Getting to Know You

There are an awful lot of nasty people out there influencing an awful lot of nice people in an attempt to persuade them that abandoning liberal democracy is, um, the way to preserve liberal democracy. The Slog suggests that naming and shaming of these charlatans is central to producing an awakening among our naive electorates

Here come the Geography teachers again, offering a banded-pack, two-for-one peace loving demo – it’s Friday so let’s all put our bobble hats on because it’s freezing cold to remind people about Global Warming; and as it’s the first anniversary of the wicked Russian invasion of Biolab central, let’s don the blue and yellow and wave the flag for plucky little Ukraine.

These people are, of course, very well-meaning: the trouble is, they are hopelessly (and dangerously) naive. To be blunt, they are ignorant but that’s not to dub them all as stupid; they just have at most 20% of the information they need about CO², the way Wall Street has turned the climate nonsense into a money-spinner of footprints and zeros, the appalling inefficiency and upkeep cost of wind propellors, the latest physical boreholes data from the arctic regions, the role of methane and perhaps most importantly, the real problem a growing human population faces – the finite amount of potable water. As for the Ukrainian occupation, they lack 98% of the real history and “point” of the whole exercise: the long history of multilayered corruption and Nazism there, the gross level of gratuitous killings of Russian speakers after the peace agreement of 2014, the willingness to take the Pentagon Dollar and the degree to which both washed-up actor Zelenskyy is a CIA puppet and POTUS spawn Hunter Biden is desperate a to hide his own rake-off from US taxpayers money and a dubious role in biolab usage. (For a real-world account of the nature of “history” from a former diplomat who knows the full strength of Ukrainian perfidy, see Amy Boone’s brilliant piece at the Conservative Woman yesterday)

This is the point at which the media blackouts and general public ignorance go from naive to dangerous. The dots are being joined up day by day on the issue of using the World Health Organisation (via pentagon operatives) in West Africa to culture and manipulate serious infectious diseases, ship them back to the States, and then onto bioweaponry experts in thirteen different Ukrainian labs. The bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people in today’s header shot also tend to be suckers for the mask, lockdown, deadly killer, instant vaccine propaganda shtick. At some point, we should hope that similar dots lead from biolabs and Pfizer/Moderna gangsters to mRNA jabs disguised as virological wonders.

At least half the time, the trouble is that the shadowy people are completely unknown to the public – so in the Ukraine, for example, EUNATO churns out gob-stopping ‘squeaky-clean’ propaganda about the country being a model of judicial probity and peace-loving relationships. In fact, as a country it has always been casually corrupt from head to toe, and a back-scratcher’s paradise .

The gentleman to your left for example (Oleksandr Petryshyn) was recently appointed to the Ukrainian Constitutional Court. The crucial winning vote in his favour was cast by Dmytro Lukyanov, which then left Petryshyn in a position to support him as a High Court Judge. This then duly came to pass.

The candidate for the second vacancy was Oksana Hryschuk (pictured right), a woman President Zelenskyy could hardly turn down given that her father Viktor Hryshchuk is the biggest wheel in the Information Security Administration – and thus knows the location of every shallow-graved body – and is indeed enthusiastically supported in his role….by Oksana Hryschuk. Her Dad is a bigtime lawyer, so is she, she has the right influence, so she’s in.

Thus are oligarchies created: palms may not be greased, but clubs (lawyers and spooks) and dynasties gain influence and then power on the basis of DNA.

This is little more than the principle of aping royalty by excluding those who do not fit the clone criteria. Needless to say, Zelenskyy enthusiastically appointed both of them. Now remember that “process” haha in the light of this EU alleged demolition of “Russian lies” about the Ukraine (my blue highlights):

Here we see a classic case of smearing an assertion that is rarely if ever made. I don’t know anyone who thinks Ukraine is a Nazi State; and far from designating that country as Nazi in 2014, Putin signed (and obeyed) a ceasefire treaty that was supposed to stop Russophobia that the EU insists doesn’t exist. The rest of this offensive EUNATO horseshit can be proved to be without foundation….with little more effort than reading contemporary accounts from every angle online.

So who are the EUNATO mind-scramblers who compose and advise the apparatchiks to toe the line? Take one step forward Clare Melford (Left) A Brit, and also in turn a supporter of all things New World Order. She works for the Global Disinformation Index , an NGO bankrolled by the US State Department and UK Foreign Office. Its purpose is to censor as necessary – and ‘control the information space’.

She is of course a highly valued affiliate of the World Economic Forum, and thus a potential leader of it were Klaus Schwab ever to be seen as lagging far behind in the apparently intelligent Crumpet space. She has promoted herself over and over again in her global disinformation role as “Co-founder & Executive Director of The Global Disinformation Index, a not-for-profit that aims to disrupt, defund and down-rank”….er, well, anyone who disagrees. As the saying goes, “Deadlier than the male”.

Meanwhile, harking back to mentions of Jeremy Farrar here yesterday, his protegé and the UK’s new Chief Scientific Adviser, is Angela McLean – a mathematical modeller who co-chaired the SAGE group that guided the government’s pandemic response. Since 2019, she has been the chief scientific adviser to the Ministry of Defence. Note the SAGE background topped up with modelling and the military. Then tear up the Truth and hope for the best.

Why in God’s name are we still listening to all these fearmongering ideologues? Answer: because the NWO Futurology Nazis want a monopoly when it comes to self-fulfilling faux scenarios….and they know that the Western political classes have been bought off (just like the MSM) to ignore any opinion or event analysis that questions élite alchemy.

Naming Names….. a fun game for all the family that’s guaranteed to break the ice at awkward Chattering Class supper parties.

Jacques Attali is something of a politico-philosopher superstar in France. An Algerian who studied at the Enarc League of French universities, he received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Paris Dauphine in 1972. A sort of shadowy Nosforatu, he has advised François Mitterrand, François Hollande, Nicola Sarkozy and Emmanuel Macron during four decades of massive political influence. But the thing with Attali is that – while he is famous for his prescience – one is left with the feeling that he is either very clever indeed…or he has fulfilled his own prophecies by rewiring the French political class in order to have them accept his own Great Reset views.

A go-to guru on political talkshows in France, Attali predicted in 2014 that World War III would start with Ukraine. During the same video, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy feels emboldened enough to declare, “We will proceed together toward a new world order, and nobody, and I do mean nobody, will be able to oppose it.”

Earlier – in 2009, a year before the Rockefeller Foundation’s “LOCKSTEP” scenario – Attali published an essay, “Change, as a Precaution,” in which he expressed the hope that the Bird Flu pandemic might evoke “Restructuring Fears.” Attali wrote: “History teaches us that humanity only evolves significantly when it is truly afraid.”

As early as 1998, Jacques Attali described a future pandemic as a means to the end of establishing a world police force of “planetary power”. He then switches to a more personal pronoun, declaring “we will take planetary measures of containment, which will question nomadism and democracy.” In short, unmonitored travel and the ability to remove a régime by voting shall not be allowed.

Other quotes from his writing both inform and horrify: ‘The first risk against which we will continue to want to protect ourselves is disease. The prevention will invade our entire existence’; ‘Every person will one day have the right to a decent income paid by the state independent of any activity: The Universal Income’.

Has Attali been accurately predicting? Or has he himself been shaping? With an unequivocal recommendation from Attali, future President Emmanuel Macron joined Rothschild Bank, rising rapidly up the bank’s ranks to become a managing partner blessed with enormous wealth.

Suffice to say that Attali’s futurology remains too accurate to support the idea of Nostradaman levels of divine inspiration alone:

‘Other weapons — chemical, biological, bacteriological, electronic, and nanotechnological — will then appear. As with the new civil technologies they will prefigure, scientists will strive to increase their power, their miniaturization, and their accuracy. Chemical arms will be capable of seeking out and killing leaders without being detected; pandemics could be ready for unleashing at will; complex genetic arms may one day be directed specifically against certain ethnic groups.’

The jury is out on Monsieur Attali….but only to the extent that it’s unclear as to whether he led the charge or merely collaborated with those who share his views. Either way, the learning for the 1in8 trying to spread the word remains pretty much the same: to name names, show clearly how degenerate these “thinkers” are, and try to reinvigorate the values of a Past being denied in the Present by those who wish to own a Future solely for their own gratification.

“Tomorrow belongs, Tomorrow belongs, Tomorrow belongs to me”

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