Does Nick Clegg have the drop on Gordon Brown?

Sources close to the Libdem leadership confirmed last night that Nick Clegg wants to get a ‘Put Gordon in front of Chalcot’ bandwagon moving. Our Greatest Ever Poverty-Lifter will of course do whatever it takes to avoid that happening – indeed, Lord Mandelsod in particular is alleged to be terrified of such a possibility befalling his creature.
At first sight, there seems little political advantage in persuading GB to testify. But all is not quite as it seems.
For starters, yesterday Cleggy cunningly trapped Gordon into saying that ‘if asked’ to testify, he would comply. While not brain surgery, this manoeuvre nevertheless showed just how much smarter his approach is than Cameron’s ‘Will the Prime Minister now admit?’ nonsense – a mantra that is getting more tedious with every week.
While most observers see a Brown Chalcot testimony as likely only to confirm the bloke as a serial liar and cheque-writer-in-denial, this is not what Nifty Nick has in mind. The Libdem chief is in possession (I’m led to believe) of information about how the PM used what he knew about Blair’s behaviour on Iraq for his own nefarious purpose – ousting him from Number Ten.
Whether such intelligence is pernicious invention or true remains to be seen; but many of those close to events at the time continue to insist that Moral Tone was not so much blackballed as blackmailed from Office.
Hopes remain high (if unrealistic) that the Traffic-Stopper’s own testimony might prompt Chalcot to add names to his list of victims. Either way, Clegg has shown himself to be an impressive operator of late.
Even more fascinating is the gossip about where and how the Multiple Shagger obtained this information. As I keep on insisting, the Get Gordon tendency will not rest until he lies lifeless upon the field of Bosworth.
Stay tuned.