Pay attention. Or pay with your life

To this day, very few airline pilots will report a UFO, and most citizens only expect to find evil on a TV or cinema screen. The same motive – not to be thought unbalanced or obsessed – is also what keeps paedophiles safely hidden. Nobody wants to believe that ‘democratic’ governments wish ill for their citizens. But sometimes, one must risk ridicule and refuse to deny the Unthinkable.


There are no certainties any more. If you go with the lines or rationales being clung to desperately by the Government, the US, the EU and NATO, there are probably two perfectly good reasons why that is.

First, politics bores you sideways: you pay politicians to do the necessary, and if they don’t do that, you vote them out. The old adage applies: don’t have a dog and then bark yourself.

Second, you believe Covid19 to have been a major health threat, and – being neither a pharmaceutical boffin nor a doctor – you suspect that the safest policy is to follow their scientific advice.

All of which makes eminent sense. Until, that is, one starts to interrogate some odd behaviours by the key players, some repetitive ‘marketing’ of both the virus and the vaccine, and why key points of evidence have been ignored. The initial “goal” of the campaign to find a vaccine in, for example, the UK, was claimed to be ‘saving public health services’. In fact, at its peak, Covid19 almost destroyed the NHS…..and has made it’s future extremely fragile

As for the virus itself, to date nobody in authority has given a satisfactory explanation of why and how Covid’s RNA is now believed by a majority of scholars to have been developed in a lab, why there is concrete evidence of the US and Chinese military being involved in its development, and what on Earth sort of function might have been gained by so doing. Equally, far from doing the necessary to ‘follow science’, Governments ignored all established control tactics, overspent vastly on bad strategies, inflicted enormous damage on the economy via lockdowns and – curiously – all managed to arrive at the same slogans at the same time: Build Back Better, The New Normal, A New World Order, A disease of the Unvaccinated, Nobody is safe until everyone is vaccinated.

These last two outright lies were part of what certainly had the look and feel of a concerted campaign to boost vaccination by the creation of fear….an orchestrated attempt to live up to the endlessly inaccurate media descriptions of ‘a deadly pandemic killer’. (Covid19 never achieved pandemic death levels: it has killed 1 person in 1,182 around the world). Sounds heartless I know, but would you create a global slump, double-digit inflation and massively increased sovereign debt to save one life in 1,182, when three quarters of those victims already had 75 years on the clock? Or put it another way, would you expect your government to risk so much for so little?

In fact, if you think about it that way, nihil desperandum…you can always vote them out. Can’t you?

Um, weeeell, that’s become a tricky one. I don’t recall people calling for Cameron to go after losing the Brexit referendum. He didn’t think he was going either. But he went – within 72 hours. Just like that. Angela Leadsom was confident she could beat her opponent Theresa May, a known pro-EU candidate who was unpopular among the Tory grass roots workers. But Leadsom dropped out after a few days under mysterious circumstances involving MI6 – the spy-arm of the Home Office. Where Theresa May worked.

May spent the next two years actively conniving with Brussels to undermine the Brexit vote, and this time the Tory anti-EU backbenchers decided they’d had enough treachery; so they took a deep breath – and both the Parliamentary Party and the grass roots elected Boris Johnson Leader and PM. He was and is a scoundrel, and the Unelected State’s preferred candidate was Hunt. But BoJo smashed *unt out of the Park, and based both on Boris’s known NWO contacts and desperate need for money, they decided he was controllable opposition. His “deal” with the EU (substantively, very little better for Leavers than May’s limp collaboration) encouraged the State in their gamble on Boris. But just to be sure, they infected him with Covid19 (prime suspect – Neil Ferguson) and after his time in “hospital” the PM suddenly began behaving – source none other than Toby Young – “in a manner nothing like the Boris I have known for over twenty years”.

The behavioural change included the start of Bojo’s total sign up to the demonisation of Putin, and the hanging of admiring flags (in all the sizes and colours) onto all things Zelenskyy and Ukrainian.

Ironically however, Johnson is one of only two Prime Ministers to be declared a true electoral winner this century….the other is Cameron. The minute either of them looked vulnerable, the cartoon hooked cane yanked them from centre stage immediately. Boris has been seen as an ‘Et tu Brute’ victim of frontal stabbing by the never less than ambitious Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid double-act, but this doesn’t fit the facts: the reality is that they’re both global banking VIPs moving against anything even remotely home-grown on behalf of Davos. What happened next was viewed as a disaster by the New World Order givers.

They were convinced that Dishy Rishi would walk it; they didn’t take Tory grass-roots blue rinse fanatics seriously enough. Liz Truss emerged as the easy winner – another ghastly democratic mistake.

Truss lasted 44 days….rendered a national joke not by the Old Bailey Court of Justice, but Fatty Bailey at the Bank of England. Just to lay out my credentials clearly here, I too think her a hugely unfunny joke that has made the UK a laughing stock. But I bitterly resent the nakedly ruthless and unconstitutional way in which the serial banking crook Andrew Bailey created market panic in order to benefit his co-conspirators whose view was always ‘Hunt and Sunak or bust’.

Within hours of Truss resigning, the false nature of the crisis was apparent: a week on, and Sterling is higher against all major currencies than for some time.

I’ve been writing since 2012 to the effect that unelected giga-money demands Jeremy Hunt at the centre of UK power. If you still think yourself the citizen of a fully-functioning democracy, you should give yourself this simple challenge: how on earth did *unt emerge Phoenix-like from the flames – and by what elective Constitutional means did Rishi Sunak emerge as the unchallenged Prime Minister of Great Britain?

If you can’t do that – and be true to yourself about it – should you not perhaps rethink your position on what is Wild Conspiracy Theory and what are glaring examples of the country you love being sold down the river by the forces of inestimable greed?


What you may have noticed in that previous opening section is how, gradually, as one discusses them, the odd behaviours link one by one to broader developments in geopolitics as a whole.

For example, Sino-American joint military involvement in the lab-based creation of Covid19, Cameron being disappeared after losing the Brexit vote, American professional vote-change staff involved in the referendum itself, Johnson’s enthusiastic adoption of the Putin mad > Zelenskyy > hero > narrative on Ukraine, Russia’s immediate accusations of bioweapon production in that country, the eventual triumph of NWO/Banking MPs Hunt and Sunak in the UK, and the blatant destruction of Truss by our Central Bank chief.

This is no tricky invention of bad-guy security services, nor the ravings of paranoid minds: it simply becomes, over time, an unavoidable conclusion of the open mind….that Covid19 is one jigsaw piece in a much larger puzzle. It centres around the realisation that Covid19 was put out not to cull billions, but to be hyped and thus create strong demand for a vaccine.

Quickly, this link suggested evidence of the astonishing mRNA constituent common to the ‘vaccines’ being sold by Pfizer, and the Bioweaponry being developed in Kyiv. Right through January to March 2022, the US insisted it did not have bioweapon labs in Ukraine. Then the World Health Association (of all people) scored a spectacular scissor-kick own-goal by saying this wasn’t true, that the labs were owned by Ukraine but built and designed by Americans. The White House called its earlier denial a ‘technical inaccuracy’: truth is, if they lied about being responsible for the weapons, why should anyone see the other denials as as truthful? Nobody as yet in the MSM is prepared to point one obvious fact, however: while hopelessly unreliable as vaccines, these products do behave exactly like bioweapons – and the manufacturers have yet to give any credible reason for the mobile mRNA contents….which they also lied about in saying that they weren’t mobile.

Now this week, we see the Bank of England that so ruthlessly blew Truss off course blithely announcing that it would raise interest rates the largest amount since 1989. The central bank made its eighth interest rate hike in less than a year, taking its benchmark rate to 3%, the highest it has been since November 2008. The huge hike matches moves made by the US Federal Reserve on Wednesday and the European Central Bank last week.

So: another concerted action, but one that still begs the questions (1) why didn’t Powell at the Fed raise rates in January 2021 when all of us wanted him to, (2) we have rising inflation because there was global Treasury-emptying and money-printing allegedly to “pay for” pandemic control when there was no pandemic, as such – and lockdowns that many experts insisted weren’t necessary, and (3) what on Earth does Bailey mean when he says he is “prepared to sacrifice the economy in order to stabilise inflation”? Isn’t he simply preparing a self-fulfilling prophecy, and why did he allow so much insane Treasury spending in the first place? “Ah well,” says Handy Andy, “that would be exceeding our powers”….a week after torpedoing the Prime Minister. When I grow up mummy, I want to be a banker.

From pharmaceutical mysteries about ineffectual ‘vaccines’ to Ukrainian War to bioweapons and then to central banks looking for all the world like people determined to pile a home-made recession on top of a global slump. In what way is it paranoid to ask why everyone seems to have the the idea that doing the wrong thing is unavoidable, but pleads that had they done the right thing, it would’ve been even worse? Obviously it’s all part of the New Normal.

But there’s yet more preparatory and concerted bank action under way. And at this point, if you have money in the bank, I must respectfully ask why in God’s name you aren’t suspicious.

Here’s why. Over the last eight days I’ve mailed or Whatsapped 34 people based across Europe, Africa and North America. All but two of them had received new rules of engagement between bank and customer, either the same as below or very similar, usually by email:

If you’re still dubious about the existence of unpleasant plans in store, please read the notice above very carefully. Basically, it’s an insane carte blanche to (respectively) withhold, lock you out of or delay anything and everything to do with access to your money.

Now read Rishi Sunak’s first official speech about priorities. Top priority for fishy Rishi is, as it happens, digitalisation of all cash money. Why? Do you recall being consulted about this? Have you been told anything about how it would work? In southern Europe, the cash economy represents 31% of all exchange. Cash has been used as exchange in one form or another for over 2,500 years. Here in New Slogland aka Gambia, the economy is 97% cash. So with 57 varieties of brown stuff in the worm-can, suddenly it’s important to to turn paper with promises on it to pay the bearer on demand into virtual wealth which is only worth something if the banks say it is. Good luck with that one.

‘IT’ could go anywhere, perhaps even nowhere. But if you are a sceptical doubter by nature, a good guide is, right now, to lose the idea that “these things only happen in movies”. The JFK assassination, the Holocaust, and the fake Weapons of Mass Destruction all happened. The Nazi Doctor Mengele was real enough. So was the serial-killing British doctor, Harold Shipman.


Most middle-of-the-road traditional First World citizens believe – and under standard Civil Rights as understood in the ideas from Aristotle and Rousseau to Bevan and Beveridge, they are perfectly entitled to both accept and believe – that doctors have a “calling”…..a mission to improve the quality of healthy life in a ‘civilised’ society.

During my lifetime, this vision has nurtured the idea that a doctor’s encyclopaedic knowledge and unstinting search for a cure would always come before any monetary consideration.

The beauty of this idea has been amorally raped during those 74 years until today, it represents only the obscenity of mass professional hypocrisy and disgraceful specialism turf wars.

You cannot any longer cling to the belief that doctor knows best. Perhaps the best way is to take note of my own experience as one who has had frequent recourse to medicine (not even remotely atypical, I might add) and my comms experience working with them.

The personal history first. My brother was born with a minor birth defect. The doctors told my parents the chances of a second boy with the same defect were 1 in ten million. Four years later I was born with the same defect.

From the age of eleven, I began to have occasional reactive depression with unpleasant anxiety attacks. The quacks insisted the two symptoms were unrelated, and prescribed Valium to control anxiety. We now know how addictive and additionally depressive Valium is. Big Pharma knew that then, but advised uncontrolled use of the drug anyway.

Aged 23, I had to jump two floors out of a house fire. I broke a calf and shatter-fractured both feet. The medics said I could never play football, ski or jog again, and would be in a wheelchair by the age of fifty. They were wrong on all counts.

Aged ten, my elder daughter had a stroke. The consultant surgeon said the brain malformation involved was inoperable and our daughter would be dead by the age of thirty. He had never heard of stereotactic radio surgery; as a result of that technique my daughter was cured, and is now a successful estate agent with two healthy children.

My second wife and I decided to have a family. I’d had a vascectomy, but Radcliffe hospital had no problem finding my spawn and zapping her parts. Three goes and fifteen grand later

(with no success) in the end, we went to Hammersmith hospital for a second opinion. There we were astonished to be told that the Radcliffe must have known immediately that my wife could never conceive and that Hammersmith would gladly cooperate to the full if we decided to sue for malpractice.

Last year, I was assaulted in France, as a result of which my left arm dislocated from the shoulder. Having seen the X-Ray, various medics agreed major surgery was required. I said no (to a chorus of frantic cries that the arm would be useless from then on). Five weeks later, I tore a muscle in the right bicep. “It will heal itself in time,” the quacks opined. The left arm is now perfect; the right arm has healed, but only after an intensive course of massage here in Gambia.

Shortly after my arrival on the Smiley Coast, I was bitten by a large fly that left a huge lump over my left eye. The medical centre prescribed anti-histamine….security staff here took one look at it, told me the fly had left a chrysalis of eggs under the skin, and only a locally produced natural antibiotic paste would cure it. I bought some paste, the lump began to weep and I then had the unpleasant task of removing the egg-ship. “People die from these bites Pappy-John” the cleaning lady remarked.

Professionally, over thirty years I worked on marketing plans with four global companies targeting General Practitioners in private and NHS concerns. The products and brands involved were universally referred to as ‘ethical pharmaceuticals’. When a client actually needs to spell out the word ‘ethical’, you know you are tip-toeing across a hazardous stretch of moral quicksand.

No politician or government admin official of sound mind would give these snorting hobgoblins guaranteed freedom from any and all prosecutions for mendacity, malpractice, faked trials or false witness: but that is exactly what all EU and anglophone First World nations did.

Doesn’t that degree of hostage-to-fortune lockstep strike you as even slightly odd?

Aren’t you puzzled by the stony silence on this topic from the MSM?

To be fair, two further elements have actively contributed to the confusion and distraction respectively of most observers…..Nations of unclear loyalty, and Smartphone delivery of ‘breaking’ etc etc fake news.

More and more rich nations sound and act like tracking-obsessed totalitarians, but trying to figure out at any point which ‘side’ they’re on is a genuine guessing game. The Saudis seemed confirmed, solid allies of the US, but now they enthusiastically support the Brics – that said, is that group led by China or Russia? You may think Putin to be the bad guy in the Ukraine War, but we need to remember (a) the US has broken every promise it made to Gorbachev (b) for a former out of work actor, Zelenskyy is buying an awful lot of luxury US real estate, and (c) the Russian leader has pinpointed where all the US-run bioweapon labs are in the Ukraine, and has evidence up his sleeve about secret US collection of data relating to Russian DNA.

Then you have the UK making ridiculous (and unaffordable) offers of aid to Zelenskyy, but still the subject of bitter resentment by Brussels and the other EU troughers….and a Labour Opposition curiously unwilling to behave like one – a behavioural quirk that merely positions them as another branch of The Crazy Gang.

This truly is an enormous factor to consider – viz, a supposedly democratic legislative Opposition that is in and of itself part of the problem. The Left on both sides of the Pond has an unreality of beliefs (surely a missed opportunity for Collective Noun of Century): but the only difference between their zero empiricism and neoliberal mendacity is that for Labour/Democrats, it is an unshakeable catechism, whereas for conservatives it is merely the vox populi of the moment. Blinded by the need to assert ideological purity as the precursor to power, social radicals fail to grasp that they are nothing more than partners in the drive for totalitarian consensus.

And when it comes to consensus, distraction and insidious propaganda, there has never been a game-changer quite like the Smartphone.

Surely you must at one time or another have asked somebody in banking what the point of digitalised money is? And no doubt the answer you got was head-spinning whirly-prose of jargonised rationale that left you further confused still. How about this hostage to fortune from those in favour:

‘The key benefit of digital or mobile payments is the ease and the speed of completing the transactions. The users of digital payments enjoy more flexibility in making payments. As all the payments are processed through secured servers, users need not worry about any risk involved.’

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha recurring. I suggest you ask Wise Bank customers whether that produces “more flexibility without risk” or merely a cavalcade of AI cock-ups, and – more to the point – an automated system with which it is impossible to argue.

So here is a reasoned (neither paranoid nor flakey) joining of dots: ‘If you have the wealth of an individual immediately identifiable by digital location, Citizen Code digits and Bank account digits – using a globally accepted and addictive personal medium – you can dictate anything you like to that person because, very quickly, he or she will realise you have the inescapable upper hand of boundless information.

You find this merely future-fi? Go to your smartphone & SWITCH ON from Power Off. I can guarantee you will see a message as near as dammit saying, ‘Please give out your exact location so we can improve your experience by linking to other hardware in your vicinity’.

Very nice that they said “Please”, but what the blue blazes advantage am I going to get from doing the very thing bankers tell me not to do? Really, it’s just another rip-off scam….another request to find out exactly who and where I am.

Watch any young group of people now with smartphones. Their social (physical) intercourse is near zero. Left without access to a smartphone – so three large-scale qualitative research studies suggest – within an hour or less, they begin to show aspects of anxious behaviour similar those of withdrawal from tobacco. This is how dealers keep their clients and hookers in line. If this continues without Resistance intervention, we are looking at a very predictable equation:

Compliance = Pleasure + the promise of privileged survival

Can you tell me in this context what the difference is between such outrageous State meddling in our personal affairs, and the ‘Social Points’ system so vigorously applied by the Beijing regime? Only, thing is, I need guidance here.

All the elements of the Autobahn to Hitlerism – the confusion between nationalism and blind obedience, being informed and being manipulated, personal financial responsibility and being robbed, tracking genuine criminals versus putting dissidents in correction camps, and mistaking cod science for progress – have been on show since the ghastly (almost sexually perverted) partnerships between Blair/Campbell domestically and Blair/Dubya geopolitically.

And yet – despite all the turmoil – one aspect of Old Normal GOP v Dems and Tories v Labour has been missing: the asking of awkward, edgy socio-economic and health/welfare questions at PMQs.

Into that circus ring of toothless lions, I would toss:

*Why won’t you discuss vaccine failure, early death data and mRNA formulation issues?

*Why has there been no Open cross-Party debate about how Covid19 ‘occurred’ and how its creation suggests a non-natural beginning?

*Why was Fort Kedrick closed just before Covid19 emerged?

*Why did Health Secretary Matt Hancock lie to the House of Commons about ‘absolute vaccine safety’?


There is very little new in this post…but then, it never set out to be a shock-horror-probe piece of half-baked journalism.

Rather, it set out to be as non-didactic as possible.

I’ve no desire to keep on prodding the chests of Doubters when it comes to what the real aims of Davosites, Unelected States, Central Bankers, Big Pharma, General Practitioners, vaccine obsessives and delusionally ill-informed depopulators might or might not be.

What I do think is that a disturbingly large percentage of those people do seem to pop up regularly offering versions of entirely improbable Earthly emergencies which, more often than not, are based on modelling of the kind that has made an expensive fool of Neil Ferguson more than once.

Furthermore, surely part of the process of investigative journalism is indeed to ask questions like, “Why on Earth did Whitehall yet again decide to push Ferguson into the limelight as a harbinger of species doom?”

I ask only this: please think twice, thrice or even a dozen times before deciding to accept the word of people (Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, Hillary Clinton, Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Charles III, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern and Jeremy Hunt) whose sole claim to fame was that they quickly turned out to be Men of Straw selling a Busted Flush.

Think, pay closer attention to the provenance of information – and be prepared to be called Nutjobs by people way below your normal level of discernment.

Wear the insults as a badge of honour. And above all, accept the social price as the cost of being true to yourself. With luck and more awareness, chances are you won’t pay for this with your life.

It is possible that 1 in 8 of the population is mad. It is also highly unlikely.