Through a glass half empty or half full

One of the things I’ve come to realise about the 1in8 is that we tend to notice and interpret both more in general and then use a combination of learned history and privacy awareness with which to judge the real significance of things. This was particularly apparent in some of yesterday’s “news” items in the national and international press.

The Jeremy Hunt “story” was both irrelevant and insidious: in effect, his Big Bang 2 in the City ‘to make Britain more competitive’ was hogwash. The last thing my homeland needs right now is less regulation of insane packaged investments and awarding banks yet more power on top of the newly changed ‘rules’.

No, Hunt’s actions have the sole purpose of giving banks zero accountability and absolute power once the digitalisation of money gets under way. What staggers me is how many people don’t even realise that the rules have changed already. Either way, *unt’s next stop will be working with the health minister to asset-strip the NHS on the grounds of unaffordability.

Covid19 has done its job (which will be built upon very soon) – so here comes Strep A to replace it.

This headline from yesterday’s Mail:

Yes, it’s the rerun of “don’t kill granny at Chistmas” bilge that kicked off Contrick 19: >vulnerable > surge in bug > cancel Christmas > don’t mention the War. Except that even the Washington Post notes, ‘Antibiotics should decrease the symptoms and prevent the bacteria from spreading to others, making those infected “start feeling better in just a day or two’. So clearly, it’s going to be just awful….and oh dear, there’s a new strain of it.

Close all the schools, and wait for Oxford Recovery to start marketing a new, targeted rather than broad-spectrum antibiotic….with a messenger in it somewhere? Stand by for more cod-science reinvention.

In Germany, as the World’s smallest ever coup d’etat attempt fizzled out, we began to get more evidence that ‘far Right elements’ are the new black to replace ‘Putin the rapist of Ukraine’. Four days ago I wrote, ‘….it looks like the Ukraine war is heading towards a cease-fire and NATO is unlikely to get what it wants. So another scare-narrative must be found….the “coup attempt” in the German Bundesrepublik has psy op written all over it’.

Within 24 hours, Putin suggested a negotiated peace was now the best bet. Neither Zelenskyy nor NATO contradicted him, and so in the Guardian the theme is continuing:

As NATO scrambles backwards out of a shambles, the use of doom-laden horror re the German situation has been jacked up a few notches.

The process started with more than a little hilarity, as the wicked Putschers were firmly labelled ‘Far Right Fascist pro-Putin anti-EU regressive elements’. Also they don’t like people who sell The Watchtower and dog owners who don’t use pooper-scoopers.

But even that wasn’t enough – and this is where it gets sinister again: by Friday morning, they’d become conspiracy theory terrorists. To that was added ‘anti-semitic’ because ‘a police officer linked to the Reichsbürger coup plan was once tasked with protecting Jewish communities from terror attacks’. Hmm: bit of a logic-leap there, Heini.

The police now have 85 suspects and some of them are Italian bottom-pinchers…plus a reminder that Signora Meloni ‘is also Far Right’. One of them is a celebrity chef whose daughter has a child with a Real Madrid footballer. So you see, it’s an international movement among admirers of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco>>>but (and let’s be clear about this) it’s anti-Fascist, pro-Russian and not very Jewish at all really. For the moment.

We used to call good analysis of provenance “keeping your eyes and your mind open”. A lot of what we read is distraction, and to some extent the biggest farce since the 1924 Munich Putsch has probably appeared partly with that in mind. And it’s all being helped by World Cup excitement. So some things go unnoticed. For instance:

The telephone marketing campaign in Britain has been upped again to include incentives to get the booster

Anyone over 50 unvaccinated against Covid in Italy is now getting fines by registered letter plus beefy postman if necessary

The oil tankers that were passing my apartment block daily en route to South Africa are, as predicted, going via the Suez canal since Russia’s rapprochement with the Saudis. They’ve been replaced by regular tanker appearances – but not Russian this time. The tankers sit there for a couple of days – identity unknown

The Slog’s marathon tiff with Gargoyle continues. They have deplatformed then replatformed me, and now blocked my sign-in. The World looks on 3% baffled and 97% unaware. Some flavour of the nonsense of it all is displayed below:

Gargoyle is making a silly error in doing all this: I now have three new email accounts plus signed up bulk delivery elsewhere. I can’t figure it out, beyond the continuing belief that my readership is much higher than Gargoyle, Wordprick and Twitter would have me believe. Hence the goose-stepping censorship….

Yes Google, it’s me trying to sign in and no Google, you can’t squash, silence or use me as some kind of “user error” scapegoat for your shit AI which is there to say “No” all the time, has no right brain, and thus hacks off long-suffering Googlers in a world where the global unemployed number is 270 million and accelerating.

Human beings will always solve service problems faster and more creatively than silly little tin men. You use these shit4brains bots because they frustrate poor beggars like me who dutifully complete anal ID verifications and get told to “try another verification method”.

So feel free to continue staring up your own back passage of darkness. You are not the future.

STOP PRESS: The above diagram went up on Twitter, and once again Gargoyle climbed down in short order. Tenacity is a must when dealing with these bullies. Stay tooned.

Today’s episode may seem like a ramble, but the insight I’m offering is this one: there are two opposing pyschographics among our 1in8 community. The first is nonstop “Woe are we, these unearthly powers are unassailable – there is nothing we can do”. The second is an oddly calm, “We have them by the balls, the Truth is coming out, heads will roll and the idiots who want a New World Order will be cast to the four winds”.

As a result, I often feel schizophrenic – both in this blog and on social media – in that half the time I say to the tooth-suckers, “They are not unassailable”; and the other half of my day consists of saying to the Goforits, “Overconfidence is our biggest enemy – they own all the institutions that used to be our protectors”.

As so often happens, the Truth is playing piggy-in-the-middle of this existential tug-of-war. Decency’s most powerful weapon is the undeniable fact that our adversaries are psychos and therefore both deranged and arrogantly certain of success. And their Secret Weapon is access to a media power that at times we find daunting to the point of evil dystopia.

Reality thus renders two behaviours absolutely essential: first, be indefatigable and show courage in the face of nonsense; second, go beyond simply tweeting your disapproval and present a united front of non-compliance beyond the internet.

The Green>Red>Bank>Surveillance>Propaganda>Globalist>Monopolist>Transhuman axis is at best an uneasy alliance….especially when one adds Hitech and Big Pharma to the mix. They are by nature bullies who, when faced down – as we have seen – retreat back under their cold and sweaty stones, the better to regroup.

Don’t be fearful. And don’t expect a lot in the way of political, police, judicial or media help. This is the blood, toil, tears and sweat moment of our time.