NWO: The growing Parliament of whores bidding for Top-table seats

Today’s Slogpost poses the question: are Fauci, Sunak and Macron brave and principled men, or are they pernicious psycho-freaks sticking tongues out at all and sundry from just below the Cathedral roofline? If the latter cap on offer fits them better, then the long-suffering fellows of the 1in8 School need to refine their approach and render it considerably less refined in its outlook. We’re talking the future of Homo sapiens here: we need a powerful dose of radical reality.

Yesterday provided a perfect opportunity for the American electorate to study the utterances of a widely admired health bureaucrat, Anthony Fauci.

“Forgive them O Lord, for they know not what they do to me, your obedient servant who has heard your cris de coeur and obeyed every last one to the letter and to those who think me mad for hearing voices yes, I’ve had that worry now and then but dismissed it as the crowd’s delusional inability to recognise the one true voice of God….for does my name not mean ‘sickle’, and is He not the hammer of my sickle and we are spelling that s-i-c-k-l-e, not sickie so just watch it wiseass or else you just see what happens if you cross me”

The first thing to note here is that the best piece on Fauci’s White House presser Retirement in flagrante (at Zero Hedge) was plagued all day by browser/search engine BS involving everything from Error 403 to Connection Error via We Could Not Reach this Site are you Offline? So when things went live, it was quite a surprise to realise that St Anthony was stepping down….which is NWOSpeak for taking a giant step up to where the air is far too rarified for Justice ever to survive.

But taking that sort of recycled waste product as a given these days, once into the sparse meat of the White House Press Conference, it became obvious to the point of nausea that – even taking into account his DeepState cotton-wool wrapping – Anthony Fauci is a self-defeating human landmine.

The shambles began with journalist Diann Glebova asking the degree to which Fauci “had looked into the origins of Covid19” and various ‘hosts’ of the august occasion saying no questions “from people who yell” would be accepted. I don’t know how often you’ve been involved in this kind of zero-Queensberry rules Rugby scrum, but that’s akin to asking Manchester United supporters to maintain a respectful silence as their team scores a last-minute winning goal against local rivals City.

The Africa Today correspondent (fine man he) then shouted, “He’s been asked, let’s hear him answer”. But the moment had passed. All I can offer you are the utterances of this oddly muddled man, who went on, without any visible assistance, to hang himself by the neck until dead:

I’ll let other people judge the value or not of my accomplishments, but I would like people to remember about what I’ve done, is that every day for all of those years I’ve given it everything that I have and I’ve never left anything on the field….Whether you’re a far-right Republican or a far-left Democrat, it doesn’t make any difference to me,” he said. “I look upon it the same way as I did in the emergency room in middle New York City when I was taking care of everybody who was coming in off the street….I shall work on science and public health and to inspire and mentor the next generation of scientific leaders as they help prepare the world to face future infectious disease threats.”

Oh what a Saint am I: I leave other people to judge but then again I don’t, you see right now I’m telling you ungrateful bastards that day and night I’ve never left the field like I’m doing right now oddly enough and whatever kind of disturbed nutjob you are, I hold my nose and treat you anyway while always remembering to inspire and mentor all those scientific leaders who agree with me while smearing everyone peddling quack cures like Ivermectin who refuse to pay me any backhanders.

C’mon folks, get real: he’s a vertically challenged, self-perpetuating narcissistic liar praying that the New World Order will come to power and save his pompous ass. We’re not talking a man who is sickeningly holier than thou here, but rather a bullying ideological High Priest who sees himself as the Most Holy of Holies, a Lord God Almighty of medicine who can’t stop telling everyone how perfect is his own worthiness in comparison to the Satanic sinners who dare to question his irrefutable personal claim to Deity.

Across the Pond in Britain – or more exactly, at the WEF junket – Fishi Sunak decided to nail his colours firmly to the mast by chumming up to Canada’s Duce, Intrudeau. What a good lark it would be, they clearly thought, if they got Zelenskyyyyy on the blower and had themselves filmed telling him what a barbaric neighbour Putin is and how they can’t wait to bomb Russia.

The filmic cameo was a solid-gold flesh creeper. At first, I thought it must be a dubbed spoof, but the slowmo clearly showed that it was indeed them, and Fishi was truly sounding off ten to the dozen about Russians, a culture about which he knows almost nothing. Having ingratiated themselves with the NWO, Little Zee then blessed the two “men” for good measure.

Shortly afterwards, footage was released of Ukrainians shooting (as in filming) a faked atrocity complete with lots of ketchup, mics and full crew. For all we know, this too may well have been faking the filming of a fake being filmed; but that’s not really the point. There is no way that Sunak, Johnson and several hundred other bit players don’t know the truth about Sniffer Zelenskyy, his $2 billion Estate in Miami and who’s been killing who in Ukraine since 2014.

The difference of late is that senior NWO collaborators in the US, Canadian, British and EU States are rushing to get out of the closet and declare their fealty. If you were surprised by the bloodlust briefly displayed by Liz Truss, don’t be: it’s a dangerous belief held by many among the blocists that the West can fight and win a nuclear war.

Emmanuel Macron, for example, having in 2019 called for “a new economic order”, five days ago made a major diplomatic speech in favour of “a single new world order to combat China” – branding himself clearly a Unipolarist and thus by definition anti-Bric and firmly pro-Biden. Although in part this signals the French president’s continuing attempts to drag Germany out of its historical reluctance to eschew diplomacy as the solution to every problem, that only explains so much; Macron is trying to speak for the EU as a reliable bloc loyal to the ‘protection’ provided by US arms technology.

Phrases like ‘forcing their hand’ rightly spring to mind. Although there’s very little chance of We the Public ever getting to see the detail, it’s now clear that Eurostat knows support for action against Russia in Ukraine reach a high point last April, and has been falling ever since the so-called “energy crisis” woke people up about the cost of trying to bankrupt Putin. (There’s no irony intended there, but the sanctions idiocy was – as I predicted – doomed to failure…and has now cost America the expensive loss of Saudi support to the Brics).

As Luigi Scazzieri writes:

‘Three months after Russia’s invasion, Kyiv’s resistance has ensured that Russia has not achieved its original aim of subjugating Ukraine, but the war’s outcome remains unclear. What is certain is that the conflict is breeding mistrust amongst EU states and that divisions are likely to deepen further. The risk is that the rifts sparked by the conflict could become entrenched, undermining European cohesion on issues well beyond the war in Ukraine and policy towards Russia.’

He’s not wrong.

The rationale for presenting these examples here today is that they won’t be gone tomorrow: clever use of apparent NWO weakness here and there – plus several distractive irrelevances – continue to persuade the vast majority of ‘Western electorates’ that this is just a sticky patch, and once the Mob round Sleepy Joe have been dealt with (by whom?) things will get back to normal.

But as my valued colleague Amy Boone established with clinical, disturbing accuracy this week, there is a new normal taking shape as an old normal, and it didn’t arrive by DHL the day before yesterday. When it suits them, the GOP will cheat as well….and a bipartisan desire to be rid of Trump was the main feature of the recent mid terms.

The only honest way to call this out is to give it the only name that fits like a fisted glove: Stalinism.

You’ve seen these flags at The Slog before:

That’s because they’ve been on the Home Page since January 2010 – the first issue of The Slog. For those who prefer the trusted natural to the lies of geopolitical anti-science, they should still be the goal: stop any and all backsliding into the EU, and dump our Special Relationship with the US….. which has always been about as special as a Scotch egg produced by a very inexperienced curate egg chef.

We are never going to reach that goal of export freedom and military safety as long as the Tory Party remains in the hands of the globalist financialisers, and the Big State Weltanschauung of the Labour Party ensures a complete lack of any real political Opposition.

The poses struck above merely confirm more about the ex cathedra loyalties of the main players: Fauci, Sunak and Macron are competing for top-table places and can never be turned. They are batting for the other side, and as Montgomery said of Rommel’s Afrika Korps in 1942, “We going to jolly-well knock ’em for six”.