There’s no correlation between conspirators & creativity

Travelling further up the Gambian Smiley Coast, The Slog muses on never-ending energy lies, pharma cover-ups, war-mongers, Green onions, oily waters and other examples of global conspiracy.

Staring out to the horizon of a blue-green Atlantic on my arrival here at [venue name withheld] I wondered what the next stop going West over that horizon might be. Turns out to be the small South American State of [venue name withheld] a place I have never visited. But what I also noticed (and have been training field glasses on ever since) was that there are usually at least two oil tankers making steady progress due south from [national name withheld], and as the colossal oil producer [national name withheld] is to the South East of us here (I thought) they were on route to fill their boots.

This would make sense if there were any tankers coming back – given that EUNATO is the region most in need of black gold right now. But the traffic is very much one way. So either there’s going to be the most colossal pile up on the minute island of [name withheld], or the oil is bound for places further West and South, such as [redacted], [censored] or [don’t be silly].

That updated round-up of entirely full transparency was brought to you by Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla, a gentleman described by Robert Malone MD in his substack as:

‘…..having corrupted government leaders worldwide. This corruption is deep and wide. The people have been lied to. It was a gigantic lie. And on this lie, everything that governments, especially in the Western democracies did to infringe on people’s rights, to take away their freedom, to lock them in their homes, imposing curfews, all of this was based on that gigantic lie.’

I cannot commend Malone (left) too highly for his bravery since this hype of all hypes began nearly three years ago. He names names, he calls people out – and in this post he reminds the myopic EU Remoaners of exactly why we are better off without the European Bunion even if we starve in the process:

‘I want an honest and free Europe of free people and not a construct of political elites. I consider putting a stop to these false elites here in Brussels and Strasbourg to be the most urgent task in my political work.’

Amen to that. But Malone is more aware than most of just how internecine, ruthless and unacountably complex the New World Order is – nothing to do with health and entirely about a global heist of all the money and power available: disablement and euthanasia for the many, dictation for the few, destruction of the Truth and Digitopia via surveillance and the control of money and sustenance for the survivors.

The battle is far from won when US Pentagon top brass can go to press briefings and declare, “Ukraine is just a warm-up….just wait ’til the big one gets going”. Don’t you just love the crackle of splitting atoms of a morning?

Meanwhile, the Secretary General (left) at the UN can’t be that happy about my nearby flotilla of Oyle ploughing south towards Ascension Island. For did not his holiness António Guterres have something of an epi at Cop 27 this week? He certainly did: so irate did he get (not bad acting, but I’ve seen better) that at times he seemed about to lose the plot, the thread and perhaps his mind. He took a blender and crumbed-up so many metaphors, they came across more like petits-fours:

We need all hands on deck to grasp the window of opportunity, because the clock is ticking, the tipping points are approaching and we must reestablish ambition, rebuild trust in the science which is even clearer than my syntax, stop sweeping generalisations under the rug (because this will only pull the wool from under our eyes) and develop a time-bound roadmap through the rising levels of quicksand and plastic in our oceans. We must run a litmus test on the speed at which we are accelerating towards backsliding in order finally to stop the Deep Horse of Apocalypse, Acropolis and Acrock of horseshit from riding into town and – in a downpour ofBlazing Saddles –asphyxiating the Sheriff…..even if he is a Schwarze”

More information on the UN Secretary General, starting from July 2019: According to reports on UN graft, Colin Stewart, who headed the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), is not only accused of sexual harassment in a previous UN post, but was protected by UN boss Guterres to allow him to continue. Guterres is already establishing himself as a champion of double standards and hypocrisy, with a number of cover-ups already under his belt, to protect loyal staff and avoid bad press coverage….having declared he has a “zero tolerance” of sexual harassment.

And onto May 2021:just five days after Fabrizio Hochschild Drummond won a major appointment to be the United Nations’ first technology envoy, he was placed on paid leave, pending an investigation into workplace harassment allegations against him. Guterres insisted he knew nothing about it, butin an email reviewed by POLITICO, the former Hochschild staff member sought advice from a member of Guterres’ chef de cabinet’s office about how to proceed with her complaint. Nutshell: Guterres lied.

This was how the forces of liberal fascism whitewashed Antonio’s peccadilloes: ‘His term in office, which began in January 2017 (and ends on Dec. 31, 2021), has been shadowed by a broader campaign of destruction against the UN system and multilateralism generally by Donald Trump and his team of isolationists. They have trampled on agreements and issues important to Guterres, such as climate change, universal human rights and equitable global public health services. Women’s rights, Guterres said, have been repressed globally by “stupid” patriarchies.

Well ping my blog, it was all Donald’s fault that Guterres had a multicultural many-sided mouth on the subject of Women’s Rights.

But guess what: António Guterres was reelected.

You see, in the 21st century, nothing is real, fair, on the level or honest any more. At all. Ever.

And so penultimately to the solution to today’s brain teaser on oil tankers. The answer is that they’re Russian, and selling Russian oil to South Africa. Not many people beyond the hole-borers know this, but the Rainbow nation is finding that gushers are harder and harder to find – and more expensive to extract. So on being told by the focktards in Brussels that he was to be summarily sanctioned for daring to defend his own borders from homicidal CIA-funded Ukrainian Ruski haters and bioweapon psychos, Rasputin the kitten-strangler offered SA all the oil they could eat.

The puzzle (for me anyway) was why on earth the tankers chose to avoid the Suez Canal. There’s a sense among diplo-wonks that Moscow feared EUNATO + Israeli attacks if they used that route: it’s an informed hypothesis, no more…..but more certain is that the Saudi’s secret decision to join the brics led to the opening of talks with the RF about its African oil sales. The result (as we now know only too well) is that these idiot sanctions have benefited Putin…..and have quickly led to the loss of another giga-rich US ally in the most publicly embarrassing manner.

So well done again, CIANATO – you have brought us closer to the multipolar planet all sane human beings desire.

Despite lots of Pentagon psychos shouting gung-ho Strangelove Armageddon to the rooftops, for real people American foreign policy is now a stumbling shambles of mediocre thinking, isolation from former allies, too much belief in their own stupid spin, and at times breathtaking arogance. The German public’s view of the US has remained remarkably loyal (given that the navy seals blew five large holes in their main gas pipeline) but gradual changes are apparent: 57% of Germans see access to winter fuel as a disturbing problem, while nearly three quarters (as usual) are still horrified a century later by the spectre of hyperinflation.

Alternative fur Deutschland (the German Ukip) is surging in the former DDR to the East, and that Party has just presented a damning dossier to the EU on the disgraceful corruption between EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the ghastly Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (below left). For both Germany and France, this is going to be a very tough winter, with both leaderships living on borrowed time….sooner rather than later, subsidies on energy prices will have to go, and rampant inflation can only be cured by applying a jackboot to interest rates. Interest in supporting Zelenskyy’s property habit will, come next Spring, start to whither away. Meanwhile, the Saudi desertion of US Unipolarism is a major problem for Washington, Langley and Arlington. Janet Yellen is thus out in India banging the drum for the stars and stripes.

But let’s end on a suitable reprise of Pfizer-bashing. The story they’re now putting out is that polyethylene in the packaging of their Covid “vaccine” is the culprit for the deaths of eight people expiring from anaphylactic shock over the last few weeks, but not to worry because it only affects one in a million people. One in a million….nice round number that comes to eight million jabs. In three weeks. Where? And still no rationale about why the nano particles are in there and move about freely despite Bourla’s Boys insisting they don’t.

Incredible. Beyond belief. Unconvincing. Far-fetched. Implausible. Those wacky conspirators are at it again…..