Fires glowing within….

Plato’s Fire-box is here

The Slog goes back 2,425 years to argue three things: that all of this has happened before, that properly educated electors would be able to see that, and the end of it will not be swift retribution. Pretty well all Western State structures need to be totally rethought until the balance between administration and liberty has been restored, and far better protected than it has been. We have seen the Tumbril terrors of the past, and they are merely a distraction from the hard work of rebuilding citizen protection and the banishment of propaganda.

A Scottish man goes into a bank, tries to withdraw several thousand Pounds of his own money, is grilled by the teller as to what he wants it for and, after grudgingly answering the nosey parker, is told, “You do realise that if this turns out to be untrue, we can block your account permanently?” I blogged about the changed bank rules of behaviour several months ago, but still people are surprised to hear about this sort of ill-mannered calumny.

Andrew Bridgen MP goes to the US and has the whole Fort Kedrick – Military Games – Wuhan – Covid19 release – Sino-American caper confirmed to him by a military source, who insists that when shown the nano-breakdown of Covid’s chemistry, every researcher in the world must have spotted the clear HIV sequence therein….yet 300+ medical scientists nevertheless went public to condemn ‘the ludicrous conspiracy theory of a lab origin for the virus’. I and tens of thousands of others online pieced this trail of events together at the end of 2020, but people still whistle in baffled shock when Bridgen tweets to this effect.

Substacker Hiram Bridle correctly points out that Anthony Fauci – talking about the minimum time required to ensure that new vaccines are safe several years before C19 – on multiple occasions said it takes at least a decade to ensure new drugs are safe even if every test stage runs perfectly. But when Matt Hancock told Parliament in 2020 that Moderna’s UK developed “vaccine” was ‘perfectly safe and fully tested’, not one MP or GP anywhere in Britain was granted space by the media to declare that such an outcome was impossible. The Slog posted after 48 hours to show that the NHE permission for Moderna was given on an emergency basis subject to further research, and no virus in recorded history had ever been effective after a few months gestation – indeed ever, at all. Yet Fauci’s previous utterances, now dug out, evoke astonishment among those shown them.

Plato said that giving the vote to uninformed, distracted or very thick citizens in an attempt to broaden electoral representation would not serve democracy – in fact he asserted it would allow obvious élite mendacity to hoodwink the People and ultimately destroy any value at all in voting. It would not just turn democracy into a farce, it would also remove all liberty at an alarming rate. For him, rule by the Demos or mob would lead to “the toleration of any and every iniquity”.

Having finally spotted in 1966 that Plato was not in fact Donald Duck’s dog, I began to devour his thoughts and philosophy in August of that year prior to taking my place on the History/Politics degree course at Liverpool University. Between them, he and Bentham have probably shaped my outlook on life more than everyone else put together.

It is said by some (primarily the dimmer end of Leftism) that Plato was an opponent of both The People in general, and elective government in particular, but that doesn’t bear even the must cursory consideration once one is aware of his output. What Plato disliked was the idea of votes for violent rabble-rousing foghorns with hatred where their humanity should be, and the Mob that paid attention to them. Far from disposing of them in any kind of genocidal manner, he believed in rigorous education and craft training for all, and objective information being made freely available. He wrote all of the following:

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools…..No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth……Be kind. Every person you meet
is fighting a difficult battle…..Ignorance is the root cause of all difficulties…..Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses…….The measure of a man is what he does with power”

But for sheer, almost Nostradamusesque prescience, nothing knocks it out of the ballpark quite like this one:

Someday, in the distant future, our grand-children’ s grand-children will develop a new equivalent of our classrooms. They will spend many hours in front of boxes with fires glowing within. May they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and knowledge.

You see why I’ve always liked this bloke?

Observe what post-Blairite Labour and Cameroon administrations have done over and over again in Britain: import migratory ignorance and intolerance, dumb down education, teach the mediaeval catechism of settled science, give advantage to the Wisdom of Crowds and willfully create national debt.

To American Sloggers, I offer a similar rhetorical litany about the New Normal Democrats: what has the Biden régime done except preach mendacious hate about Russia, insist that rewriting medical knowledge is following science, present proven villains as heroes, spend unto the unimaginable realms of Sovereign default, open the floodgates to southern border migration, discourage minority opinion, hand power to unelected health bureaucrats/bankers/hitech surveillance and make extreme race/pc fanatics like BLM respectable?

This is the contemporary bottom line: we are being encouraged to embrace musical, sport, tech, bombast and celebrity distraction (as well as myth-crammed propaganda) emitted by the rapacious fires within Smartphone “boxes”. And as the final hate-lie, the Herd has been encouraged to vilify and attack those who question the “progressive” nature of all this as, variously, nutty, treasonous, naive, dangerous, anti-social, disloyal and worthy of not just State censorship but also custodial criminalisation.

We have to ask: what sort of World is it where Fauci can refer to joint Sino-American Wuhan developments as searching for “gain of function”, but during three long years get no answer from him as to the nature of either gain or function that was expected?

I believe we may not be that far now from the first stages of what I tend to call Blamestorming….accompanied by “we knew no better at the time”, “I was forced to do it”, “I tried to follow the science”, “We were all hoodwinked by the Mooneyism of Davos”, “I knew censorship was evil but I had a family to support” – and even “I didn’t want the jab but I wanted to see my family”. To take the first and last of these, they have already been the pathetic excuses of everyone from egomaniac oddity Bill Gates to the eternally self-important Peter Hitchens.

But the bigger question – WHAT MADE IT POSSIBLE? – is infinitely more constructive and practical in terms of policy designed to make anything remotely like New World Order Globalism far less likely in the future. The solution to the mess is not State murder of the central players: the changes in cultural approach and greater awareness of social anthropology may well be less gratifying than dysfunctional revenge, but they are more likely to banish the Devil to his sweaty fires than bowing to his insistent temptations.

An aggregation of failure

I’ve gone on for long enough already: this final section is meant to be brief. No one person or institution is to blame, no soundbite solution is credible: there is but one tendency – viz: humanity’s belief that it can cheat the past by ignoring it.

We can’t. Looking at who we really are as DNA-wired individuals is a far better starting point than delusional belief that “science” has turned us into Demigods. The raw material is Homo sapiens, and as a building medium it is far from being anything approaching the best constituents of a brick.

A little more examination and a great deal of humility are what’s required: the stuff, in fact, of which the king-controllers of Runnymede and the independence-seeking founding fathers of the US were made…and used to best effect in their respective times.

Far better to learn the lessons than kill the opportunists. Bloodbaths, in my experience, are habit-forming.

This is what we in the West forgot during and after the 1960s:

*That greed is not a passing fad

*That infinite science will never be settled

*That metaphysical discovery is superior to material worship

*That awkward Truths are to be recognised not denied

*That philosophy opens minds but ideology closes ranks

*That education is there to inform and inspire, not to regiment

*That education infected by ideology is the quintessence of evil

*That education should encourage doubt, not condemn it

*That objective empiricism is a scoreboard, not detestable revisionism

*That neoliberal capitalism is a thesis not a synthesis.

*That opinion must never be a media monopoly

*That a majority opinion is a permission, not a finality

*That corporate money is frequently the enemy of genuine help

* That man is a noble toolmaker, not a service-providing slave

* That any given tribe will be unstable when too large and diverse

*That banks are the servant of ethical capitalism, not its replacement

*The predictive models are an entirely false dawn

*That rationales are never a replacement for Truth

*That globalist export mania can only ever lead to tensions and war

*That neoliberal capitalism may be the antithesis of socialism, but we need a synthesis

*That nation states with a high degree of devolution are more suited to Man than NWO

*That power and politics must be starved of Big Money privilege.