ANALYSIS: Is the US about to produce a real challenge to More of the Same?

This coming Wednesday sees the official launch in Boston of Robert Kennedy Jr’s bid to become President of the United States. It’s going to be an uphill climb – even for a Kennedy, particularly one whose pro-Biden extended family sign up to the liberal/fascist takeover of the Party by hard Left and unelected Right. But bear with this post: like father and uncle, Robert’s hat in the ring will mean a contender on the pugilist World stage – not just in America. Today, I first of all review how the New Globalist World Order continues to crawl forward and flatten every sign of liberty in its path, why Kennedy is a threat to that – and what he must do very quickly in order to be taken seriously.

A third of the “new” year 2023 is now largely behind us. Its resemblance to the last third of 2022 is more predictable than remarkable. Here at The Slog, since the beginning of the year, I have reviewed and commented as follows:

*Every contemporary self-styled philanthropist has an upside to the downside, and an inside unpredictable from the outside

*For those wondering what to expect from government in 2023, it looks like we’re going to be in for more of the same in terms of the government’s mélange of madness, mayhem, corruption and brutality

*Top-down unelected State employees are trained to exploit Herd lunacy, whereas those citizens able to read, hear and listen to varietal opinion suspect any and all Herd certainties

*It is a thing to behold, is it not, that we resort at will to the blocking out of something unreal in favour of something else more pleasantly unreal, believing the trip through each surreal landscape to be, while we’re there, a reality

*A huge dilution of both (a) educational depth and (b) the questioning of a shibboleths is exacerbating citizen acceptance of lies

*As a species, we are easily confused, and wide-open to suggestion when frightened

*As his own tax returns demonstrate, Elon Mask is a fully paid-up member of the US Deep State

*Smaller, poorer nations need exports restricted to excess of local production after self-sufficiency has been achieved. The Global Village is and always was the invention of Saatchi-hero and shameless opportunist Theodore Levitt.

*The Worldometer stats on Covid19 tell us that last week on Planet Earth, just one (1) person died of this scourge of humanity and all up, to date just 867 people per million succumbed – of whom over 75% were either weakened by other pathogens and/or over 80 years old. In short, the mortal threat to human beings was under 1 in a 1,000. This con makes Levitt’s Global Village bollocks a teensy white lie by comparison.

*What makes a satirist bitter? In no particular order, a Party of the working class infected by metropolitan lunatics who can’t tell the delusional from the empirical; unwarranted privilege being snatched by tiny minority sexualities; and the growing emergence of self-styled gurus peddling cliché as insight

*The fact is, the ruling economic fantasy that dominates all discussion in 2023 is, on every level, not capitalism: price and product enhancement to stimulate invention is a chimera, globalism (be it via central banking or multinational business) restricts competition, banks do not feed entrepreneurs but rather intra-trade the better to con clients and arrange yet more lumbering monoliths of m&a, the vast majority of commodity sectors are blatantly rigged, one currency (the US $) arm-wrestles every weaker one into a corner it doesn’t want to be in, and American military dominance ensures that the NYSE and CIA’s will prevails. And trust me, if you want healthy capitalism, you absolutely must have a free speech, querying media set to combat what is laughingly called these days “moral hazard”. No subject has more euphemisms attached to it than Evil

Apart from the odd exception in the above brought on by events (Queen Elizabeth II’s death, and a few bank collapses – neither of which were unexpected) the points I’ve been making in 2023 are simple organic extensions of the expectations from 2022. And before that, from those of 2021.

Boredom and frustration are terrible things. They distract every writer/columnist/observer from what they see as the main result they desire from their scribbling. Thus do I hereby declare my listless boredom with writing variations on a theme over and over and over again – viz, the World Resistance to a dictatorship that is not built on distraction and stealth any more…but rather on redaction, and the power that comes with wealth.

I do admire Neil the Coastal Guy and I like the Party brand name Regain, but can we all wake up please once and for all and accept that, for example, our UK voting system is disgracefully biased to the status quo, dates back to Rotten Boroughs from nearly 300 years ago, and can’t be overcome with brave intentions alone? Look at the latest opinion polls: none of these confection opposition parties is going to open the closed shop of Establishment duality, because the British voter is nowhere near convinced as yet that such a giant leap into the Unknown is necessary.

Of course you find this astonishing: so do I. But I’m all astonished out right now: this is not a time for futile gestures, it is the last chance saloon for liberty. What genuinely radical opponents of this undemocratic heist need to do is point out what the proles are going to lose if they simply vote to replace Labourlite Tories with Torylite Socialists.

We don’t need any more ersatz Cameronian, Borisonian, MahaRishian or Keir Starmian change. We’re entering a dark passage in which it is not necessary to be a Communist, Racist – or indeed any form of extremist – to be a radical reformer. We are talking about global change here designed to eradicate the poison of Globalist totalitarianism.

This is where the question can be broadened to the all-important situation in the US and beyond: to the pathetic dictatorship of legislation on pensions by Macron, the rampant lack of trust between governors and governed in Africa, the unjust Sainthood offered to the ham actor Zelenskyy, the calumnious EU bullying of Greece, the disgraceful Pentagon/CIA attacks on Germany’s energy supply, the thuggery displayed by cops in Australia and Canada….plus the insistent pushing by a bankrupt unelected US State of unpopular legislation about sexuality and education with a view to destroying the very core of citizen freedom of thought, opinion and rejection.

Once again, this is a Globalist’s strategy, but with little or no widespread global support. While I welcome the multipolar Reserve Currency ideas of the Brics led by Russia, China and Saudi Arabia, I must confess more than a little ambivalence about the libertarian values of the leadership. I have found myself disappointed by the extent to which Putin has eagerly embraced the digital attack on citizen autonomy.

In that context, I feel strongly that now is the time to keep a close eye on the United States of America, and ponder what effect the decision by Robert Kennedy (left) to run for President might have on the final Earth outcome. Perhaps I’m clutching at straws here, but I see not just a different ethical personality in Bobby’s son, I also see a suitably modernised version of “Kennedyism”….all of which could easily alleviate my boredom with feckless sociopathy. This is what Robert had to say just before deciding to run:

“If I run, my top priority will be to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power that has ruined our economy, shattered the middle class, polluted our landscapes and waters, poisoned our children, and robbed us of our values and freedoms“.

That’s a helluva capacious gauntlet he’s laying down. All I can say is, such practical idealism as I have left salutes pretty much all of it – the only exception being that my only real conservationist passion is to collect all rainwater more efficiently in a state of purity, because having little or no access to such a thing is one the biggest killers on the planet….and could all-too-easily become yet another Civil Right to weaponise for nefarious ends.

That said, the environment RFKJr will find is more complicated than many imagine….primarily – but not in any way solely – because 99% of the media is batting for the other side.

A simple trawl of Microsoft, Google, NY Times, Wapo and Twitter-troll references to the RFKJr bid for the White House is enough to spell out in a 128pt Arial Black typeface that the “idea” is is obviously to condemn him as a marginal looney anti-vaxxer which he very obviously isn’t: he told Tucker Carlson in a recent Fox interview, “I am not against vaccination, I believe simply that these products need far more strict safety checks and questioning of data validity as issued by Pharma companies”.

Again: is there anyone out there who seriously disagrees with that as an objective? Both Moderna and Pfizer have a lamentable history of honesty about ‘safety’ on every imaginable level.

Ignoring the risibly captive “mainstream” media, what other amplified “considerations” are likely to rain down upon Kennedy’s head?

It’s going to be a game of two halves overall. If RFK jr really is out to make sweeping and radical changes, then the first and biggest uphill climb he faces is getting his Party’s nomination. Even Bobby waited to see what LBJ would do in ’68 in order to assuage feelings of disloyalty: Biden has made it clear he will run, and the people around him will do everything in their power to smear, frame and altogether crucify Kennedy before he even starts to build any credibility in the Primaries.

On this subject alone, the polls could not be more difficult to read. Four days ago, the polling site Morning Consult said seventy per cent of democrats were for Biden, only ten per cent for Kennedy. Disaster? Not necessarily: just 24 hours later a Rasmussen Reports Survey gave Kennedy the lead among Democrat voters, recording that his candidacy is supported by 52% of Democrats, just 32% are opposed, and 16% aren’t sure. I haven’t seen the questionnaire, but I suspect the specific ask was about Kennedy’s right to run against the President – ie, that it’s a good thing to challenge the Biden Gang’s record. (A later question had 62% saying that Biden should run again – but an equal 62% said other Democrats should challenge him).

In the pre-Trump era, one would’ve said (given the charges lobbied against Biden & Son, the vaccine disaster, the leap in the National Debt and so on) that one piece of breaking news could change everything. But the US doesn’t have a functioning media pack any more. Kennedy is heavily reliant on getting an early rolling snowball effect in the first State he challenges.

An important thing for primary voters to know in that context is – should Kennedy defeat Biden – what his appeal would be to pro-GOP voters in a full open Presidential contest involving De Santis and/or Trump. We don’t know anything about that yet, although speaking with a senior New York City lawyer last weekend, it seems to me highly likely that the witch-hunt arraignment of The Donald is going to backfire, being as it is almost wholly dependent on the allegations of a disbarred and disgraced lawyer. I’m also fairly firm in my view that Trump will blow De Santis away in the GOP primaries.

One weapon the Hologram in the White House can use against Kennedy is his own family. In the absence of the original bootlegger patriarch, the Kennedy Clan has signed up to all things pc and chattery. They therefore dislike Robert’s frontal attack on how illiberal much of that garbage is, and his rejection of the Covid saga as a psy-op with profoundly suspicious intentions. They also want to keep the Hyannis Port gravy-train going, and as ever Sleepy Joe hasn’t been slow to exploit that by creating a virtual Kennedy State Department among the young Kennedys, and using every media bite opportunity to wish RFK Jr’s mother Ethel a happy birthday.

As a Limey outsider, I’d want to break the cosy Congressional duopoly, and support an eventual ticket led by Trump but with an infinitely more active VP role for RFK Jr…simply because, despite being two very different men, they do have extremely close end objectives regarding the dismantling of the Corporacratic State. But that’s not how they do things Over There, and I suspect my view would be held by only a minute percentage of a tiny minority.

Rest assured, there will be more on this as the situation develops. Suffice to say that, at long last there is a ray of hope out there….along with many potential elephant traps. A final POTUS Election between Kennedy and Trump, for instance, would be a tricky spectacle to behold for those of us who want less virtue-signalled nonsense and more defence of Civil Liberties