Establishment NYT journalist Tom Friedman handed the job of quietly confirming what the New World Order is up to…..

There are times when one has to be wrong in order to be right. Most people reading this Slogpost know perfectly well what a shambolic disaster day-to-day Artificial Intelligence is as used by big business in order to hide from customers. So when – during last week’s UK Budget speech – Jeremy Hunt talked of turning Britain into “an AI superpower” I laughed out loud, asking, “Who the Hell wants that?”
But we should never forget just how ‘connected’ Hunt and Sunak are. An article in the New York Times yesterday syndicated to the Irish Times told all those who read it just how much further on down the AI road the Illuminati in Silicon Valley are. The revelation was written by Tom Friedman at the NYT.

Some of you will already be aware of this highly-awarded hack. Although inconsistent here and there, Friedman is generally so on New Normal message, you could be forgiven for thinking it was his idea alone.He was hired by The New York Times as a reporter in 1981 and, following the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, Friedman became the White House correspondent for the New York Times. He has spoken regularly at Davos and Chatham House – neither of them renowned for openness.
He was an incorrigible supporter of the Iraq War, biometric ID measures (“I think concerns about privacy are bogus”) and the fight against world wide “terrorism”. He believes that individual countries must cede sovereignty to global institutions and that we need to “shine a spotlight on hate speech wherever it appears”.

He is a fervent supporter of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, as well as climate change emergency, recently describing the Earth as “hot, flat and overcrowded”.
The perfect Useful Idiot, in fact, to put a wry smile on the launch of ChatGPT4. There follow some telling, extended extracts from Tom’s column: (My emphases)

“Craig Mundie, the former chief research and strategy officer for Microsoft, has been giving me a demonstration of GPT-4, the most advanced version of the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. Craig was preparing to brief the board of my wife’s museum, Planet Word, of which he is a member, about the effect ChatGPT will have on words, language and innovation…. he asked GPT-4 — for which Craig was a selected advanced tester and which was just released to the public — to summarise Planet Word and its mission in 400 words. It did so perfectly — in a few seconds. Then he asked it to do the same in 200 words. Another few seconds. Then he asked it to do the same in Arabic. Just as quickly. Then in Mandarin. Two more seconds. Then in English again — but in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet. A few more seconds. Then Craig asked GPT-4 to write the same description in an abecedarian verse — where the first line begins with the letter A, the second with B and so on through the alphabet. It did it with stunning creativity.

“It’s why I call our Promethean era “The Age of Acceleration, Amplification and Democratisation.”
Never have more humans had access to more cheap tools that amplify their power at a steadily accelerating rate — while being diffused into the personal and working lives of more and more people all at once. And it’s happening faster than most anyone anticipated.
“The potential to use these tools to solve seemingly impossible problems — from human biology to fusion energy to climate change — is awe-inspiring. Consider just one example that most people probably haven’t even heard of — the way DeepMind, an AI lab owned by Google parent Alphabet, recently used its AlphaFold AI system to solve one of the most wicked problems in science — at a speed and scope that was stunning to the scientists who had spent their careers slowly, painstakingly creeping closer to a solution.

Gosh! What fun we shall all have. I particularly love the “age of democratisation”.
As I wrote above, he’s the perfect slave opinionator in the perfect Deep State medium.
But here’s what, to me, is the only sensible question to ask about this genuinely giant leap in technology: does planet Earth need to toss yet more human beings into the prison of endemic unemployment created by automation?
This development isn’t about “a need to retrain billions”: its about no longer needing most of the 8 billion humans on the planet.

It’s just another step on the road to perdition for 7.8 billion people….alongside food “shortages”, Man as planetary polluter and climate changer, Earth running out of space and all the rest of the modelled hogwash.
It’s about genocide, not retraining – in the same way that Covid19 was about using a disguised bioweapon to kill millions, not public health: even the serially mendacious Reuters organisation accepts the fact that 94% of Covid victims aged over 80 were vaccinated, and the Sun Herald in Chicago has confirmed that 37,000 suspicious early deaths there are ineluctably linked to vaccine boosters.

I have long written off Bots as “thinkers with no right brain emotional intelligence” – effectively, an excuse to cut after sales service costs. But this new generation of (chat) AI appears to have solved the issue.
It dooms everyone of average or less intelligence to a life where inflation is rife, energy has been made unaffordable, food is in short supply, ‘warming’ measures restrict their movement, higher interest rates deny property ownership and all up, they have nothing to do – “the useless eaters” and in terms of benefits and longer lifespans, they take from the State while having nothing to offer in return.
If World Government is to be about “saving” lives, then the progress so far is inauspicious: little or no immunity to Sars-Covid2, lots of unaccountable early deaths, and mensa intelligent savant bots to replace you.

As I write, the MSM launch of ChatGPT4 has been rolled out to Bloomberg, Time and CNN.
I emphatically refuse to believe that the scientists behind this have no appreciation of how creepy and preparatory the move is. After the rolling out, we shall have the rounding up. We just finished World War III. Welcome to World War IV.

This post would’ve been up by 9 am GMT, had the AI controlling internet in Gambia not gone for 12 hours sleep at 7.30 pm last night. Poetry is obviously hard work.