EXCLUSIVE: Is this a new mRNA pandemic excuse in the making?

Today’s theme at The Slog is about disappointment: a potentially sensational extension of the mRNA pandemic fearmongering in West Africa, a great Hope revealed as an opportunist, gullible travels on the road to Davos, and a footballing nation that lost its soul. The common culprit remains the insatiable preference for monied power and celebrity over Doing What’s Right.

In the world of mendacity we inhabit, there are certain combinations of words that should immediately make all thinking human beings head for the hills before any of the news manipulation starts.

Perhaps the quickest way to highlight all the antimatter hypocrisy involved would be to invent an organisation that would be a Truth bender’s wet dream.

For example, The United World Economic Help Anti-Pandemic Forum Health Foundation Bank Fund.

A real-life version of such utter bunk is being punted out there (above left) by the World Bank. I think you’d have to agree that this Hitlerian idealised depiction of African medical practice is decidedly nauseous. But if you differ from that viewpoint, here are some more further facts to take on board.

Some brief recent history about this institution. In 2021, World Bank bigwigs applied undue pressure on staff for changes that boosted China’s business climate ranking to 78th from 85th in the 2018 report on business climate rankings at a time when the bank was seeking Beijing’s support for a major capital increase.

In turn, The World Bank has come under fire for failing to show that its claimed spending on the “climate crisis” is real, in a report suggesting up to 40% of its reported climate-related spending is impossible to account for. Whether one should see that as good or bad news depends to a large extent on how you feel about the climate issue.

So here we are again, in the world of globalist financialisation trying to justify its philanthropic role….and failing miserably. Much of today’s post, in fact, is about the thirst for money and power strangling most of the enjoyment or life improvement involved in a vast range of socio-economic activities.

Most tropical countries, for example, set targets for the date by when they aim to eradicate malaria – and many of them have already achieved this via a combination of drug therapy and water quality improvement. The biggest game-changer in the fight against malaria ought to have been the approval of malarone in 1999 following its development by Glaxo Smith Kline. The fact that it hasn’t been is down to two connected factors: first, one has to take it every day without fail, and a pack of thirty tablets will cost you a princely $268US. Here in Gambia, that’s more than most people earn in a month.

Glaxo is unduly modest about its success with Malarone. It grants generic rights all over the place, and maintains a very low profile on search engines pertaining to the drug. Given its cost, the drug is bought 95% by tourists, among whom just four people died last year. In that same year, there were 280 million cases of malaria, and nearly half a million deaths of children.

So the wind section of GW doesn’t join the orchestra when it comes to Malarone; hardly surprising, really.

Now however, there is new hope. Unfortunately, there are old and all-too-familiar names involved in the roll of honour.

A new vaccine, called R21, is potentially an improved version of another vaccine, called RTS,S, which the World Health Organization (oh look, there’s that name again) approved last October for broad use in regions with significant malaria transmission. RTS,S was the first-ever vaccine for a human parasitic infection.

RTS,S was developed by (oh look, Glaxo Wellcome). The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided funding for late-stage development of RTS,S between 2001 and 2015 (there’s Barnacle Bill again) and you’ll never guess….RTS,S showed high efficacy in limited samples in early testing at up to 80%, but once it was deployed in a more real-world setting—in Phase 3 clinical trials—both the predicted and observed efficacy were down closer to 40%-50%…and never got higher. Well I never. Surely not?

Hang on to your hats – it gets worse. Because others are now in the race. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (remember them?) is the outfit behind R21…with backing provided by Glaxo Wellcome. The winning formula, it appears, is three shots followed by a booster a year later. Sound familiar? It’s about to get more so.

The overall worldwide demand for an effective vaccine could be up to or over 100 million doses per year.

Since the WHO recommended the broad use of RTS,S in October (you know – that’s the one that doesn’t work) last October, there’s been a paradigm shift. BioNTech, one of the developers of the mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine, wants to develop an mRNA-based vaccine for malaria, and there will be clinical trials for that soon. There’s also a very large programme, funded by the Gates Foundation, to use monoclonal antibodies as a preventative tool against malaria.

Anyone want to give me odds that the next pandemic will involve a new Malaria strain transmitted person2person by migrants into Europe?

Stay tuned to this one; it could be a biggie.

If the Century thus far has been about anything – for the West especially – it’s somewhere along the spectrum marked Disappointment: not just with the cynical sociopathy of the order-takers in the political class, but the ease with which they breeze through every calumny of civil rights destruction without a single success for The Resistance.

The lies of Shock and Awe, the welching on UK State pension fulfillment for women born after 1952, the 2008 banking fiasco escape, the use of blatantly American staffers to influence the Brexit vote, refusal by the EUNATO bloc to accept its democratic outcome, the US Establishment pressgang’s disgraceful snobbery in the light of Trump’s historic 2016 victory, the theft of his second term and judicial neglect of copious evidence about that treasonous felony, the eventual totum capture of the mainstream media in support of Contrick19, the empty triumph of Pharma-bankrolled bureaucrats in positioning this lab-made half-arsed virus as the fauchage of mankind, the fiction of miracle immunity vaccines that turned out to be potentially murderous and prophylactorily dubious…and then the bipartisan 2022 GOP/DNC use of the US midterms to bring about a quadrophonic condemnation of Donald Trump as the manholding back the lash against elitist metropolitan liberals’.

Pause for breath.

Never before in the field of politico-cultural conflict have so few blows been landed upon the chins of those who would destroy open-minded philosophy in favour of the closed ranks of blind ideology and monied influence.

Thus we are left with nothing more than the potentially final hero almost immediately revealing himself as a worthless opportunist.

With Trump now seemingly out of the way, RDS feels he has the GOP nomination within reach: he has the smell of ultimate power in his nostrils. So he figures, now is not the time to take risks. He tweets about ‘our retail pharmacy partners doing a great job getting shots in arms’. Like the hysteric he’s talking to, he dons a mask he knows to be useless. And in doing so, he unwittingly follows the path laid down by Robert Redford’s character in the 1972 classic political pastiche movie, The Candidate .

Meanwhile, the decision by Onkel Klaus von Davoschwab – to at long last come clean in his dirty business – involves taking off his mask of semi-decency and sucking Beijing Dick….less tasty than Peking Duck perhaps, but more fulfilling if you are an ageing remake of Doctor Strangelove suffering from delusions of planetary domination.

“The Chinese model is certainly very attractive for quite a number of countries” Schwab said late last week, conveniently ignoring the fact that China has the third highest global emigration rate after India and Mexico. Overall, in fact, Onkel Slapkopf failed to mention precisely which countries might model themselves on Orwellian China.

Over time, I’ve given up trying to work out who Klaus Schwab thinks he is. The man plays such an obvious cardboard booby Stahlhelm Nazi straight out of The Producers, I can’t get past the idea that one day he will suddenly snap and opine, “Effryone says Churchill voss a better painter zan Hitler, but Dolfi – now zere voss a painter – one apartment, two coats, half a day”.

I sometimes feel sure that Schwab is a convenient fall-guy for use as and when such a role might be convenient for the real digitalising depopulator power-brokers. But then, so many influential showbizz, Hollywood, senior Anglofone dictators, Europol and NWO devotees have prostrated themselves in his presence (Meryl Streep, Leonardo deCaprio, Justin Trudeau, Volodomore Zelenskyy, Kevin Spacey, Jacinda Ardern, George Clooney, Matt Hancock, Jeremy Hunt et al) it would be hard – in this, our celeb obsessed culture – to avoid the conclusion that so much admired fame had all been taken in by this decidedly odd nudist.

I do realise that the great majority of Sloggers have little or no interest in professional football. But if today’s Slogpost is about anything, it is about citizen gullibiity.

After watching the England soccer team play in the Euro Nations earlier this year, I wrote a vituperative review saying that – with the exception perhaps of centre forward Marcus Rashford – the team was profoundly average and nowhere near World Cup quality.

There’s no secret as to why this is: while the coach Gareth Southgate is a boring systems man who revels in the modern penchant for pinball defensive passing (followed by attacks that would bring shame upon a colony of snails) he is merely the unfortunate man handed the job of trying to make players like James Maddison and Jack “Headbander” Grealish (left) look as if they might have a strategy beyond running towards opposing defenders at great speed, minus only an idea about what to do next.

The England national side is poor because we have made no investment in an infrastructure or “college” for expanding upon and then honing the natural creative ability of teenage players. We no longer invest, we import. This makes for the most attractive league in the world, and the worst English national football team in my lifetime.

It is a slithering trail of mediocrity that rhymes with almost every facet of short-sighted British endeavour in the 21st century….but there is another vital link with other bigger signs of cultural decline: the almost willful inability of fans to recognise the seriousness of the problem. Yet again, it’s the cultural decline in discernment that disturbs me most.

This evening, the team must beat Wales, or be eliminated. Either way, I doubt very much if anything will change.