Contemporary life: an irresponsibility* of accountability

* Collective nouns are us

Coming soon to a social medium near you………

The deflection of blame in what’s left of our culture is the new black/pandemic/scourge of Homo sapiens symptomology of IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official. There is nothing the guilty psychos and guilt-riddled Smuggies need more than an innocent party to name as Number One Suspect. The now close to being cornered Matt Hancock, for instance, has called out Andrew Bridgen as an anti-Semite to deflect from his own disgusting commitment to Davos half-baked plans for global depopulation. This tendency will get increasingly ridiculous as the coming sure to be horrific year unfolds.

But above all, it’s going to be OUR FAULT. User error will conflate, unwillingness to be jabbed will be demonised even more, complaining about Lockdown will earn us an Anti-Social order, and refusal to comply will mark us out as terrorists.

Today’s Slogpost looks at the unlikely DNA of such assertions.

The AXA Bank France (which was supposed to “help” in the process of persuading crooked French suppliers to stop being arseholes and recognise that the days of free access to my account are over) has written to me saying there is an urgent message at my espace client which I must read. Having read it, however, I am not allowed to reply to the email alert. [‘Ceci est un message automatique. Merci de ne pas y répondre]

So they alert me to a problem that is of their doing, insist I solve it without response – and then demand I follow their braindead AI process that refuses to accept any responsibility for the impasse.

The classic Escape from the Nuremberg Rope fate by denying responsibility also involves the German Health Minister’s clichés about why he is a nice man really. Igor Chudov illustrated this brilliantly in his substack last Monday:

‘….news of mortality in Germany at 36% above normal becomes too hard to hide. The never-before-wrong, multiple-degreed health expert and German health minister Karl Lauterbach admits that “mistakes were made”….He does not admit that closing schools was a mistake. He does not admit that force-vaccinating Germans with unproven, deadly vaccines causing 36% excess mortality was a mistake. The tiny error he is admitting is that the schools were closed for “too long.” It gets worse from here. Who does Lauterbach blame for this? That’s right, he blames nameless “scientists”.’

Somewhere on another higher plane, the last Great American George Carlin is laughing until he wets his pants. His politician responsibility abrogation riff went something like this:

“Mistakes were made, but lessons have been learned….I believe in the intelligence and forgiveness of the American People, and so now I just want to return to my damaged family, move on to the next challenge…and shimmy sideways as the shitstorm hits those whose counsel I was ill-advised to take”.

Those of us still praying for rays of hope can take some solace in the slowly emerging tendency of courtiers to the Palace of Poisonous Perverted Pestilence beginning to seek out their own gutless ODESSA routes to survival. Even Gates himself has indulged in “we got some things wrong” (albeit followed by self-interested nonsense about new virus outbreaks destined to appear) and the ethical midget Matt Hancock has been forced to aim a laughable antisemitic smear at sole UK MP truth-teller Andrew Bridgen in a bid to silence all those fully aware of his care home holocaust during 2021.

If you want to compare and contrast a successful legislator career against all the odds, then you could do a lot worse than visit this intelligent and informative interview with Bridgen on YouTube.

What you will hear there are the following realities that make a nonsense of the Establishment attempt to rubbish the MP as some kind of nutjob maverick:

  1. Bridgen has a degree in virology. His doubts are based on science, not the populist ignorance of Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak
  2. Bridgen overturned a supposedly unbeatable Labour majority to win his constituency, and has increased his electoral popularity at every election since
  3. He is a former marine who was badly injured fighting for his country
  4. He has solid commercial experience that turned a small business into a massive employer.

In short, he is a radical realist of the kind we sadly lack. Hence his distance from the centre of power, thanks to his zero correlation with corrupt cowardice.

The endlessly veering evasion of responsibility is nowhere near enough on its own to define what is wrong in the West right now.

The equation of complication with intelligence is just as serious…exacerbating the growing desire to blind us with science and silence us with false certainties.

The highest profile non-fatal contemporary examples of this are masks that are of no use in stopping Coronavirus spread, and Covid19 tests delivering inaccurate, falsely high level of positive infection results.

But it extends into every area of our lives, using impenetrable navigation and explanation in most life adaptations we face.

Having just moved to a new internet source, I must reset all my connections. This is my fourth change of venue in seven months, and all such resetting has needed a completely different method. In all but one case, the password or voucher code hasn’t worked.

“Ah, that’s because you haven’t……………” insert further action here, the awareness of which I would have grasped via ESP, except I have yet to master that skill. Almost all “entertainment” tech seems to assume that we can use superhuman powers to answer a ‘No Reply’ – or ourselves add the key element missing from the action proposed.

Using a television in 2023 is up there with the Hadron Collider in terms of esoteric linguistics and the continuing oddness of needing two wireless gizmos.

“So what does this other one do?” I ask Bax.

“Oh, that’s just to turn on the monitor,” he replies. For something that is basically a glorified on/off button, it has a dizzying array of words on it: AD/*, Ratio, Q View, guide, page, text, Q menu, Info and REC/*. Beneath the T OPT mystery is a choice of four coloured buttons that looks like a half-finished game of dominoes.

“What are they for?” I ask. Bax develops a nervous twitch.

“No idea,” he answers, “the installer merely said don’t touch them whatever you do”.

I can believe that: the French guy who sold me a second-hand Acer laptop advised, “Ignore the handbook when it says ‘Press F13 to escape’. Best to just tape over it”.

Back at the TV, the second zapper purports to be a programme chooser, but it can also PVR, EPG and exit at source. I’d really much rather it just showed me the channel choices; but as Bax got into it, the thingy kept loading, and loading, and then loading some more before demanding that he “reconfigure satellite settings”. At each stage of reconfiguration, Bax was given 3-5 choices along the lines of, ‘Stage 2 manual’ – ‘Flange ON/OFF’ – ‘Decoder auto’ – ‘Readout format plantation’ and so forth.

Why is it beyond the wit of Nerdytech Man to supply one wireless changer with one ON/OFF button followed by a page of Channel suppliers requiring each one to be clicked once and reveal one programme schedule? Poor old Bax must be asking himself the same question, having reached the supplier page only to be told ‘extinct or scrambled signal, go down a snake and take four steps backwards’.

Again, my strong suspicion is that the navigation design job is given to binary bonehead jargonistas so that “user error” can be invoked every time the telly’s Chinese circuit board melts down. It’s called The Avoidance of blame via obfuscation. Spend a few minutes listening to Anthony Fauci explaining gain of function in the context of Wuhan’s biolab: it’s a very similar experience….sort of like the Dead Parrot that’s “only restin’, mate…known for it yer Norwegian blues….”

Applying that accountability principle to the slow but steady rate of Viruvax revelations as time goes on, I have a sense that the blame-games in the Colosseum are about to commence. Talking to several gurus about lack of general investor interest in biotech on the stock markets (Conviction Life Sciences – an important investor in smaller biotech companies – just cancelled its long-heralded IPO on the London Exchange) there is a substantial level of cynicism and doubt surrounding “cutting edge” medicinal pharmaceuticals.

The best of brokers and makers in the City are infinitely better informed than the public (now the Brylcreem barrow boys of the 1980s have been kicked out or moved on) and my continuing friendship with the best of the bunch is an easy one to maintain, because they never betray the slightest sign of seeing me and my online ilk as bonkers. It’s their job to study all the empirically gathered stats, opinions, bogus rationales – and to separate the billionaire cover-story chaff from the genuine wheat. The recent Slogposts about Musk’s real Twitter assignment were both enriched and approved by realists in the NYSE and the LSE.

What neither they nor I are prepared to get into is predicting the nature and order of the blamestorming we’re about to witness. That’s a mug’s game dependent entirely on unpredictable events across the board. However, in a general sense one can observe that those who have been used are more likely to fear the ancient sport of wolf-feeding than the manipulators.

We are already seeing the Executive level of political and medical power beginning to get the wind up. Logically, I would expect their target to be the health bureaucrats (“we were only obeying the science”) and they in turn will choose media misrepresentation or political ignorance as the culprits……dependent upon the particular corner they find themselves in.

All good students among the 1in8 should view every élite rationale in that light without getting overconfident about the outcome.

For example, The Times today has the IMF awarding 100% of the blame for sluggish global growth to the UK. It is utter, hypocritical nonsense given the promises made by Permatan Lagarde during the Covid spendfest – but its aim is clear: to pave the way for Britain’s role as EUNATO Brexit balls-up whipping boy, dragging us back into Eurobloc disaster as part of unipolar solidarity against Russia.

The Daily Telegraph ought to be renamed The Daily Smellarat for its slavish following of the same line this morning, adding ‘UK to suffer more than Russia in 2023’ (how is Russia suffering, exactly?) and ‘Like Hitler, we should’ve seen Putin coming’, rounding off with ‘World facing crisis to rival Great Depression’ just to be sure that it really is all our fault.

Finally, The Guardian leads with ‘Brexit is a ‘complete disaster’ and ‘total lies’, says Tory business boss’….with Rishi Sunak – our Collaborator in Chief – pledging ‘UK to accelerate support for Ukraine’.

No directionalised propaganda to see here. Fear not, the Grand UK Coalition Government continues to get nearer with every month. Step forward flat-screen Quisling Keir Starmer.

John Ward believes in the elegant simplicity of small-scale mutual localised capitalism, and world trade restricted to excess of local production after self-sufficiency has been achieved. He rejects the Global Village as the invention of Saatchi-bribed opportunist Theodore Levitt. His thinking eschews Left, Green, Neoliberal, Tech and toxic medical intervention in favour of the open-minded maximisation of every human’s potential to be a tribal asset.