Of Mice and Men

Whatever the online Resistance mice might produce in the way of well-laid plans, the beastly cadres of Totalitarian Men lumber forth, smashing everything in their way.

This was meant to be the start of a new approach at The Slog, under which banner I was going to lead each day with some genuine historical reminiscence about life variously 10-50 years before Tony Blurrgh brought us New Labour (thinly disguised New Order) as the first step towards the 24/7 Globalist neoliberal censored claptrap to which we are subjected today. The idea was to ensure that a near-block chain of collected, provable living memories would forever exist to stop any wannabe Joe Stalins at the New York Times, Le Figaro, the BBC or CNN wiping out the pre-BLM/Bidenite world forever….the better to present feudal serfdom as a glorious improvement.

But then two things happened. First, Tucker Carlson was shown the door at Fox News….for me, the biggest news story of the Year so far, given that it featured the demise of one of the few news breakers still trying to do his job as an objective critic of ideological dictatorship. And second, a failed attempt on my part to open the sort of anonymous email account advertised online from which one might run parody accounts in social media.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is an American conservative political commentator, writer, and television personality who – until yesterday – hosted the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. He’s been married to wife Susan for 22 years, and they have four children (two of each gender) none of whom identify as anything else.

His dismissal has no basis in the old “poor ratings” myth, as even the NYT and Wapo had to admit that he is by far the biggest ratings magnet the Murdoch-owned TV news station has. So why did it happen?

Here are a few potential pointers.

He interviewed pet fear-hate DNC nomination candidate Robert Kennedy Jr without smearing excrement all over him. On the same day, CNN opined that it was “dangerous” to talk about RFK Jr’s White House bid – an example of the ‘censor to keep us safe’ bilge poured forth by the corporacratic unelected alliance. It certainly was dangerous for Carlson: he lost his job.

Tucker called out judicial unwillingness to follow up evidence against Joe Biden’s “victory” in 2020. The numerous documents showing potential examples of early-morning hours ballot-stuffing featured on Carlson’s Fox Show. But then Fox settled an epic defamation lawsuit by an election technology company for more than $787 million. Dominion Voting Systems sued over segments promoting bogus claims that election fraud cheated then-President Donald Trump of victory in 2020. So one of the alleged suspects in the case against Biden sued, and Fox paid up. Murdoch then decided that Truth was far too expensive, and duly ditched Tucker Carlson. Standard behaviour from the Dirty Digger: but meanwhile, the asserted ‘bogus claims that election fraud cheated then-President Donald Trump of victory in 2020‘ remains unchallenged.

Money doesn’t just make the world go round; it also causes lily-livered proprietors to back off….and thus reveal themselves as the cowards they are. (And also, of course, the still unprosecuted users of phone-hacking at Newscorp in the UK).

A spurious sex discrimination lawsuit. Hell hath no fury and all that: equally, it hath no jury…

Left here we see very miserable looking, hard-done-by victim of sex discrimination Abby Grossberg – who launched a less than classy action against Tucker Carlson “for promoting an atmosphere of sexism” during her spell at Fox. Fox fired her too, calling the suit “unmeritorious and riddled with false allegations against the network and our employees.” But Fox insiders insist that, here too, the Murdoch tendency decided this was the kind of gratuitous conservative-outlook hate it didn’t really need…and that it tended to focus almost entirely on the personality projected by Carlson.

But there are too many killer spiders creeping about in this bunch of bananas – now of course being gleefully hyped by all the usual suspects. Here for instance, once the Dominion “people” got their blood-money, was the ever-wrong New York Times view of what would happen:

The delusional hate of the Leftlibs. Note how – from the DNC to the captive liberal fantasy press – everyone else is biased, sexist, racist and generally beyond the pale except them. Favourable to Trump? You must be mad. You cleave to the ideas of deranged antivaxxer Robert Kennedy Jr? You belong in the Stone Age. You don’t find that fine American health Saint Anthony Fauci an irresistible Babe Magnet? You’re obviously an admirer of Putin the baby-eater. Goddammit, you are a hatist.

Really? Well if you really want to read a 24-carat example of ideological hate-writing, look no further than the LA Times piece from Mark Z Barabak yesterday, in which he opined that

‘Tucker Carlson — the race-baiting, immigrant-hating, election-denying, Putin-promoting, two-faced ringmaster of right-wing sophistry — was unceremoniously dumped by his corporate sponsor, Fox News. Let the joyous news be spread! As odious and insidious as he was, Carlson was just a symptom — albeit also a major spreader — of the toxicity that ails our politics and culture today. His removal from a slot in television’s prime time eliminates a major source of air pollution. But it doesn’t change the mentality, a corporate drive for profit at any cost, or cease the kind of purposeful mendacity that turned Carlson into one of Fox’s biggest celebrities and a kingmaker in today’s benighted Republican Party.’

You have been warned: departing from the ideological line is treason, and must inevitably lead to the sort of Show Trial you damnable revisionists bring upon yourselves. Even if you are me, Mark Z Barabak – a man who helped Ronald Reagan into power and then quixotically decided he didn’t like Republicans any more.


I believe that the unceremonious firing of Tucker Carlson is, at the end of the day, mainly to do with the former “Free World” readying itself for One Last Heave – as a result of which, naked Power and Fear is intended to deter any idiot who might offer a nutjob alternative to GroupThink followers of Settled Science.

To this end, what follows is a brief account of one of the most frustrating 36-hour periods I’ve ever experienced.

Unrelated to the Carlson thing, I spent most of yesterday (Monday) and today trying to open a second more anonymous email account than jawslog@gmail.com. I was keen to open a parody account on twitter taking the rise out of the rise and rise of half-witted Grant Shapps wannabes offering blindingly obvious instructions about everything from how to walk in a straight line to the importance of breathing once in a while.

I knew it was going to be the work of a few minutes, because I’d done it a dozen times before, and over the years, the services available have become smarter and smarter.

How wrong can a wiseass be? Since roughly 7.45 am Gambian time yesterday, I have made thirty seven (that’s 37) attempts to open such an account. It’s not just that every attempt has failed, it’s that there’s been a stunning variety of what passes in the Silicon Valley classes as ‘an explanation’ – but is of course a lie backed up by suitably incontestable gobble-dy-gook. Examples included:

Anti-robot Captcha failed; unknown error 302, try again; verification failed; smartphone number not recognised; password inadequate; email address unfound; location fault, try again; passwords don’t match; local phone number untraceable; Whatsapp number inoperative; user error 207 identified; dialling code mismatch; compulsory sections incomplete; and of course not forgetting, ‘an unexpected error has occurred’.

Living in Africa, one becomes accustomed to the unwillingness of hypocritical EUNATO bleeding hearts to use any rationale – however surreal – to avoid risk in Africa. So I asked a bright young jet-black person here to fill in one of the sign-ups. She had a new email address in under four minutes. But Fatue doesn’t blog, doesn’t have a Twitter account, prefers Facebook as her medium of choice and hardly ever joins comment threads: she’s very smart, but perhaps wisely, she keeps quiet about it except in job interviews. Having been around the block a few times in Niger, Mali, Senegal and Somalia, one can sort of understand why.

I gave the same task to Abdulla the taxi driver, Lamin the admin bloke, and James the gatekeeper. All of them got a new email address in less than six minutes.

So wozzit ‘cos I is white? I very much doubt it. And even an old Luddite like me can’t get it wrong 37 times in a row.

The obvious conclusion could be that somebody up there doesn’t like the idea of me being anonymous….and the reason is – relatively online Minnow or not – I have a high social media profile, and a record as long as the long arm of what’s left of the Law for being “off message”

At which point, I caught up with the Carlson Unperson show trial.

So my hypothesis at this stage is that attacks on anonymity and the abrupt departure of Tucker Carlson are linked, in that the Resetters are getting nervous about leakage of heavily denied genuine news information. For instance, did you know that one of the players involved in Tuckergate had been trying to block Carlson’s journalistic aspirations by bringing to the editorial meetings Reuters and Bloomberg ‘fact checking’ BS that has been serially shown to lack even a scintilla of Truth? Well, you do now. That’s what Tucker Carlson meant by “no more fact checkers this time”…but of course, the chimps at Wapo, the NYT and The Guardian twisted it quite intentionally to suggest that Fox’s main attraction was a slapdash propagandist. I’m sorry, but it fits entirely with what these manipulating Libleft fantasists always try to do.

This issue really is not an attempt by me at self-aggrandisement: rather, it is the furtherance of a continuing investigation here at The Slog of just how picky, paranoid and micro-anti-free-speech the soi-disant controlling 1% are.

The Fat Controllers are running scared of Trump, RFK Jr, Tucker Carlson, John Day, Meryl Nass and anyone else who asserts, “I flatly refuse to say that up is down and Z is A”. And in various hotspots across the globe, the truth is creeping under the safe-combination locked foot-thick steel door in a similar manner.

France is the next big headache for the 1%, and their pathetic creature President Macron, whose latest gambit is to steal pensions off citizens to pay for all the overspends on Covid19 “protection” which actually made the French infection figures worse.

The map of demos coming next weekend in the Kingdom of Macronia looks more like a full detail Michelin Guide to every decent eaterie in the country. Maybe les traiteurs should offer running takeaway food supplies for les manifesteurs.

The lunatics from Davos, Bidenland, Blairlab, CIApentangle, EUNATO, MI6, IMF, Hollywood and BLM are, it seems to me, upping the ante to try and repress every iota of resistance that longs for the restoration of empiricism and sound governance free from Flat Earth catechisms.

This may well be a time for loin-girding beyond anything we have seen to date.