Necessity: the mother of invention, or the lie that hides intention?

The Slog analyses contemporary attacks on Liberty, offering valuable insights about why so many varietal élites stand together in the bid to destroy it

I was starting work on the pc yesterday morning, and we lost internet. So this small panel popped up and said:

“We are having problems reaching that site. It could be that there’s a problem at our end or the site is undergoing an upgrade, or your internet provider has power issues or you need to go online to activate your coupon”.

Alternatively, a monkey just chewed through the power line, or this being an Islamic country somebody in a bikini has caused an earthquake, or your pc hates Wednesdays or this is the start of Gates’ final ploy to switch off all opposition.

One of the eight zillion problems with AI is that it gives you lots of choices but no answers. In our developing world where the only thing bigger than the range of equivocation is the whopper that lies hiding in its long shadow, this is a serious problem. For there is a post 2000 generation abroad now inured to the idea that five daft suggestions equal an answer. The Truth today is very obviously in the wrong hands, so it’s part of the job of being a 1in8er to point out as dramatically as possible when mendacity is in charge.

For example, colleague Amy Boone has pointed out to me a huge “new normal truth” turd yesterday: another member of the MSM ideologues insisting that censoring an alternative view is part and parcel of the ‘job’ of being an ideologically committed journalist. That is the 180 degree opposite of a journalists’ job, which is to recognise the Guardian’s original insistence that “Truth is Sacred”. Further, for me “ideologically committed journalist” is a contradiction in terms; there is a metaverse of difference between being the gutless slave of ideology and the fearless truthsayer: the stormtrooping ideologue only ever weaponises the past, whereas the truthsayer values a reputation as a soothsayer looking to the future. The first is a bullying fascist, the second an open-minded defender of free speech and questioning philosophy. That is Truth, and Truth is non-negotiable. “Half-Truths” are the same as “Slightly pregnant”: impossible.

A great deal of the cultural crisis we face is down to educators, hacks, politicians, greedy globalists and State Security bureaucrats following the deadly political line that somehow lying is ethically permissible when it comes to Defence of the Realm, a Noble Goal, survival of a socially binding catechism and so forth.

The German communist playwright Bertholdt Brecht’s Chinese prostitute heroine wants to live for absolute Truth in obedience to the Gods. Brecht blames her demise on the lies of those who exploit her, but fails (in my view) to grasp that allowing for exploitative lies in the first place lay at the core of the cultural problem. Her pardoned lies can only breed bigger and bigger lies….as Brecht himself showed par excellence by returning to East Germany after Hitler’s defeat, and accepting the never-ending lies of the Communists, later enshrined in the Honecker régime’s devotion to the Muscovite Andropov line.

The early history of Covid19 was one of utterly cynical “scientific” lies and deliberate smears in relation to those cheap and cheerful genuine early-application usages of tried and tested drugs shown to be effective against Coronavirus.

A recent Meryl Nass post supports the allegations made by The Slog in relation to premeditated abuse of established dosage levels for Hdrochloraquine by the (yet again) Hard Left and self-styled guru Peter Horby. 22 test volunteers died as a result of his conscious misuse (via overdose) of the drug. Quite how he has escaped prosecution for manslaughter is beyond me: obviously, my faith in the Rule of Law is hopelessly out of date.

If you want rich, informed and clearly presented additional information about another villain of this piece (see left) your best bet is Meryl Nass and her encyclopaedic substack. It is a metaphorical goldmine of names, connections, dates and dots – yet written in an approachable, calm and balanced manner leaving the reader fully confident that here is a woman who knows her onions. In the case of “Sir” Jeremy Farrar, once again the political Leftism noted in last Monday’s Slogpost is clearly apparent – like Horby and Ferguson, long periods spent in Ho Chi Minh City.

Farrar then became part of the UK consultancy nonsense SAGE – an inept acronym up there with NICE, the penny pinching NHS Quango of yesteryear. And guess what….Jeremy has now found his natural home working for WHO. Here’s an example of his propaganda, which is anything but exemplary:

“I would be less sanguine that the pandemic is over. I think the overwhelmingly likely scenario is we are in a completely different place and it’s much better. The world has immunity now, largely. But there may still be surprises in this pandemic….I think if we allow this amount of virus to continue to circulate we are constantly running the risk of a new variant.”

Yet Farrah has still more deadly plots in common with Peter Horby: he helped Fauci cover up the origins of Covid, and while Horby was busy overdosing the unfortunate members of the UK hydroxychloroquine trials (before blasting the dubious findings all over the internet) spookily enough, Sir Jeremy was doing the same to……hydroxychloroquine trialists elsewhere

I’m still arguing with anyone who questions my view that there was never a true pandemic in the first place: Sars2 Cov19 has a very high transmission rate (depending on one’s choice of mutation) but in no way does the kill rate even begin to justify the impoverishment of almost every Treasury on the planet. Don’t forget: in February 2020, Chris Whitty authored a statement reducing Covid19 to a “low emergency rating” and then rapidly unsaid it. All dictatorships work in pretty much the same way.

The reader may be better able to come to a view based on my original piece about the Horby trials here, but this excerpt might whet your appetite:

‘The answer to “why?” is this: Whitehall, the biosecurity services (headed by Sir Mark Sedwill) and Boris Johnson are working with Big Pharma in particular…and possibly also the ‘grander’ agenda espoused by the likes of Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg and others inside the Davos cabal.

If they were working for us, they’d put massive security onto Care Homes, supply us with efficacious masks, get the economy running again at full tilt, and accept that Coronavirus as a typology is the new flu….basically, same as the old flu. But there is neither money nor power in that option. And so it will not be adopted.

As for Manflu Halfcock, who knows? He’s unpleasant enough to know the inside track and go with it…but probably, quite genuinely, this nonentity is working right now in the sort of way you’d expect a blinkered donkey to behave.

And so to the rest of us. This morning here in France, the media are softening citizens up with headlined suggestions that seasonal flu jabs are ‘strongly recommended’ and may one day soon be obligatory. This is simply more bad science being reclothed as good.’

While Meryl Nass is a convincing communicator steeped in medical knowledge, the latter part of my career expertise before becoming a writer was to listen to attitudes expressed by people in public life, and then decide whether the subsequent behaviour of those people lived up to the expressed goal.

The overriding view I’ve held since Spring 2020 is that those declaring a health emergency and “following the science” do not behave as honest lifesavers with a calling; on the whole, they have serially lied, needlessly overspent, and lauded a cure that an educationally subnormal gnat would quickly spot as tending to kill rather than cure.

So for example, one way of looking at the insane “investment cost” in a broad sense is to note that C19 crippled the NHS it was meant to save, bankrupted much of the First World, clobbered the economy with a useless lockdown and gave us the vaccine formerly known as a Ukrainian bioweapon.

The tricky bit is persuading frightened and confused Real People out there that this seemingly disparate ‘THEM’ would conspire in concert to take over the World.

So let’s try and summate the commonality across the piece of central bankers, spooks, media investment houses, the IMF, the CDC, the NIH, the health bureaucrats, the Davos crowd, the modellers, the military, and fanatical ideologues from Bill Gates via Anthony Fauci to Peter Horby.

In truth, the heist members are nothing like as disparate as one might initially assume.

For starters, hardline Communists who find good in Vietnam and China share one blindingly obvious flaw with bankers, Big Pharma, Schwab von Davos, Bill Gates, media investors, the Secret Service and senior soldiers. That is, they don’t like, value – or feel at ease in the company of – ordinary, “normal” people. To the over-zealous élitist, the key thing is to fit the proles into a social system, rather than the other way round.

They often refer to “the masses” and profess a desire to be doing things ‘in the name of The People’. But in truth, they are awkward with individual ordinary citizens and betray a lack of respect for their constitutional rights. To them, a citizen is a number not a life and, most of the time, a nuisance in the way of realising Shangri-la.

This archetype is best seen in a comedic context as Basily Fawlty, the hopelessly intolerant snob in charge of Fawlty Towers, who is, in his own words, “trying to run a bloody hotel here, and you guests keep getting in the way”. He sees the clockwork hotel as the dream, and the guests as a nightmare. (Of course, while he closes circulars about pretentious culinary evenings with the phrase ‘No riff-raff’, the World’s élites are not so inept: the State shall be called ‘The People’s Republic’, even though this is a minute titular sop trying to mask megalomaniacs and half-baked falsehoods.)

The second important glue uniting the tendencies involved here is the compulsive use of ‘World’ as the bigger dream no mere nation State can ever hope to emulate or equal. They are all joined at the hip by the usually unstated belief that only one Globalist authority will ever be desirable. While it is clear that Gates would like it to be microsoft in general and him in particular, the Pentagon-NATO-CIA also want it to be them, Greens want it to be them, and wannabe Comintern revivalists insist that full-on Stalinism is the only answer.

This can only spell trouble when, for example, a unipolar technocrat sovereign puts Green activists into a prison camp at some unknown point in the future. However, the starting point remains the same: Greens, Reds and Corporate State Blues all share one ideal: a Global New World Order. Vast swathes of the climate, cost saving, religious, commercial or Marxist data and assertions are easily proved wrong – and all leave out the most important basic of all: an understanding of empirically gathered evidence about social anthropology.

But that is of no concern at all to a ruthless megalomaniac passion for World Government.

Last – and I suspect most significant of all – the addiction to monopolism. Microsoft was fashioned by the personality of Bill Gates – an intense dislike of competition and force-selling that simply never accepts ‘NO’ as an answer. Competition is anathema to a Marxist. Climate fanatics refuse to take on board the idea that any issue could be more important than a planetary eco-disaster which is bound to happen, but always tomorrow. The US military-surveillance-reality bending sector justifies its every criminal action abroad by the use of knee-jerk terms like democracy, freedom, and defeat of evil: it wants the sole title to ownership of virtue.

All the marriages involved from Davos to Langley via Beijing are nothing more than convenient matrimony. And in the long term, this will doom their Brave New Nineteen Eighty-Four World to spectacular failure.

But the summation I offer, based on the above analysis of psychographic typology, is that their NWO could – as a concept aim – be summed up as the USSR with better PR.

If you want that, fine. I don’t.