The Final Exploitation

There is a famous old Sovyet joke from the Kruschev era, in which an earnest Russian diplomat is debating the advantages of life in the USSR with a Western journalist.
“You see,” says the apparatchik, “under capitalism, man exploits man….whereas under Communism, it’s the other way round”.

John Cleese was struggling to explain something to a quite astonishingly thick rentagob on Twitter earlier last week. His end comment was, ‘Look, the history of Mankind is a never-altering tale of the strong exploiting the weak’. He was right of course, and there are many people out there in Smartphoneland who would say that such is “the natural order of things”. But if you’ve ever watched our hominid forebears in action, you’ll know already that such is not the case.

In a tribe like ours, the thinky-thinky alphas and betas at the top know that they need fit, powerful gammas to do the hunting and gathering Thing, and all three typologies accept the vital importance of deltas in the lower orders who will mete out some honed violence to protect the tribe from external threats. Everyone has an important role to play, and “Shall I ‘it ‘im boss?” is just as important as choosing safe high ground for the night after a trying day inventing wheels, fire and mammoth soup.

Exploitative megalomaniacs at the top of a baboon troupe are quickly deprived of sex by the senior ladies, and young betas are in like Flynn until one day, their progeny says “Shall I ‘it ‘im boss?” – only this time the target is the wannabe Napoleon. Order and mutualism are thus restored.

The capacity for mutualism was the biggest single reason for the initial success of later Homo sapiens: heirarchical justice within the tribe, and cooperation between tribes. Ever since this lesson was forgotten in favour of nationalism, privilege, bread, circuses, media, medical intervention, plentiful food and rigid ideology, sapiens has more or less lost the plot. In the supranational blocist technology of our era, there are plots of a different nature in play – none of them are a good idea, and all of them are dragging our species further and further away from the real ‘Natural Order of Things’.

Those trying to steer us all into a New World Order of antiscience turd-polishing have bet everything on the heist we’re now about to see unfolding at a surprisingly accelerated speed. The Division III hucksters who aren’t ‘In the Know’ think they’re being smart by somehow viewing stagflation as one last chance to milk the sheep, but their go-for-it selling technique could not be more naive.

Nowhere is this more obvious than here in Gambia, where we are in the denialist grip of the mother of all coastal property booms. But I’ve elected for at least another three months in the rental sector, where already the fall-off in tourism clientele is making itself felt – and offering people like me the chance to take advantage of higher design/build quality and service levels with minimal capital exposure.

The sharp edge of Damoclese’ blade is nevertheless – in the shape of draconian travel restrictions, mounting interest rate levels and aeroplane fuel costs – certain to stop the flow of high net-worth Whitey looking for the new Bahamas. Only the truly Gigarich can face out those factors…and (on the whole) local entrepreneurs here are not building for that market. Not quite sure what the collective noun required here is, but I will anyway christen it as a glut to be called The Surfeit of Semi-detached.

When that dark mountain presents, much bigger problems will become apparent on far more important socio-political dimensions….especially for a tiny country as import-dependent as The Gambia. Part of me says ‘bring it on’ because it will force the élites here to diversify their economy away from the quasi-slavery of hospitality as a sector. Another part of me – obviously – is scared shitless at what radical rabble rousers might get up to in the meantime.

Returning to the macro view however, we need to examine exactly what the Unipolarist rabble have “bet” beyond the dustbin definition of ‘The Farm’.

The goodwill of the bet at risk starts by accepting that civic police forces, the political class, mainstream media, much of the Judiciary and the soft Left/Green alliance are central to the dice being thrown.
But there is so much more at stake, and the biggest Trust element of all is that which until recently existed between the pharmaceutical industry, general practice doctors across the piece, and retail pharmacists.

I don’t know about you, but until I was in my late sixties, the idea of researchers, GPs, drug-brand owners, Health Ministers and DoH bureaucrats as in any way casually crooked was up there with They Never Went to the Moon as silly.
Fine, there was the Thalidomide scandal of the 1960s: but the rarity of this alone was enough to place it alongside the Moors Murderers as obscenely atypical.
Three years on from the dubious production of Covid19 – and inexplicably mysterious overnight ‘vaccine breakthroughs’ – the least politically aware mother from Senegal to South Park now has doubts about giving the Jabberwockies free access to her children.

It is impossible to quantify the negative cultural loss of belief involved here.
Looking back from the high ground of retrospect, to the pink and yellow derelicts in the CDC, Langley, the Pentagon, Beijing and Wuhan, it must have looked like a genius wheeze: everyone’s frightened of death, let’s pretend that a Coronavirus mutant is at large and the only thing that can save you is a vaccine. After all, everyone is in awe of doctors in general and “dedicated” researchers with a calling.

However, it’s one obvious thing to observe that psychos care nothing about causing global mayhem – they relish it; it’s another thing entirely to come up with a sane reason why even the ultimate megalo-narcissists would kill billions of human beings.
But just as with paedophilia, this involves applying logic to a goal that is completely, chapel-hat-peg eyes stark gaping tonto.

And therein lies the real genius of this evil: the explanation makes one sound even madder than the perpetrators. This is an almost unassailable strength.
“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition,” croaks Michael Palin in a famous Monty Python sketch: equally, sixty years after Dr Strangelove, nobody expects Peter Sellers’ hissing Nazi to crawl out from under a stone in the shape of a bald fantasist who walks about with a frilly chef’s hat on his member.

But both the paid or amateur trolls online are not deterred in their arrogance from challenges that highlight their sad ignorance. So going back to the 400,000 year old track record of exploitation, here is a thought that might (you never know) hit the denialists in the goolies:

Eschewing for the purposes of this post the option of falling back on the feeble “it’s all been a military psyop”, I occasionally wonder if the job from here onwards may well be (at least in part) to ask the naysayers, “OK, give us a view on WHY you would ditch all the field-tested sound approaches amassed over seventy years about how to contain a virus in favour of “following” advice more akin to leech farming and chrysopoeia than scientific epidemiology”.


The echo of Final Solution is no accident: it is merely the intro to a bald statement of highly probable likelihood….and the only explanation that fits all the behaviours, viz: Contrick19 was and is a holocaust beyond even Hitler’s fevered imagination.

‘A history of exploitation’ wrote Cleese. There is no shortage of evidence to confirm the human strain of Superman Demigod syndrome: it’s always been there – but the failure of contemporary Christianity, the rise and rise of neoliberalism, the long tentacles of financial ownership management, the arrival of digital as a means of distraction, tracking and surveillance and the ease with which models can predict Armageddon….all of these factors have made things worse.
The Davos crowd of silly Hollywood, greedy globalism, ‘penetration’ of government and Skyplonker Schwab are a symptom, but not much more: there is very little difference between the faux technocracy of their ‘science’ in 2021 and the clumsy half-baked eugenics of Himmler in 1937. Talk of useless eaters is nonsense (the planet could survive and thrive with a population way past 20 billion) – that and the “more viruses be a-comin” of Gates plus the climate drivel of Gore from which he made $300 million – are simply rationales in search of permissions – duly granted in a culture of terrified hypochondriasis.

Every month now, the correlation between ‘good healthcare’ and ‘Big Pharma’ gets more and more tenuous….despite the remaining billions of people completely taken in by it and/or starved of information via creeping consorship. If one takes even a cursory glance at the facts in relation to toxic medicines, it becomes clear that we could do perfectly well without a lot of it. In that context, the kleptomaniacal skill with which the New World Order has used Covid to recapture a high ground one might dub ‘No Pharma, no cure’ (insert Bob Marley anthem here) really is the greatest mind-coup in history.

I fall back once more on the fictional character from Baker Street: “If after due analysis and rigorous assembly of evidence, only one possibility to explain the why of it all is left, then – however fanciful it may seem – that must be the answer”.

As I write, almost no research money is being expended upon one of the great hominid reality mysteries – the placebo effect. There’s a very good reason for this: if it could be bottled, Global Pharma would be doomed. One day, it will be explained and become the driving force of a mid 21st century revolution in medicare – via which people use their own natural chemicals and defences, and interventionist toxicity is reduced to the level of phlogiston as a methodological approach.

But Contrick19 wasn’t planned to save the pharmaceutical neck: it was created by military intelligence to disguise the indiscriminate use of bioweapons in furtherance of the Unipolar Earth in which NATO and the Dollar triumph, and the forces now ranged against the US are knocked out “in the nick of time”.

We now know that Fauci lied, that the vaccine rollout was handled from A to Z by the miltary, that Pfizer and others hid all the evidence about disastrous trials, that Ukrainian bioweapon labs were owned and funded by the CIA, and that the huge rise in early deaths is more marked the more jabs have been taken in any region, and almost non-existent in most African countries.

Try to match the behavioural State evidence with the theory that this was a public health emergency, and nothing fits. Every action by the jabberwockies in that deceit evokes the same response: “So why on Earth did they…..?”

Now match the timelines and policies to an informed hypothesis of military psy-op (very probably Sino-American in nature) and everything drops neatly into the jigsaw.

Then remember all those photos of death camps in the Library of Congress. Remember the Moors muderers. Idi Amin dining on his victims. Pol Pot. Nicolae Ceausescu. 40 million dead as a result of Stalin’s paranoia.

Millionaires used to be a rarity. Now they’re two a penny. Now it’s all about billionaires. So why shouldn’t six million dead become six billion?

No reason at all: our capacity for mass murder in the name of ‘harsh but vital’ isn’t a fantasy: it’s a well trodden human thoroughfare.

We are about to start Phase Two of The Final Exploitation. Truth really is stranger than fiction: this is a bid by the military industrial complex, the hidden Green-Red ideologues, Silicon Valley, financialising bloodsuckers and self-styled Ubermenschen to create their own private Nazi paradise.

Avoiding the censors…..

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