Google cans The Slog as Fauci runs for cover in unredacted emails clincher

As The Slog licks its wounds after being offed by Google, Rand Paul delivers a kick in the goolies to Anthony “Who, me?” Fauci as unredacted emails prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Little Italy was up to his neck in Wuhan of Function and “vaccine” debris ‘positioning’. Today’s Slogpost casts solid doubt about Big Pharma motives in creating and promoting entirely unnecessary global hypochondriasis.

Senator Rand Paul went very public five days ago, opining that “Anthony Fauci is directly responsible for funding dangerous research that likely killed millions of people, and he won’t get away.”

He added, “there is no public health figure who has made a greater error in judgement than Dr Fauci, whose error was to fund gain of function research in a totalitarian country that allowed them to create super viruses – in all likelihood leaked into the public and causing seven million people to die.”

Despite Paul’s now well-recognised frank brutalism (long may its lum reek, Jimmy) this was only ‘so far so good’. An error of judgement is neither treason nor bureaucratically illegal.

But the noose is tightening around Fauci’s brass neck. Because, 48 hours before even Paul’s outburst, the generally trusted site Peak Prosperity revealed on YouTube just how deep a quicksand of doodoo Little Tony is in. PP basically went through unredacted emails exchanged between Fauci and other senior US bureaucrats, and the fact they they’re hatching a plot to mislead – in the most ghastly manner imaginable – billions of people is unmissable. For example:

Basically, in this and other extracts, Fauci and his unpleasant chums are discussing a Sting, and lil’ ol’ Tiny Tony is asking why anyone but a complete moron would buy into the implausible. The answer of course was (1) gullible belief in Government honesty and (2) scaring the crap out of John and Jane Doe with pandemic BS.

There’s plenty more where this “How the hell do we sell anti-science?” came from. What Fauci didn’t get (but Langley-sur-Pharma did) is classic psy-op learnings from nearly sixty years of JFK assassination nonsense – you know the sort of thing: bullets that fly backwards, bullets that cause minor injuries one minute and blow the POTUS head off the next, bullets that jump around in limos and emerge oven fresh from their impossible journey…..and so on, ad nauseam.

Potentially, there is no end to the sort of IABATO* legislative, media, bureaucratic and corporate cod science these villains will come up with as a rationale for their behaviour.

*It’s All Bollocks and That’s Official

A couple of eclectic examples of what I mean.

The current soccer world cup is being played in Qatar. Because that country’s climate is so inhospitable 90% of the time, it’s had to be played in November and December. This is slap damn in the middle of most Western and South American football league seasons, and thus has caused endless rearrangement of the championships most footie fans want to watch.

As to why Qatar was chosen, the best that FIFA (the soccer equivalent of the World Health Organisation) could come up with was “This is the first time that a Middle Eastern country will be hosting the World Cup”. Having been given an honorary position in the finals, Qatar lost 2-0, 3-1 and 2-0, and were thus eliminated in short order.

Over now to our solar systemic venue selection committee for the 2030 World Cup, where the odds are heavily stacked in favour of Elon Musk’s Martian People’s Republic to pick up the task of being the Approved venue. Musk observed on Twitter’s rehabilitation as Muskshuggeneh:

‘Soccer huge here, & with reduction of flights to only $1.5 trillion, hyperinflation makes Mars a cheap vacation option for fans’

Time delay on broadcasts being less than four days, Elon is now gambling lots of other people’s money on success. He is an example to all of us batting for the New World Order.

Example 2: that World Health Organisation thing.

Yesterday, it’s Executive Committee met to dot the i’s and cross the T’s on the Global Member States of the World Health Organization to a process to draft and negotiate a convention, agreement or other international instrument under the Constitution of the World Health Organization to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

Let’s just get a few things clear here:

  1. There hasn’t been a true pandemic since the flu outbreak of 1919 at the end of the First World War. It burnt itself out within eighteen months without any medical intervention from lockdowns to vaccines
  2. Homo sapiens went on to survive the Holocaust, 73 million dead in the Second World War and an attack on the immune system of our species (AIDS). Its population is three times bigger than it was when I was seven years old
  3. It is now abundantly clear that a Sino-American bioweapon leak from a Wuhan laboratory gave us Covid19. Stupid control policies still only let it kill 24 people in 100,000 – 75% of whom were over 80 years old.

In short, there is no evidence whatsoever that any medical intervention beyond palliative drugs was necessary. One such is Ivermectin, used across a swathe of African countries in which death rates were lower and immunity to follow-up strains much higher.

These observations give me a seamless segue into one of today’s main points.

Do we really need this much toxicity belting round our systems?

Before you switch me off as an unalloyed convert to African medicine, let me make my point clear: in our “Doctor knows best” culture, we are offered remedies that would not be necessary if (a) we made some simple changes to our lifestyles (b) Big pharma gp entertaining and research funding were far more closely regulated (c) bent legislators did not pass instruments designed to ban complementary medicines and (d) trials carried out by pharmcos themselves had to then face independent government or ngo identical trials getting the same result in every single case.

Here are some irrefutable facts to back these demands up. Last September, I posted about the extraordinary injury and death rates associated with Big Pharma’s output, using WHO of all people as the direct source:

‘Globally, half of all preventable harm in medical care is medication related, a quarter of which is severe or life-threatening. In the lead up to World Patient Safety Day on 17 September 2022, WHO is emphasizing the global burden of medication harm’ 

Halves and Quarters may not be numbers, but – to quote the real POTUS – they are bigly important. Now of course, spookily enough WHO’s somewhat self-serving pr absolves Big Pharma of any blame, stressing the “gigantic investment” required on their part. So journey with me now to the admirable site Stat, and read a scholarly study on how globalism has revealed all Pharmcos’ holier-than-thou claims about research costs to be complete hokum:

‘Large pharmaceutical companies oppose legislation being considered by Congress to lower the prices of prescription drugs….[so] there should be evidence to show that the large pharmaceutical companies are responsible for discovering innovative new drugs. To test that claim, we examined the provenance of the highest-selling prescription medicines of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, the two largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in 2018….We found that these large pharmaceutical companies did not actually invent most of the drugs they sell. Indeed, it appears they have already reduced their investment in the discovery of new medicines to the point where the threat of additional reductions rings hollow….The discovery and early development work were conducted in house for just 10 of Pfizer’s 44 products (23%). Only two of J&J’s 18 leading products (11%) were discovered in house. ‘

The imputation here is very simple: voracious takeovers deliver innovation from other institutions; but the patient and the shareholders pay for it. Nice work if you can get it.

One of the biggest Pharmco sectors is statins used to lower blood pressure. According to the Cleveland clinic, between fifteen and thirty per cent of those with hypotension suffer from White Coat syndrome – a fear of doctors that temporarily raises their bp. Three years ago, I cut my statins dose gradually by 75%. My bp is still within the normal range.

In the medico-pharmaceutical arena, no bloc is more mired in corruption than the European Union. Big Pharma has ‘vigorously lobbied’ MEPs since 2008 to get thousands of natural, flower, homoaeopathic, Chinese, Indian and otherwise complementary medicines banned completely. A lot of these ‘cures’ are indeed quackery, but many aren’t: Fauci and his fellow hobgoblins have been smearing Ivermectin since 2020, but when applied right at the outset of infection, it works – the facts behind this are myriad, the most obvious one being that in a stretch of sub-Saharan Africa from Mali via Nigeria to Sudan, its use cut deaths dramatically and increased natural immunity against mutation – something that these much trumpeted “vaccines” have so far spectacularly failed to do. [Oxford Recovery engineered a trial of it in which users were quite deliberately overdosed far too late in the disease’s progress. The swine who killed twenty people in this jolly little jape got a knighthood].

Here in Gambia there is a duo-substance based on local antibiotic leaves that destroys the egg sachets (left) Mango flies inject into hosts….sadly ten weeks ago, including me. Not only is the remedy effective against the highly dangerous blood poisoning involved, it is the only way known to break up the chrysalis. But it has to be sold under the counter. So tell me – this is about seeing off disease, right?

Until ten years ago, I was a dog owner. I can claim many things for intelligent dogs, but I’ve never seen so much as a milligram of evidence that they have the introspection required for placebo effect. But the fact is, every time my second wife and I gave the dogs Flower Rescue remedy if they were stressed, they very quickly became not stressed.

As for myself, I suffered excrutiating pain for eighteen months during the early 1990s from prostatitis. In desperation, I turned to a Chinese practitioner, whose combo of Ba Zheng San and Yi Guan Jian plus green tea produced a total remission within three months. Now yes, fine – no doubt placebo was involved: to which my response is always, “Then let’s research how placebo works”. As a good female chum of mine is fond of remarking, “Yeh, but it ain’t gonno ‘appen, is it?”

Of course is isn’t. Big Pharma isn’t interested in philanthropic once-and-for-all cures: it’s task is to create fear leading to repeat-purchase addiction. Add enough dumbo gps, and you’re almost there. Add crooked health bureaucrats and legislators, and you’re home and dry.

I am sad and alarmed to inform you in closing today that Google has thrown me off its email platform, because of ‘persistent spamming complaints’. Any excuse will do with Bungle: the last time they threw me out for ‘creating false conspiracy theories’ in 2012, because I posted that Odrama was using trolls online and instigators at GOP rallies to screw up their campaign. Five days later, the White House admitted they were using such people. But Gumboil never lifted the ban.

This time I’m not even going to contest it. It’s a huge nuisance for me at both personal and professional levels, but this bunch of sheisters are such an enemy of Truth these days, at least it means that clearing up all the amassed cookies they lied about each day will be a thing of the past.

Chances are I will go with Brave, but either way I will do my best to keep you all fully informed. And as you will see over time, call me an egomaniac, but I think Google will live to regret this outburst of Kafkaism.