The Long Daze of dishonesty, dark Knights of dissembling…

…and an endless future of Fall guys

An ageing bank robber (the man who “beat Greece to death with a baseball bat”) promises a ham-actor bribe freak that “all the schools, hospitals and fine buildings destroyed by Putin…we in the EU will rebuild them all”. The actor (on the verge of a blub) shakes hands with a Rothschild creature who “ne parle que des conneries” (talks nothing but pants) while some other bloke on the right tries to look interested.

They are all comprehensive, serial liars….and the media work only for them. Reproduced below are extracts from a weekend report from the good ship BBCitanic on the subject of the German “Putsch”. I published on Saturday that the whole thing smacked of the search for a new multi-faceted enemy to replace – as and when required – Trumputin the Two-Headed Dragon. I couldn’t have asked for a better elucidation than this extract offers of disinformation very obviously designed to use mendacious means to achieve allegedly laudable ends.

The lies are all in bold blue. Bertholt Brecht, eat your heart out

“The coronavirus pandemic was a turning point for extremists…Germany’s new right and cultural neo-Nazis would never normally go near the Reichsbürger who have often been viewed as crazy or eccentric. But with so many in this country protesting against Covid-19 lockdowns, they saw an opportunity to join forces,”

Lies: the Pandemic descriptor for Covid19 is directly contradicted by ALL respected global health sources. It is now generally agreed that socially, economically and epidemiologically, lockdown was a catastrophic policy mistake.

It was at one of these demonstrations – of 40,000 people in Berlin at the height of the Covid pandemic – that a breakaway group staged a symbolic attempt to storm parliament.

This was a taster of what was to follow five months later in Washington when supporters of then-US President Donald Trump and conspiracy theorists stormed the Capitol. Donald Trump has referred to the Berlin event, saying he heard the protesters there liked him.

Lies: January 6th was no “storming” of the Capitol, and zero evidence that those involved were conspiracy theorists. There is also no record of any statement by Trump or indeed any other US politician about German Reichsbürger supporters

He’s right. Many in that Berlin crowd look to former US President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin as strongmen defenders of – in their opinion – a better, whiter, more conservative Christian society.

Lies: Yet again, there is nothing beyond hearsay to suggest “whiter more Christian society” – especially not in the light of “Happy Holidays”

Germany has the largest following in the world – outside English-speaking countries – of the US-originating, and Trump-celebrating, QAnon conspiracy theories. They focus hatred towards an alleged “deep state”. At its heart they imagine a corrupt, power-hungry, child-murdering and molesting elite. Their enemy is liberal, global, and often Jewish.

Lies: “US originating Qanon”, hatred of Alleged Deep State (so the CIA doesn’t exist?) and enemies that are globalist monopolies masquerading as liberals

German QAnon supporters joined forces with vocal anti-vaxxers, neo-Nazis and Reichsbürger at the German parliament building, the Reichstag, that late August 2020. Police stopped protesters on the steps before they could attempt to push their way in….

Lies: Note how ‘anti-vaxxers’ are once more treated as mediaeval nutters (as opposed to educated thinkers who distrust mRNA “science”)…and get lumped in with neo-Nazis and Reichsbürgers – when they’ve barely heard of each other.

Depressed by the flagrant propaganda of the BBC, I went out for a walk. But everywhere I went over the weekend involved an encounter with dishonesty and cunning: taxi drivers begging for money to repair their cars, some idiot pleading for money on the basis of the lady I buy my fruit off being his mother (she isn’t), a smiley clown on the beach saying he wanted to be my son, and another lady who sells nuts telling me, “You are my sexy hoseband”. I walked off pondering on the surreality of having a band up my hose, and realised I was being shadowed by a pretty young African girl who observed, “You are very handsome white pappy”.

“And old enough to be your great grandad” I snarled, breaking into a trot. Further down the beach, I turned round and saw her sitting on the sandhills looking not very happy. So I walked back and sat next to her. It turned out she makes wigs for women (most black girls here wear them) and loves doing business, but she could make a lot more if she had a shop. I took her number and said I would help if I could but there was no guarantee of anything….as it happens I have a concept in mind, and unsecured money is available from the Government.

In 2022 Gambia, you can get yourself some Truth. But it requires a long day with nothing else to do. And as we all see every day, it isn’t just Gambia or Africa. It starts in places called Paris, London, Brussels, Washington, Berlin….and Qatar.

The ability to get away with whoppers in all the sizes and colours is directly correlated with weak and or corrupt Oppositions in the legislature. In France, there is as yet no viable alternative to Macron’s Melange Party of gullible and illiberal centre-Right EU fixated cheats. In London, Labour doesn’t challenge any of the globalist lies, health scaremongering and bankophile scams, because it broadly agrees with them. In Brussels, MEPs turn up but eurocrats make all the decisions…having first of all consulted their mates in NATO aka Washington-sur-Langley. Anti EU feeling is strong in Greece, Italy and Germany….and so it’s no surprise that most of the media piled in to smear both Alternativ fur Deutschland and the Italian conservative Signora Melloni with being “party to” Reichsbürgerism (which they are not).

All around the Globe, multinationals are firing people and replacing them with AI Bots that can just about manage to control the fridge temperature, but haven’t a clue what to do when a customer makes an entirely valid yet unusual request. The “service” that results is utterly atrocious, but Britain’s Labour Party and the PS in France are staring up the back passage of a distant past and contemporary fantasies about gender, race and sexuality.

Sometimes, the blatant corruption this breeds turns up in the most unlikely places. Like Qatar and the World Cup tournament.

You may have noticed some very eccentric refereeing decisions in Qatar at times. Setting aside the fact that Qatar was chosen as the venue via bribery (whatever FIFA, Sap Bladder and Micky Platypus say) some observers on the spot have been observing worrying relationships between inexplicable ref decisions and large multinational bets on the result.

The business model comes in various forms. Just before little Croatia took on the mighty Brazil on December 9th and tiny Morocco faced the much-fancied Portuguese the following day, there was heavy betting on the two favourites. When they lost, the bookies cleaned up. This usually involves bribing the star players – or cutting them in for some of the winnings, or both. It’s still widely suspected that France won the Tournament in 1998 because the Brazilians were both bribed and scared by South American mobsters.

In other cases, external forces (US, Italian and sometimes UK organised crime) try to bribe the referee, often choosing those with an inbuilt DNA bias. Watching the Holland v Argentina game last Friday, pretty much all the neutrals agreed at half time that the referee’s decisions were hugely biased towards Argentina: it did indeed seem that every time a south American player rolled about on the pitch in feigned pain, he gave them a free kick.

So at half-time, I decided to make a ref decision audit. The arbitre‘s decisions were 3.5 to 1 in favour of Argentina. After the game, I established his ID as one Antonio Mateu Lahoz….a Spanish gentleman. Spanish sports newspapers describe him as “something of a cult figure” – although no doubt the Nederländer fans have another spelling of that particular c-word in mind.

Whatever the realities of this particular match might be, FIFA made either a very corrupt or very dumb decision to give the game to Lahoz: by far the greatest portion of immigrants to Argentina are of Spanish descent, Spain is the second largest investor in Argentina, and in 2021 ‘During the meeting [of President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and Argentine President, Alberto Fernández] great harmony was evident concerning multilateral and regional matters between Latin America and Europe, the two presidents discussed bilateral relations, economic and trade issues, the fight against the pandemic and universal access to vaccines against COVID-19‘.

So the two countries are very much on the same page. Far more than – perhaps a good analogy – the UK and Australia: yet I’d be wary of an England v USA match being reffed by an Australian.

And by the way, it isn’t just me:

‘The referee who was in charge of the Argentina vs the Netherlands game has been sent home after the feisty World Cup game’.

The net worth of Antonio Mateu Lahoz today is $5millionUS. From refereeing soccer games? He’s a big wheel in FIFA. Trust me, in world football, this is the key to Fort Knox. The entire situation is made more suspicious still by the fact that the Argentine captain Lionel Messi chose to make a blistering attack on the referee after the game. FIFA wants Lahoz as far from the limelight as possible.