THE SUNDAY ESSAY: heading for the Nannyocracy

Fat Nanny is on a Mission to Chastise

Auditing unelected US State interference with democracy last Thursday night (following the Watergate and Woodward demolitions earlier in the week here) was an enervating, dismal process.

JFK blown away in 1963, RFK in 1968, Nixon ditched in 1974, dirty CIA deals re Iranian hostages to destroy Jimmy Carter in 1980, CIA Potus ‘Holly’ Bush elected in 1989, compliant Clinton in 1993, WOMD under Dubya in 2002, Uncle Tom O’Bama in 2009, Stolen Trump election in 2020….and now: a hologram they can work from behind in the Oval Office.

The British situation isn’t any better…..cheated female pensioners after 1996, Blair’s lies about WOMD in 2002, Brown’s lies about MAOI and eyesight problems in 2010, Cameron abruptly removed after 2016 Brexit vote, Theresa May undermining Brexit with a sellout deal after 2017, Boris hounded from office following orchestrated media/Remainoid backbench revolt 2022, Liz Truss stabbed in the front by Bank of England’s Bailey 2022, unelected Rishi Sunak made PM 2022, pledge to repeal remaining EU legislation ditched 2023.

While in the States, the accent has been very much on getting rid of (or promoting) Presidents for secret State geopolitical ends, in Britain the emphasis has been more towards persistent betrayal of civil rights, the promotion of minority sexuality and overtly undermining the electorate’s decisions. But for all practical purposes, the Anglosphere in general (especially Canada and New Zealand) has seen a bare-faced attack on freedom of speech and democratic will, and various moves towards the globalist Nannyocracy envisaged by the 1% – bearing in mind that the Nannies involved have similar ideas to Heinrich Himmler.

The steady grinding progress of the Rainbow Warriors continues on several fronts. Here in Gambia, the local smartphone brand Africell has just launched a new sub-brand – with massive advertising and PR – called Afrimoney. It’s already clear to me that the hardware originally positioned as a cell-phone is being relaunched as the digital money future and source of all material needs. Behave yourselves, and smartphone will say yes. Object, and smartphone will say no. Big Brother your protector is undergoing gender transition to become Fat Nanny – who will chastise you (and withhold protection) unless your obedience is immediate and total.

Staying with the 21st century model of Orwell’s nightmare, we in turn see how persuasion is no longer confined to the personal horrors of Room 101, but spread far and wide using mass media to persuade the citizenry that two fingers are really four, up is down, red is blue and yesterday is next week. Whereas in NineteenEightyFour, each individual’s phobia created unease and fear, in the more Godless and less metaphysical 2023, mass left-brain logic is assaulted and overwhelmed by the fear of death constantly manufactured by the right hemisphere.

You see to your left here the all too familiar checky-chappie sociopath who was our UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. Hancock not only told glib lies to Parliament about how deadly Covid Sars Cov 2 was for the human race (it killed less than 1 in 20,000, 70 per cent of whom were over eighty years old); he was also the man who said the “vaccines” had been given A1 go-ahead for all, although in reality its use was defined as “treatment restricted to the most vulnerable”.

Official figures compiled for “unforecast midlife deaths” are uncomfortably correlated with the vaccinated.

But far from hiding in the corner of the classroom with a dunce-hat on his head, Anthony Fauci the world’s leading Pharmaphile inverted this correlation and called new Covid19 cases “the disease of the unvaccinated”. The lie was repeated until it reached a fame level up there with “anti-vaxx nuts”, “global pandemic”, “mask up to be safe”, “the New Normal”, “nobody is safe until everyone is vaccinated” and “The Great Reset”. As the late adman John McCormick used to say, “the best advertising sell is ‘buy me or you’ll die'”.

From Pharmaphile to paedofile, in the shape of the brainless grinning form to your right of Peter Tatchell. Tatchell is the long infamous Stonewall veteran who made it his life’s work some years ago to try and turn every boutique hotel into a bijou Gay knocking shop. Whereas the likes of Fauci and Hancock deal in blatant unreality to spread fear, our Peter clouds the reality of genuine fear by saying that there’s nothing perverted about paedophiles who abuse pre-pubertal children, often scar them for life and tend to produce paedophilic offspring on the rare occasions they have sex with adults. He thus wants the sexuality alphabetti-spaghetti extended still further to become LGBQTP.

I once worked on a Met Police study advising them on the nature of paedophiles. Suffice it to say that Tatchell’s wilfully inaccurate statements on the subject beggar belief. To try and whitewash the delusional and sometimes homicidal nature of these creepy psychopaths requires either extreme arrogance or blindness (or both). By comparison, teaching four year old kids about trannies and cross-dressers pales into insignificance….although that too is an example of minority tyranny cancelling the culture.

The obvious point here is that – because they’re greedy, power-mad, ignorant, stupid, socially destructive misfits or ideologues, these self-styled progressive “opinion leaders” have to preach mendacious sermons in order to make their conclusions stand up. Far too often today, people lack the courage or moral will to point out that a false view of reality has never made the reality any better.

It’s the relative success that these gobby minorities have enjoyed which makes the subject well worth our consideration, for the Unelected State liars, anthropological clowns and science deniers have spent much of the time since the advent of feminism not merely turning the world upside down, but also shaking it as hard as they could until all the money and power had been has been extracted to their advantage.

Al Gore – Slick Willy’s VP – spent years ranting rubbish about ‘rain bombs’ and ‘boiling oceans’, but he has amassed a fortune worth over a third of a billion dollars from such Climageddon: none of it has come to pass, but much of it is used as the cynical 1% excuse for restricting our freedom of movement and following dead-end fluffy energy policies. The investment firm he founded now pays him two million dollars a month. “Nice work if you can get it – and you can get it if you lie”.

When he rose to unelected back-stabbing power as Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak said (and I quote verbatim from his speech at the now somewhat overused lectern outside 10 Downing Street) “Trust is everything, and I will earn your trust…I shall embrace the opportunities of Brexit where businesses invest, innovate and create jobs”.

We face, he said, an economic crisis as a result of vast expenditures to combat Covid.

Within a few days, he told financial journalists that “it goes without saying that currency digitalisation must be the first priority” and that his vision was for Britain “…to become a hub for global crypto and digital assets”.

I deconstruct all this guff by pointing out that

*You don’t earn trust by failing to repeal EU laws in Britain

*There is no popular support at all for cash digitalisation – only widespread suspicion

*Um, he was the incontinent Chancellor responsible for all of the wild Covid spending, the overwhelming majority of which has been shown to have been wasted.

I accept the fact that hindsight is a wonderful thing, but not when I (and millions of others) had foresight.

OK, my thesis is this: what we are looking at here is three things: education encouraging compliance alongside dumbed down media information on the one hand; and the financial consolidation of sophisticated “news” manipulation on the other. The best one can say about this historical collision is that it has been a nightmare for people with vision and common sense: that is to say, a perfect storm for those who are mega-powerful and giga-rich.

The more news (and news media) there are, the less you will really know, because very few of us have to time to question veracity. One can now receive news today from radio, TV, newspapers, smartphones, social media, themed blog sites, individual bloggers and substackers. Military intelligence and bloated stock brokerage-led share ownership has more or less put the “MSM” on a permanent war-footing of vicious censorship and ridiculous propaganda; in turn, the power of Silicon Valley tech billionaires has managed the same trick with social media and blogs. Gmail and others appear to be handling substackers with a light touch so far, but it won’t last: Google is one of the founding fathers of corporotech globalist totalitarianism.

Smartphones are an important medium alright, but only a frail decorative mask hides the obvious fact they will ‘run’ most of the exercises in coercion, access to money, tracking, surveillance and control of movement already being tested and fine tuned around the world.

The smartphone is the 21st century grown-up version of Orwell’s two-way wall screen, and it is very likely to become central to the evil mixture of a coercion-persuasion model – stick and carrot if you like, but so much more than that – designed to quell all resistance.

On arriving here in The Gambia a year ago, the most astonishing (and terrifying) development was that everyone under 85 years old has a smartphone. African or not, the citizens signing up to it have nowhere near the same discernment level (or interest) in socio-political events compared to electorates in the 1950-80 era. For most users, it’s a central means of staying in personal touch, watching something ‘funny’ or taking selfies. Whatever ethnicity might be dominant on our planet, smartphones are beads, fire water, witch doctors, amusement, distraction and purveyors of information about sport programmes, betting, credit, celebs, tabloid news and games. They’re also about to become digital banks and Ministries of Truth.

I first stayed for a while here at a posh boarding house catering for rich and generally intelligent wrinklies and millennials. I began to get a creepy feeling when nine German boy scouts turned up – each with a smartphone – and sat each day round the lunch and dinner tables looking at their screens. It was Zombies on valium meet the Village of the Damned. I went to the Ghana Town market: every customer, every stallholder and almost every kid had a smartphone. Cleaning ladies have smartphones. Prostitutes turn tricks using smartphones. Every waitress, shopkeeper, beach-based fruit lady and lounger attendant has a smartphone. There is now an app telling Muslims when it’s time to get the prayer-mat out.

It’s not really a phone any more. It’s a breathtaking rectangular drug pusher, and its task will be to spell out for everyone high or low what they must do to get a fix.

The Resistance – the 1in8 – haven’t got their own internet, mass medium or smartphone. I’ve written this before, but it bears repetition: unless we can find a different digital currency, unless we can dismiss the legislative lackeys who serve only the megalos, unless we can make a new internet impossible to hack, unless we start to consolidate our blog/substack output, and unless we find ways to circumvent tracking devices, we are never going to get these people off our backs.

It’s an uphill climb. And the first step up the North Face is to persuade more and more people that it’s worth it.

Enjoy your Sunday.