US NOW: the one-time Great Isolationist heads for isolation

Over the past few months, those currently “running” the USA have managed to anger, irritate or annoy Russia, Germany, China, Russia again, China again, Germany again and Russia yet again. The over-heated Hegemony Express is coming off the rails as the most dangerous geopolitical confrontation since Cuba conflates alarmingly. Now the Saudis – the biggest backers of Islamist violence – stand alongside the Russians on the energy issue. Is the storm about to exit the teacup?

With all the multi-layered geopolitical economic and fiscal complexity in play at the moment, one of the main axes of the amoral global compass has had a much lower profile than one might (laughably) consider normal. This is the continued growth and influence of Islam. I’m more aware of that here in Gambia, an overwhelmingly Islamic country but uniquely liberal, tolerant and flexible in that regard. As it happens, Gambia’s most powerful and loyal ally is Saudi Arabia: that plus the tropical climate make energy sourcing much less of a problem for Little G than most.

You could if you like think of Gambia as a parallel for the Saudis to the role West Berlin had for NATO in the 1960s Cold War years: just as the Americans presented the free city sectors as a model for democracy’s superiority to centralised top-down totalitarianism, so of late the Saudi royal family has poured millions of Dollars into Gambian infrastructure – and will be holding its annual Islam summit in the new conference centre just off Gambia’s monkey park.

The unpleasant Saudi régime itself has traditionally been a close ally of Anglo-American diplomacy. Now, however, the arrogant MIC surveillance cabal running the US is very obviously going for uni-polar hegemony, and didn’t think this would make the oil-rich Saudi bandits particularly edgy: “We’re gonna screw up the energy market, but whatTF…they’ll have to live with it”.

At the end of the week before last, I was having a conversation here with a young techie supplier, and I mentioned Saudi Arabia as perhaps a potential source of spare parts. He smiled and said, “Well, I think they have bigger things to worry about”. His view was they were ‘rethinking’ where they stood in the world. I read a few newspapers and dug around to find someone in diplomacy somewhere. I didn’t get very far.

Then late last Thursday, it became clear that not only were the Saudis going to cut oil production, they made a point of announcing that Russia had been fully consulted – and given the obvious global slump about to cause worldwide mayhem – they were not going to risk swimming in a glut of black gold by the end of 2023. The White House called the action “a hostile act”. In fact, it is a lot more besides.

The move goes further than just exacerbating a steep rise in the cost of European energy – and making the Nord pipeline sabotage operation look even more dumb than it at first did. First up, It heralds a political coup for Putin; but even more damning for the Biden manipulators, it represents a major and heavily armed oil source changing sides.

For the first time ever, the Saudis have shown a preparedness to become a target for America’s seemingly endless ire. They have joined the RF et al in deciding that they want a multipolar world.

This is not small potatoes: it could prove to be a tectonic geopolitical shift. And seen in the context of other events, it begins to make the US look more and more vulnerable. I have been writing for years now on what a sham the US/UK ‘Special Relationship’ is: Washington always puts America First. It is a perfidious ally at the best of times, and high-handed to boot. However, it would take a lot for the British to leave behind the warmth of the American bed….especially given the current noddy-dog poodles in the current Cabinet.

But it’s becoming a different story in the EU. Asking the Germans to forget about their gold and then go along with having its economy shafted by US Russophobia is one thing; standing by and watching this same “ally” sabotage the one gas supply you’ve got is another thing entirely.

Then there is the Chinese element. We have to remember that the ultimate geriatric cynics in Beijing see ‘régime change’ in the West as nothing to do with democracy. They see it for what it is: the ‘inevitable’ final power lying with tech-surveillance and military ambition as the security underpinning global control of trade. The Communists already have most of the gold, and a broad grip on supply lines. They are everywhere (including here) in evidence when it comes to Africa – and even ports as far West as Athens.

The Chinese continue, in private, to be profoundly suspicious of one reserve currency called the Dollar. Let’s face it, they also respect it. I cannot believe that Beijing didn’t know what the Saudis and Russians were going to do. One thing is for certain: there’s no percentage for them in propping up the Americans.

And here’s an odd flier to end on. A New York source suggests that Biden’s apparent commitment to running for a second term was not to the Saudi’s taste. Interesting. Thing is, Biden really cannot try for a second term: he will be wiped out.

In case his moronic minders don’t realise this, although I’m not a neuroanatomist I can tell you based on experiences with my own relatives that JB is suffering from tertiary dementia. Secondly, this is a progressive condition that has become noticeably worse since he stole the election. And finally, if it is in any way related to Alzheimer’s, he will reach the delusional stage (if he turns out to be an ‘average’ sufferer) some time between Autumn 2024 and early summer 2025. It isn’t going to look that good if he gets into a debate with his opponent whatever happens; if he starts talking about little green Mexicans under the Oval Office desk during a live PPB, it might be a fitting end but it isn’t going to be terribly dignified.

Although Sleepy Joe is of course only a stooge, they can’t control his actions a hundred per cent of the time. Those out to steal what the American Republic tried to be have a serious problem with the President. I can’t imagine how they’re going to deal with it. I really can’t.

But Washington beware: you are running out of friends and neutrals…and Putin is now firmly pushing back into the Ukraine’s hidden element of biowarfare. Moscow’s latest moves show (to me anyway) a desire to nail the biolab aspect and go public.

The World is getting more dangerous with every week.

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