Four kittens born in natural reproduction miracle

It may seem to readers a long and winding road from four newborn kittens to my conclusion that, ironically, 99% of human beings aren’t mad, but nearly 50% of them seem relaxed about signing up to assertions utterly lacking in any scientific basis – while nevertheless claiming to “follow the science”. Equally, these same followers refuse to believe that generally sane Homo sapiens is capable of almost unimaginable crimes. We are as a species able to rationalise truly dreadful behaviour….but survivalist defence is common to every species. We are worse than most inhabitants of Earth, however, because only we have the introspection to deny our imperfection. This is what makes us conflated believers in our own false claims to Deity.

In this, the dangerously unnatural and prosthetic world of anti-science we inhabit, I make no apology for today’s lead story. As I write, the four kittens involved (three gingers and a black panther) are lively as hell, having been born exactly 90 minutes ago. The mother has in turn eaten three chicken hotdogs since – hardly surprising after all that effort.
At 10 am this morning, mummy-to-be turned up as usual on my doorstop, scoffed her breakfast and then disappeared with ginger Tom following at a respectful distance; so the search for a kitten hiding place was obviously in about to begin. At 10.45, cleaning lady NDai found it, and while mum got another feed (with Tom sitting there looking pleased as Punch with himself) I took some shots. There never was much doubt about the DNA involved here, and now there is none. But one of the kitties being black (we are after all in Gambia) I’m afraid it’s joining my household….once I can get close enough to sex it.
I’m not on cloud nine or anything equally soppy: I am on Cloud 27.5. Not because I’m kittenstruck, but because the whole operation probably took less than half an hour, and not a single idiotic transspecies fucktard was involved, no hospital’s neo-natal mortality record had been damaged or even considered, and what Amy Boone calls the Holiness of something new-born was utterly remarkable.

Late last year all the monkeys down near The Strip produced on cue, and one had the same experience of gaping in wonder as the parents variously pulled nits from their heads, scolded the odd idiot for getting too close to Sapiens – and yet allowed the brood full rein to make their own mistakes while still in the Holy stage of beginning.
For my own part, I think it’s the Holiness that goes with innocent dependence. To have minimal guile, zero mendacity and no ability to fake it is at the core of the whole thing we call Our World. Babies don’t play poker.

That blissful period ends all too quickly. Below left is a photo of Adolf Hitler aged four in his first year of infant school:

It’s horrific: the future Fuhrer has secured himself dead centre position in the top row of the hierarchy, his shoulders puffed up beneath firmly folded arms, looking imperiously down his nose at all the Untermenschen beneath. What we see here is a born megalomaniac: not an insane psycho likely to murder for fun – just somebody wired at the factory to believe in his ultimate destiny, with a sociopathic ability to hide his infinite narcissism by (for example) always being unfailingly nice to young women, all secretaries and dogs. To the best of my knowledge, little Dolfi never harmed another human being directly in his life.

But he played geopolitical poker throughout his entire existence, and as a result 64 million died.

The Germans just love to write Hitler off as an Austrian nutjob. But when studying for my first degree thesis The Psychopathology of Adolf Hitler in 1969, I came across – in a Liverpool museum – an astonishing audio tape* of Hitler talking to the Norwegian Nazi puppet Vidkun Quisling about the Russian campaign. Far from the German führer emitting a string of barely coherent screams, he spoke calmly about serious mistakes made in underestimating the Mother Russia patriotism, blamed himself in large part for this, and vowed to equip his Blitzkrieg men and tanks with equipment that would better triumph over the Russian winter in 1942.

*At the time I was thrilled to have found a primary source, and it probably influenced the examiners to award me a first for the dissertation. In fact, the Norwegian secret service bugged the two men and kept the tape for posterity.

Then many years later, I read an article claiming that ‘no recording of Hitler speaking in private exists’. I wrote to the publishers quoting the Met Museum reference in Liverpool. Every element of the Quisling tape was denied.

It has always been relatively easy to rewrite, alter and even deny history. Technologically, it’s never been easier than it is today. Think on the nature of the following WordPress “what to write” daily advice offered to blog novices as part of its metier:

A little worrying, is it not? Formerly hailed as one of the blogger platform good guys, WordPress these days is the multivariate cheat about pretty much everything. Almost without thinking, it now openly suggests the banning of undefined words and phrases in the English language….with no holds barred. So why not ban (say) bioweapon, Pharma lies, Wuhan lab, CIA, and Stolen Election? We’re so close to that already, whoTF would notice?

So you see folks, this New World Order isn’t made up of raving looney monsters. They’re more likely to be people and institutions who variously sold out, like the sound of their own voices, or appear likeable – but are ignorant on account of being too dim to question the blatant propaganda of those who, um, have sold out.

As a lifelong fan of Rod Stewart (sorry, Sir Roderick David Stewart CBE) it pains me to write this, but his Rodness gobbed off on the Ukraine situation last Friday. Rod is not only one of the best acts I’ve ever seen live, he is also a fanatical Manchester United supporter. Hence the acute pain I feel in opining that he doesn’t know his Ukraine from a Ukelele.

Last Friday, he offered the “view” that “We gotta defend Ukraine right, ‘cos if we don’t, then quite frankly it’s the end of life on this planet as we know it…I bin sayin’ this for years”.

Fuck off Rod, no you haven’t. And even if you had me old China Plate, you would still be more wrong than a wrong-headed educationally sub-normal Spherical Planet denier with a PhD in insisting we never went to the Moon. For everything that Rod knows about Ukrainian government culture could be written in 20pt type on the arse side of a good old fashioned thrupenny bit.

Some talk his kind of twaddle because they’re too cerebrally feeble to think otherwise, others because Lord Copper told them to say so, and others still as a result of having spent far too long in Hollywood California and/or imbibing drugs that promote a belief in levitating Mount Everest.

The Slogarithm remains the same: ignore celebrities, for they know not what they’re about.

OK – the story so far: we have a bit of a cognition problem in 2023, in that not only is the completely unnatural way of things being put forward as The Way Ahead by people of a severely twisted disposition; the empirically unsupported BS is being spouted at regular intervals on every sellout MSM outlet in the World by nano-brains.

Crazy as it sounds, given the technology available, it is perfectly sensible to foresee a future not that distant when the Brave New Corporacratic Global Dictatorship will be able to tell its drugged, half-dead Cuckoo’s nest slaves that until 2020, everyone everywhere was ill all the time, constantly at each other’s throats in a Hobbesian nightmare of short lives and nasty brutality, and working 36 hours a days for evil monsters who constantly infected the People with ghastly diseases, but kept all pharmaceutical cures out of their reach.

But then, seeing the People’s suffering, a few brave and upstanding heroes like Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Saint Biden, Vlodomor Zelenskyy, Elon Musk, Onkel Santa Schwab, Saint Matthew Hancock, Rishi Sunak and Tony Blair formed the New World Order of the Knights of Central Intelligence, smashed the disinformation of the wicked Blogge cartel and gave the human race a second chance for advancement by following the science of Transhumanism and climate change….thus making everyone safe from the germs of natural life, and creating Homo supernatural the immortal insectavore.

Now of course, there’ll be a few awkward naysayers who have managed to fake their jab passes, and are forever pointing out that millions of women survive natural Canal Birth without elective Caesarians while neo-feral cats can push out four kittens in twenty-five minutes without any help from anyone. But when they point out that humanity survived and prospered for 430,000 years before there was any Earth People’s Global Equality Bank Transfer of Wealthy Green Technological Health, the reassuring voices will speak into the mass of brain-fitted infopaks, and ask of the few rebels left:

“OK smarty-pants, so where’s the evidence for your Atlantis Golden Age Round table myths?”

So here we are twenty-four hours in, and Mrs Catmum is still busy converting scraps into milk, the four Musketeers are drinking all of it at an astonishing rate, while the Black Panther (left) is making his presence felt more keenly. Bear in mind that they are blind and deaf (and will be for at least a week) but they know where the teats are, and to suck with gusto – and already, they’re putting on weight – so clearly some divine process smart enough to make Klaus Schwab look like Dumbo of the Decade by comparison is working in their favour.

But that’s all we’ll have in the mechanical looney-bin The Mighty Ones have in store for us. We will have no past, because all those “safe” storage clouds turned into immolated rain, all the libraries were destroyed – and all the media videotape and photos from the first Daguerrotype or old silent movie to the first colour television and birth of Netflix will have been disappeared. And people paid to do obedient food-gathering work (positioned as Joyous Nazi Land festivals, naturally) will say, “See? I knew these conspiracy mythsters were full of it….our betters know best”. Nobody will ask why the Leaders don’t eat bugs like the Landarbeiter do, because that just gets you funny looks, right?

Think this is all too pessimistic?

Cast your minds back to 2016, and the ease with which both sides in the Brexit punch-up lied their backsides off, and each side’s followers believed their own camp entirely. That said, the lies and subterfuges perpetrated by the Remain/NATO/Brussels nest of vipers stood out beyond those of the Leave camp by virtue of the breathtaking evidence in present and full sight that, for instance, Michel Barnier* the EU negotiator told whoppers about both the past and the present. Ever since that historic vote just under seven years ago, EUNATO has tried every trick in the book get Britain back into their Russian-bashing, bankrupt den of thieves, but still every German and French one meets remains convinced that “Brexit has ruined the UK economy”.

*Barnier now revels in his cynical 3-card trick, openly admitting his minimalist Truth-saying at the time. What a disgusting turd this man is.

He has since pushed like mad to suggest that British economic “failure” is a direct and sole result of Brexit. Yet nothing – not one single stat – supports this dead-eyed example of everything that is pernicious about the EU. The invented pandemic and its brainless lockdown are what made a mess of my homeland’s always far too services-biased economy. Yet despite that, UK growth from November to now nearly March 2023 is ahead of the French, and miles ahead of the energy-screwed BundesRepublik….thanks yet again to the CIA/Pentagon’s Putin ‘punishment’ that went badly (albeit predictably) wrong.

Another excerpt from the Brexit saga: remember the degreed young lady so proud of how the EU gave us the NHS? Give me strength.

I’m afraid the unfortunate truth is that the giga-liars are pushing at an open door when it comes to the average citizen. Sean Penn gets applauded widely for saying, ‘The time has come to send the unvaccinated to jail’ – mind you, he also married Madonna, so I suppose we should make allowances for that. But months earlier, it was the serially mendacious dwarf Tony Fauci who pronounced, “this is a [Covid] epidemic caused by the unvaccinated” – obviously a 100% fabrication then and now. Most Americans believed him.

Fifty-five years on, nobody cares about my Hitler audio tape that went mysteriously missing in Liverpool. If I had to hazard a guess, I would stick with the most obvious motive, and suggest that neither the Germans nor NATO wanted evidence waiting to be discovered that their two-dimensional hate-figure now banished forever was very probably (up until his final drug-addled months) a horribly nasty piece of work, but was nevertheless not insane.

What Washington wanted back then was not only a strong ally and example of capitalist success to rub into Sovyet faces; they also wanted to reduce the public realisation that lots of folks do truly evil things without even being slightly tonto. By 1969, the US Hidden State had already killed two Kennedy brothers and somehow managed to maintain the untruth of crewcut clean living guys working 24/7 to protect the American people from its enemies.

All of which brings me to today’s bottom line: instinct.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this, but we are four years further on – and with every month, it becomes increasingly clear to me that a confoundedly monstrous process is under way, employing one focused tactical aim within a broad advance towards serfdom: the desire that we should come to mistrust – even feel unforgivably guilty about – our instincts.

All things truly natural involve at least a percentage of instinct.

We are not Demigods, we are hopelessly weak humans. Most of us know when we are doing wrong in a our social, commercial, personal, marital and sexual relations, but that is not instinct: that is the conscience built upon a wired and socially affirmed instinct. Psychopaths don’t know the difference.

That’s what makes calling Gates and Musk psychos very little to do with gratuitous insult, and everything to do with measured empirical observation.

We are all to various extents victims of the greatest long-term psy-op in recorded history. The gargoyles in charge of it would have us believe that such an idea is “nutty” (thank you, disgraceful libertine Bonker Boris) or “a conspiracy theory” (what makes it real and not wishy-washy, O David Cameron, is fully documented evidence of an abrupt exit totally by your good self and beyond your control as an elected Prime Minister).

Did I dream that, or is it true?

‘Psy’ is short for psychology (or if you will, psychiatry) of which there have been, for nearly 120 years now, two main schools – Freudian and Jungian. My collisions with both of them during 25 years of “analysis” about my own demons convinced me that both are cod science at best and Alchemy at worst.

Humanity has been very badly served by both strains of Mind Study because their goal has always been to condemn guilt as neurotic. The Thinking Opportunistic State and its ultra-secret cadres picked this up and turned it into a recipe for the tolerance of all things intolerable to any right-headed human being.

In a nutshell, we have élites trying to persuade us that everything about instinct is criminally wrong, and every pang of conscience is evidence of dangerous neurosis. No wonder we are confused, on the defensive, and heading helter-skelter towards docile acceptance of a Stalinist Sovyet belief that Dissidence = Madness.

Let’s now bring things bang up to date.

I’ve enjoyed two marriages (it was only the divorces I didn’t like) and now find myself in The Gambia where there is respect for every religion, all colours, all ages, both genders and all cultures. I have had four relationships with Gambian women, and none of them hurt anyone…even though two might have been ill-advised, two weren’t. The latest of them is on the whole very successful for all the right reasons. I cannot get ladies pregnant any more, so no unwanted kids will be involved.

By contrast, bonkers fantasy among tiny minority groups insists that there are more than two genders, men can have periods and give birth, transition is scientifically based, lessons about drag Queens in school are a healthy thing to inflict upon our kids, and the psychopathic guile of under one per cent of us has all the answers.

I mean, what the hell are we, eleven years old? I discussed that thought with five black American grudging Trump supporters in a local shop Ebonitis here this afternoon. We had no trouble at all in agreeing that human belief systems are now surreal.

Nevertheless, a majority of ‘polite’ Western society condemns me as – in no particular order – a racist, a male chauvinist pig, a Little Englander, a Putin dupe, Far Right, a fantasist, repressive (I love that one), a trannyphobe – and conservatively anti-progressive (yes please).

If you feel bamboozled and stressed, this is my commonsense and yet metaphysical advice in closing: reject the 1960s Mansonesque mantra of “If it feels good, do it”. Rather, if information you’re given doesn’t add up, don’t touch it with a forty-foot metaphorical bargepole.

Don’t do what feels good, do what feels right.