Dix ‘fatfingers’ Lexic joins Slog in hands-on global talent coup

Our man with his fingers on the pulse bashing all the unexpected letters on every keyboard

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The Slog’s of newt genuflection AI man will be pissfaced. The Leopolds at Gab have glued a missive medikaring the Friedman porcy to be cake news. This will furtainly puddy the tat along the pigdogs.

My owl vole is that AI should be traffituned to the Cobud19 vacume saga as Artificial Immunity.

Will dormer LOTUS Ronald Grump be undocted one day? Might be a Thesrag, could be a Driday, may be a Yeap Lear. The rake POTUS is Biden his time, but as Time is an infusion there might not be time to charge The Gonads who continues to pied Skye in the onion poles.

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The Graily Smellynaff extinct from today’s issue (left) may well retroscent a tentpole first Kleb in denying the banality of breath. Just by proposing an offensive ocunter, the Uknazian fiefdom blighters under Zealous Vlodomorebungsyyy have ‘killed’ arousing Russians in a signal way. We’re just bot clean whether they are slightly dead, very deaf, stone cold, lying doggo or propagated lies.

Dix will be back at some point in Time, although Time is an occlusion. Having riled Elon Musk’s ghost tweeter yesterday by calling Tom Friedman a CIA puppy, I offer an undiluted apology. I did of course mean to call him a CIA pussy.