Groucho Club; the media mogul Rupert Murdoch; the Davos Wing of the New World Order; and private health via his cousin in the Lords, Dame
Virginia Bottomley and her allegedly sexually odd husband, Peter.
Either way, this is how I last said it in May 2020:

‘Jeremy Hunt – the man I have always said is the Establishment’s Chosen One to lead a National
Unity Government including Keir Starmer – has finally admitted that he is the de jure leader of
the 39 largely Remainer Tory MPs now demanding the Head of Dominic Cummings.’

Far too many people still lack an understanding of how multi-layered the Heist is…and why the
different layers are there. They talk breezily about the origins of Covid19, argue the toss about
Brexit, drivel on about BoJo’s No 10 expenses, debate why inflation is high but ignore all the
behavioural/unconstitutional actions and techno-fiscal developments that will doom us all to
neutered opposition to the bank >climate >transhuman>digital money>standing armies>forced
jabs>24/7 surveillance of technocracy.

But sometimes, the odd sign of panic breaks out among the 0.03 per cent, and evidence of
infighting is there for all to see…..although very few do. The obviously American ownership of the Nord pipeline attack caused a flurry of angry Bundestag MPs (who continue to regret the end of Ostpolitik) calling for Biden’s head – which, perhaps like Fort Knox, is predictably empty; while in a different direction, other more robotic German MEPs want theItalian election result declared null and void because (wait for it) ‘it is an affront to our democratic principles’.

Still in Germany, there are calls for the Sicherheitsdienst boss to be fired
after it emerged he and some of his colleagues had been communicating with the Russians: can’t
say I blame them. And France has ruled out nuking ‘opponents’ in Europe.

What I’ve tried to do in this piece is to point out (1) that unelected interfering with the
democratic process has become increasingly blatant and (2) that the reasons given for it
perceived by ‘wild conspiranoids’ make eminently more sense than the feeble attempts to blameanything and everything on ‘Ras’Putin.

There’s no ‘news’ in any of that, because news events have become entirely unreliable in provenance – and meaningless until given a logical context.

This morning, the Times casts Jeremy Hunt as the ringleader in the plot to dump Truss, but
notes later that Bailey of Threadneedle will raise interest rates further. There’s not a word
anywhere in the MSM about how inflation started to rise other than the risibly bizarre idea that
it was all Putin’s fault and something to do with Ukraine and its minute wheat crop. Any writing
at all about Powell looking the other way two years ago (or the insane level of money-printing
during the Scamdemic) has become strengstens verboten – verily, thou shalt not go there.

As a postscript, allow me to further enlighten the jabberwockies on what a fine and upstanding ‘philanthropist’ Bill Gates is. As we all know by now, ‘philanthropist’ is the default disguise givento ruthless megalomaniacs like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and ‘Sir’ Richard Branson.

Bill Gates insists that these days he ‘has nothing to do’ with Microsoft. Beyond $20 billion worth of stock, that is. The point here really is that Big Billy set down the way Microsoft would operate– viz: ‘Do what you have to do – cheat, lie, harass, threaten and block – in order to produce a gigantic global monopoly that bullies the retail, hardware and browser/search engine sectors into submissive acceptance of a seven-humped, three-legged camel’.

Or put another way, the New World Order blueprint of gangsterism. Hold that thought.

Five days ago, I purchased a back-up laptop: I’m very pleased with it, up to but not including the
fact that I’ve inherited Microsoft Office Suite in full. I’m in the process of erasing all of it, largely
because it’s bad enough reading laughable lies in the media every day…I much prefer it when
my operating system doesn’t add to it on a minute by minute basis. This operation is going to
take a long time, because trying to get rid of Microsoft is akin to getting The Alien out of your
chest without dying.

Just a few examples will suffice. I tried to log into The Times, but was told I didn’t want to do
that and I couldn’t anyway because an ‘unknown error’ had occurred. So I downloaded Firefox,
and got the same answer. I lit up the other pc, and got straight into The Times.

I then tried to reach my own blog, and got ‘Sorry, we’re having trouble maintaining a safe link to
that server’. Next on the list was Twitter, but this time I was ‘redirected’ to Skype, a Microsoft
product. I went back to Firefox as a browser and typed ‘log in to Twitter’ and the next little panel
said, ‘Your browser does not support this site’. Thenwent into Firefox on the old machine, and that one said, ‘Here you Go’ and signed me in automatically.Open any program not owned by Microsoft, click on ‘add to task bar’…and nothing happens.

It is pernicious, almost in the infantile sense of Lord of the Flies. But then, Gates is a severely
stunted human being. I asked you to hold the thought of gangsterism, because that is precisely
what Gates has been engaged in for most of his life: he shafted his original partner, stole the
first program outlining his OS, stuffed the hardware trade full of it, and then knocked out every competitor one by one (Mac operates in a different business/price sector really) by the sort of
nefarious means I outlined above. The man is a doubly incontent liar and bully, and was almost
certainly on the inside track of the Covid>vaccine plan from 2016 onwards….having already
invested hundreds of billions in vaccine products, to which he has added more arable land than
any other US citizen.

However, at its core, what runs the physical entity masquerading as William Gates is control.

And this is also the central obsession of the mad folks: whether it be control of human health,
Earth’s climate, global money supply, 100 per cent tracking and surveillance, wealth
concentration, overpopulation, unipolar military dominance or strict adherence to socio-fiscal
catechism, what they want is control.

That’s not gone away, and it never will until this Vicious Circle of tramline thinkers have been
brought to justice.

Every day, there are sites wherever you look talking tosh about multiple mutations and another
Covid wave this winter.
Every day, another ‘expert’ opines that energy and fuels will have to be rationed in the next few
Quite soon, central banks across the Globe will tell us that digitalization of money is now the
only alternative to hyperinflation.

The desire for unipolar control will, of course, make all of this somewhat academic should there
be a nuclear exchange. Go to some openly rabid Anglo-Saxon titles and channels, and there
you will find terrifying idiots preparing you for that outcome and arguing that it doesn’t mean
that many deaths.

Bill Gates thinks that way. So do most members of the Vicious Circle do: they’d rather promote or
believe any claptrap that oils the way to their self-assigned entitlement to all the wealth in all the world than give up on the goal.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.