Terror of Truth, fear of fear, and deniers of depopulation

We are witnessing something unique in recorded human history: an attempt by a tiny minority of disturbed rich people to achieve a level of global power by allowing military aims to dictate health policies, forcing media news to ridicule opposition to that idea, smearing bogey-men with undeserved blame, and lauding those hysterics who claim that air, sustenance and benign climates are in immediately grave danger. The Slog has a first shot at predicting what major con will come next….setting the stage for a forthcoming post to show how their perverse victory can only succeed if all of us do nothing.

Apart from the odd religious maniac here and there, nobody wants to die. Even if you expect 77 virgins in Heaven (none of whom are your sister), fear of Ceasing to Be is the greatest, factory-wired instinct Homo sapiens has – alongside the compulsion to reproduce. Furthermore, the steep decline in religious faith over the last hundred years has increased the Grim Reaper fear: “Religion is just another power over the People and the belief in an afterlife is ‘unscientific’.”

Acute fear of mortal danger, neuroscience suggests, adversely affects the ability to reason, and dramatically reduces a person’s ability to discern when “following the science” is primarily a propagandist slogan to suggest that “The State is doing is doing its best to help”…..rather than helping itself.

The goal for those who want to rid the planet of “useless eaters” is to create an ill-advised stampede driven primarily by fear. So to frighten people – as in ‘frighten them to death’, if you will – it becomes quickly apparent that the four chief potential disasters are:

*Health issues

*Defence against rival tribes (+ Aliens)

*Planetary Armageddon (climate, energy shortages and collision)

*Sustenance supply (Food & Water)

That explains why those four have been, over and over, at the core of the rationale behind curbing our democratic freedoms during the last three years.

As regular Sloggers will know by now, my conclusions about the above are based on two repeatedly recorded and interrelated behaviours by those holding the key positions of power during Sars-Cov 2’s elevation to “deadly killer pandemic”.

*If one’s aim as an agent of the State is to keep panic under control during a genuine emergency, then most of those in the West (with the honourable exception of Sweden) set out from Day 1 to create the opposite reaction – via endless alarmist briefings, tabloidisation of heavily controlled media, ludicrous over-estimates of deaths via half-baked models and deliberately infecting care home residents with hospital patients to “make room for more in ICU”.

*The next stage would be – if the virus really was likely to be a massive cull – to get advice from those experts with the best track-record when it comes to containment, death rate estimates, early treatment, corpse disposal, likely antidotes and accurate infection tracing….relying on proven methods of control. Most governments failed on all counts: no proper investigation by the Intelligence community queried either the Sino-American Wuhan joint venture or the insupportable conviction that Covid19 had emerged naturally via species-leap; America’s senior health bureaucrat Anthony Fauci was personally involved in the Wuhan project, but nobody saw fit to ask him what he meant by ‘gain of function’; the choice of Neal Ferguson to “model” the UK outcome (given his abysmal record on Mad Cow disease) was on a par with giving the keys of the brewery to George Best; all the CNN, Reuters and ABC club ran fake news stories about coffins and bodies piling up in the streets; pop-up hospitals were created, but had no staff to run them; in the teeth of widespread virology criticism, lockdowns were clamped down on the populace – with devastating economic and fiscal budget effects; halfway through 2021, France abandoned a near 100% accurate test in favour of one with a long record of overstating infection levels; the ever-present Fauci popped up again to demonise those suspicious of the soi-disant “vaccines” that miraculously appeared; hence – “it’s an epidemic of the unvaccinated” – the very opposite of the Truth; UK Health Secretary Hancock lied on several bases – safety, level of recommended use and efficacy – about the Moderna “vaccine” in the House of Commons; and to complete the mess of suspicion, existing drugs with sound track-records were smeared by researchers whose work was directly supported by Globalist Pharmaceutical companies.

What we have been witnessing since early 2020 is a race to develop bioweapons that will kill selectively and on a genocidal scale.

The Sars Cov2 cover story for this psy-op is, however, running out of road. A market research source in the US informs me that a secret nationwide study has shown a sharply declining enthusiasm for dubious Pharma “boosters”. A parallel project in the UK three weeks ago came up with a similar result. The Covid card in the élite’s pack is tainted, and looks set to get worse.

The same isn’t true of the vile and mendacious agitprop directed towards Russia over the last year. Most people have swallowed Putin the Beast whole. But as so often, everything is connected across the Big Four I mentioned earlier.

These are the all-important links I see in the chain:

Defence against Bogey-Men in Russia [and China] – – – so presence in Ukraine depicted as stopping Hitler II, although the eleven biolabs funded by the Pentagon in Zelenskyy’s fiefdom clearly have active First Strike potential – – – same applies to covert shift of US forces to Asia in general and the Philippines in particular, presented as giving support to allies Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia – – – all aligned to US strategy of Washington/Dollar triumph in the New Unipolar World Order – – – Proof now emerging that the US Pentagon has pushed its way into World Health Organisation’s activity in West Africa, spawns of disease outbreaks being shipped back to Langley for manipulation and then onto other War theatres – – – deliberate and expensive overreaction to Covid19 provides rationale for UK Chancellor Hunt and EU generally to raise taxes, and – given soaring price of energy – to be followed by rationing of petrol use and control of travel à la Oxford scheme – – – Climate Change increasingly cited as requiring massive investment to control it — – all vehicle use to become strictly monitored – – – tax evasion to be stopped “for the good of the World” by digitalising all money with Special Climate Emergency levy taken from all wealth – – – Grain centres on fire and cattle slaughtered – – – yet more inflation, world moves to one digital unit – – – long-haul and intercontinental air travel sectors collapse….

And then what?

Well for starters, all the above assumes that every home owner in employment everywhere will be happy to suddenly find themselves with no pension, no welfare, not enough food and billions of other people in the same boat. (With, in my view, not enough water…..the lack of which is again put down to global warming, or wickedness courtesy of Putin and Beijing).

But assuming that Mr & Mrs Compliance are still in the majority, then the Reset Rainbow will have achieved most of its goals, viz Wealth theft, 24/7 surveillance, travel restriction and economic destruction.

Effectively, the Alliance of Antiscience will have abolished mathematical value as internationally agreed, thus amassing monopoly control over what everything is worth. The beautiful game of global soccer-science will be for-ever dominated by Phlogiston United, the only club in the world that can buy the referees – and if that doesn’t do it, change the digital scoreboard from Nil-10 to 25-Nil with just seven taps on a keyboard.

But two pesky missing pieces will remain stubbornly absent unless someone in the AoA has a big idea to make the Unreal seem Real. The two elements are, of course, massive depopulation and an undisputedly unipolar world. It’s obvious now (it always was) that no sanctions on a leader as well connected and smart as Vladimir Putin are going to do anything except make the Russians even more determined to survive and prosper. Equally, Beijing is well armed and protected by its control of supply lines of hitech to the West, and has an impressive arsenal of ICBMs as well as what is clearly an advanced capability in bioweaponry. And finally, Kissinger’s “Useless Eaters” might well be slightly more than hacked off under this scenario, but without another McGuffin, they’re unlikely to commit unconscious health suicide.

Like it or not, somewhere down the line – however disguised – we are going to be witnesses to another attempt at global genocide.

Theoretically, therefore, that means military conflict and/or another excuse to present a bioweapon as a major medical breakthrough.

But my use of the term “means” is deliberate. Do many of us know any longer what ‘military’ and ‘health’ mean? Are they even separate disciplines any more?

The Alliance of Antiscience has tried to be covert about its search for another hoodwinker, but some of them are laughable – the Alien craft over the US the week before last was one example – and in its time, the movie Don’t Look Up was a cack-handed attempt by Hollywood Democrats to suggest that Trump was in denial about the “very real possibility” of a disaster hitting the planet. Somehow, I found it hard to tolerate Meryl Streep in the role, although when she was the first to get her head bitten off by the aliens, it was one of the more entertaining film sequences I’ve been lucky enough to witness.

Equally, billionaire’s row in the shape of puffing Billy Gates….well, he’s good at stealing ideas and forcing monopoly software viruses onto pcs, and he’s never been known to take “No” for an answer. Such features are essential to getting a seat at the AoA’s top table, but in the Gates Motel somehow things never move forward. He’s bought the best part of a State’s worth of land in the US in order to become a food supply monopolist, but he has been unwise in his choice of buddies….most notably Jeffrey Epstein. And while he keeps on insisting that we are “overdue another pandemic”, there is no historical or medical logic anywhere to support the ridiculous claim.

My nose tells me that the FBI/CIA Squid has a ton of dirt on Bill; they may choose to blackmail him with it if he steps out of line, but my sense is the Surveillance State see him as damaged goods anyway.

The big question from now onwards is what new identity the military scientists want to develop as disguised Wars of aggression, and what camouflage the medical Mengeles prefer for the use of mRNA to wipe out the Unbelievers once all challengers for the Unipolar crown have been seen off.

Into this mix, meanwhile, we need to insert the one element that the Alliance of Antiscience has thus far not really taken into account.


The growth of radical, Jihadist Islam has been the EUNATO ‘Patsy’ for over twenty years now. But Patsies have a history of backfiring.

Islam purports to be, of course, the only truly multinationally representative religion on Earth – hence the term “Islamic State” – although peaceful Muslims not surprisingly dislike Jihadism.

Only two Islamic nationalities – Saudi Arabia and Iran – are heavily and varietally armed with Western weapons of traditional war and 21st century technology. Neither of them are particularly nice régimes. But Islam is an incredibly successful recruiter from the disenchanted lower rungs of society. In the UK of 1930, there were 10.5 million regular observant Christians. The equivalent figure for Muslims was 0.23 million in 1970. By 2023, the Islamic total had risen to 2.9 million. In terms of “involved observance”, Islam is now the biggest religion in Britain.

Shortly before the London Jihadist atrocities of earlier this century, Tony Blair had more or less promised the Muslim Council that he would forbid all criticism of Islam even if it was true. If ever you needed confirmation of Blair’s “commitment” to free speech and liberty, you have it right there. The attack on the Tube left Blair’s casually Orwellian approach isolated in Cabinet. Twenty years on, censorship is near-Universal in the West, but ironically it is justified on the basis of being a defence against ‘fake news’ and misinformation.

Once again, clandestine research in the UK has confirmed that, in most circumstances, the great majority (over 64%) would believe the State, not the online media – or Russia or China….and especially not Jihadists. Hence the rise and rise of government ‘fact checkers’ in the US, UK and much of Europe. The output of these spineless liars is incorrigibly risible for anyone who is a student of alternative media that are serious about the empirical triumphing over the ‘Party Line’. One such – the site Holding the Line – has several excellent pieces at the moment wiping the floor with every attempt from Whitehall to New Zealand to make sense of blatant moves towards intolerant dictatorship.

But nearly two-thirds believe this injudicious mixture of outright lies and baseless smears to the extent that they are still saying, “I always knew there would be a simple explanation”. Astonishing, but true.

In a nutshell, the 1in8 still have a credibility gap, chiefly as a result of being outgunned in the media. Just as in the late 1950s, the young Senator Kennedy talked about the USSR having created a ‘missile gap’* leadership in firepower over the US, today – despite three years of successfully digging for revelations against the State – the Web still lags behind when it comes to disproving “plausible deniability”. [*Ironically, the missile gap turned out to be a gigantic lie invented by the Pentagon]

So for the next bite of the cherry, were I in the shoes of the Alliance of Antiscience, I suspect I would go for variations on classic themes (rather than inventing Jazz) – while leaving Gates to mumble about overpopulation such that, fairly soon he incriminates himself with his old rope….but shoots himself * with a high-powered rifle from a Cloud depository half a mile away before he can point the finger of guilt at anyone else.

He will then be blamed for everything, and there shall be multivariate assurances from on high that he was Mr Big all along. [*If necessary, the CIA or FBI will discover that the gun was of Russian manufacture….yet another reason to lob two billion Bucks in the direction of Vlodomore Zelenskyy ]

So looking first at US military aspirations, the importance of NATO face saving and the falling level of support this military support has in urban America, I foresee the Unelected State doubling down to a higher degree of rhetoric, while avoiding blame.

But that’s more ‘won’t’ than ‘will’. Here’s some stuff showing that the general direction of travel remains unchanged:

The New York Times trumpets the importance of a Ukraine “win” for EUNATO….and that Governor de Santis – despite his attention-seeking anti vaccine mandate stance – has been giving his loyalty full rein to the East European adventure. As many have predicted, de Santis is happy to go with AoA.

The Washington Post issues a piece saying how the IRS has really got it’s act together: ‘The Internal Revenue Service’s massive funding boost has begun to reach the front lines of tax season, and it’s vaulted the agency from more than a decade of disarray, tax experts say, to a once-unimaginable position: a functioning tax service. The IRS is answering 90 percent of its phone calls, has squashed its backlog of overdue returns, introduced new online taxpayer tools to keep pace with private software companies and processed 99.7 percent of returns filed this tax season, according to agency reports.’ The Wapo, as ever, doesn’t waste too much time worrying about what the IRS preparations might herald in the way of a digital tax system in the near future.

And of course, no day would be complete without Presstitutes running a piece about Russia being on the verge of ignominious defeat: the Daily Mail says that Russian soldiers are being handed shovels because there are no guns or ammunition left.

So starting with US military aspirations, the importance of NATO face saving and the falling level of support this military farce enjoys among urban Americans, I foresee more pressure on Putin, but not just ‘more of the same’.

The surprise element: A secret EUNATO bioweapon First Strike against Russia, to which Putin reacts in violent prose that are dismissed by the Western press as further evidence of his madness. Russia launches a tactical nuclear strike to eliminate the Zelenskyy hierarchy. Putin is assassinated by a Russian dissident Patsy.

Despite the fact that Covid19 as a specific threat is rapidly running out of road, we cannot ignore the massive investment in bio-weaponry exports and manipulation that EUNATO has made. I still suspect that Gates et al will have another crack at Health psy-ops with a different (but related) virus. The AoA top table will watch this and monitor its progress. My own view is that it will get bogged down, and Bill will be offered up as wolf-meat.

The surprise element: the arrival in Europe of a clearly ‘manipulated’ viral strain to be depicted by the West as a Russian First bioweapon Strike…..mass outcry and vicious demands for revenge, EUNATO retaliates with one of is shiny new West African horrors. (Perhaps the whole to be run as the overture to the first surprise element outlined above?)

The ‘antidote’ to the ‘Russian’ bioweapon is then ‘liberated’ in Western Russia, and given to populations desperate to be saved. Willing naifs are thus given more shots of mRNA. Depopulation is by now well under way – in fact, the demand for “black market” injections is deliberately overstated by the élites who – in the spirit of equality – insist that the only way to trust a ‘properly tested’ antidote vaccine is if we all submit to one digitalised currency.

Once again at this point, stress will be laid on the growing evidence of climate change and its adverse effect on food supplies, plus new problems caused by the ‘War in Russia’ on top. Food and Travel (petrol) rationing is announced, to be run through the Smartphone system. Airline travel is set to become a thing of the past for all but the most privileged in the AoA.

Death rate numbers will be shifted about from soldiers in armed conflict to victims of mRNA poisons to mutations of Sars Covid or wicked bioweapons “bought by the Russians off China”, in order to hide every last anomaly in the high figures for young or middle-aged corpses. Faced with some kind of 3D game of cadaverous chess, the vast majority of citizens will not have a clue when it comes to interpretation. They will, I suspect, turn towards Orwellian hate rallies as an outlet for their confused horror: as they turned on anti-maskers and vaccine refuseniks during Phase 1 of the Final Solution to the Useless Eaters Problem, so now they will rage at Russians, then Chinese and even south Americans with plentiful supplies of rare Earth materials…..before they themselves succumb to one of any number of hyped cures.

So the bottom line is that varietal scare-mongering (to encompass unpredictable disease, evil régime weapons, natural food, pure water and climate balance) will congeal into an amorphous mass of lies, and the bad guys will win….right?

Wrong. Because the entirety of this long essay (and thank you for your perseverance) is based on the dubious assumption that everyone rolls over and dies unhappy.

This is not the Human way of things. Another post will follow in due course explaining how to explode the mad schemes of isolated giga-rich power-seekers before too many millions die.