Smoking guns and burning books

When smoking gun evidence is ignored by the Judiciary – and revision of reported history excused by the media ideologues – you can be sure that everything decent from open-minded scientific discovery and freedom from surveillance to free-speech democratic debate is on Death Row. Late in the Day, The Slog suggests that the key to liberty’s reprieve lies in the survival of objective reality about the past.

Here in the secret Slog bunker at the 9th hole of geopolitical golf, exclusive information from NHS leakers has enabled our roving reporter Mashy Putter to play his ball firmly into the Black Hole (below left) that is Boris Johnson:

And in an unrelated incident, The Slog tried today to get some information on opening a foreign currency account with Standard Chartered in Gambia. It’s a bank that claims it can “leverage on its global footprint” to quickly provide all the information a customer needs. It also lets you transfer funds into their account with you without charging you, which I must say sounds jolly decent of them. The website led me round in circles for over twenty minutes without providing an iota of information, but it was useful in that they fell off the shortlist immediately and thus made my task somewhat easier.

Meanwhile, speculation remains rife as to why notorious misuser of French public funds Fru-fru LaGarde (right) is still “in charge” at the European Central Bank. Gangster’s Moll LaGarde was found guilty by a French Court In December 2016. It convicted her in relation to her role in the Bernard Tapie arbitration, during which she coughed up €400million of public funds and informally “gave” it to Tapie – the way you do – an avid supporter of her biggest political ally Nicolas Sarkozy, to whom she later pledged allegiance by letter in 2013. She was found guilty of getting caught, but said that “preezon werrd be bad fo’ ma ‘else and zere are norr shops there and ‘ere are serm buried bodies with détalls of zeir locashion so mand yerr manners, chummy”. And so she was let off. “Ahh am alrate, Jacques,” she quipped afterwards.

The point of that opening section is to remind everyone that Boris Johnson is a consummate liar….he wants us all to learn to love bankers, who are a dire bunch blissfully aware that they hoard our money for free, use it to make enormous bonuses, then lose the lot, welch on the debt and get rescued by taxpayers….while Christine LaGarde is a corrupt crook whose reward for massive public perfidy was first, running the IMF and then heading up the ECB. [She is now also having OCD counselling to help cure an addiction to Carrotine Tanning oil].

All those involved are entirely representative of their tribe, the pompously elected or unelected public faces of acceptable misbehaviour pretending to work for an amorphous mass they don’t understand (the People) when of course they are the creatures of that tiny band of privileged shadows who represented the richest 1 percent (who grabbed 54 percent of new global wealth from 2009 to 2019) and then from 2019 to 2021 increased that share from 54 per cent to 63 per cent….the whole having been presented to us as a global emergency utterly divorced from the neoliberal profit motive. It’s a mystery to me why the 7in8 see that as “a theory”, when it is so easy to prove the empirical reality of it.

The agents who profess to rule over us publicly in fact use their share-owning control to overrule or simply smear anything that gets close to the reality of 1% profiting obscenely from economic scenarios apparently unrelated – first the banking bust and then Covid19. An unhappy coincidence? I think not: we are ruled, cheated, lied to and robbed by incompetent ignorami who care only for the rewards from above rather than the tragic social chaos created below. They serve the megalomanically deranged red, green, black and brownshirts who seek a rationale for culling 94% of the human race, and then “mating” the residue with half-brained bits of tin powered by crappy Chinese circuit boards.

Not since Caligulan Rome or feudal Pope times has such hidden, evil privilege ruled the World.

Is liberal democracy possible alongside unwarranted, unlimited privilege?

No, of course it isn’t.

To have proper, full, grown-up free-speech democracy, one needs most of the following elements:

An informed electorate

A free media at all levels and functions

A recognised and written rule of social, criminal, corporate and constitutional Law

Equal treatment for all at the hands of those charged with prosecution of those laws

Direct election of those who are to be the representatives of the People in the legislature at both the candidature and ‘General Election’ stages of the process

The banishment of all entertainment and monied favours from the process of information flow between legislature and external interest groups

No power in framing legislation to be given to any profit-making private concern whatsoever

Strict maximum donation levels for institutional, charitable, corporate and social bodies or individuals to political Parties

The adoption of a real (not Clegg-calumny) proportional voting system based on first and second choices.

A broader education syllabus with far more emphasis on medical prevention, questioning Shibboleths, community involvement, civics and rigorous analysis of soi-disant ‘facts’ in the media

Reversal of the consolidation of media power to allow no more than 5% of access to the reader/viewer/listener in the hands of any one individual, corporate or ideological ownership interest

A nationally-owned Central Bank, and a fund provided by the banks as a whole to bale out their educationally sub-normal partners in crime if they fail.

A diverse set of methods by which entrepreneurs can raise money.

To be honest, we’re never going to get all of the above, because “sapiens'” wiring militates against it. My issue is that “we” (ie the West) don’t have any of them. Yes, despite what contemporary educational post-Blair mores dictate, 0/13 is not a pass level.

And that’s why we don’t have “real” democracies any more….or a truly sovereign legislature.

OK, now here’s the payoff – perhaps more awkward – question: is blogging and largely electronic internet communication [without physical demonstrations and the tongue-tied (hog-tied?) MSM hackery on our side] ever going to make a dent in the Kryptonite armour, deep-mine silos and Kafkaesque moving maze that the wannabe global Morlocks* are building to protect themselves from the eloi* above?

*It’s eighteen months since I last wrote about the astonishingly intuitive prescience of HG Wells’ 1886 masterpiece ‘The Time Machine’, but I reprint the post extract below in full because it remains an indispensable guide to what’s going on 137 years later:

‘Wells’ Time Machine takes the hero to a distant future where the savages (Morlocks) have triumphed and keep their hold over those that were the dreamers and thinkers (Eloi). The Eloi – a culture of small, elegant, childlike adults – live in small and seemingly ‘perfect’ communities, but the Time Traveller’s efforts to communicate with them are hampered by their lack of curiosity or discipline. Observing them, he finds that they give no response to mysterious nocturnal disappearances, because the mere thought of them alone frightens the Elois into silence.

If you’re already thinking ‘the 7in8’, you’re very much on the right track. With no “raw nature” challenges facing the Eloi, they have lost the spirit, intelligence, and physical fitness of humanity at its peak, and the Traveller’s investigations force upon him a horrible Truth: the Morlocks are secretly eating the Eloi…..who appear happy and carefree but fear the dark, and particularly moonless nights‘.

And after the coming Great Reset, “you will have nothing and you will be happy”, nicht wahr? The link between happily unconscious victims of cannibalism and equally banal compliant victims of disguised bioweapons is irresistible….and rightly so. But if students no longer read around the subject (without regard to an anal reading list or a fascist State marking system) they will never own the capacity to resist based on the evidence of history – that is, the rhyming nature of humanity’s inability to expect – or learn from – consequences.

We are back to where I’ve been so often at The Slog: as Stalin accurately observed, “He who controls the past controls the future.” A few years back, I began compiling a permanent ‘Page’ on this site entitled ‘Rescuing the Past’.

I could not be plainer tonight in my change of strategy for this blogsite: I cannot hope to tilt at the New World Order Windmill that insists we need Global Government. The global village is globalist garbage: it flies in the face of every last scintilla of socially anthropological evidence, and represents nothing more or less than a feeble attempt to excuse the triumph of egomania over individual human enquiry, endeavour and discovery.

This NWO ideology wishes above all to wipe out every last trace of copious socio-historical records suggesting that the pre corporacratic order was NOT a foul and anarchic darkness of horror from which we should all be thankful for deliverance.

The reality of past freedoms, pleasures, familial stability, weekend leisure time, united national values and solid cultural glue – minus the empty “virtue” of diversity – is far easier to describe and prove than the dangled temptations of eternal happiness in the future are to disprove.

That may seem a bizarre conclusion: but the warped imbalance of media propaganda made it so, not those who resist the lies.

I am only one bloke, and my time is better (and more pleasurably) used for both me and you in the celebration of what was – and why it must be protected from twisted ideas about what could be. Think of this directional change as an ageing guy in search of the low-hanging fruit of previous harvests rather than the promised benefits which can be reaped from the use of models about the future. (Please note generous use of ironic sarcasm here).

Bear with me. There is method in my madness.