Google’s smart call on China

The JP Morgans eh – doncha love ’em? Google decides to keep its freedom or withdraw from China, and JPM issues a note saying ‘Think of the long-term revenue consequences’. You have to laugh:”Screw human rights – let’s get out there and make money guys!”
There seem to be two camps of opinion re this one: Google are a fine bunch of people,and Google have gone mad. I’m not in either.
Most of the comment about Google’s position on China has to my mind been narrow and naïve. The management want to keep their ‘good guy’ positioning, and they’re right. They’ve chosen to stitch up 70% of the world and enjoy freedom from interference in their business. I think it’s a brilliant call that makes long-term business sense. Morgan the Pirate’s reaction explains why we should never, ever let bankers too close to the yea or nay when it comes to human beings. The fact that we already do is a tragedy, the consequences of which are all too apparent.