Eyes, stammers, tears….and hiding under the duvet: the New Labour way with self-pity

In 2007,when Gordon wanted to be Prime Minister, we had the Party Political Broadcast about his lost eye. In February 2010, when Ed Balls wanted Gordon’s job after the Election, we had the stammer. A bit later in February 2010, we had poor frightened Jimmy Devine bleating that he wuzz tooorrld wooort ti doooo by a wicked Whip, because he wanted to keep his First Class seat on the gravy train.
Later still in February 2010, when Gordon realises he might still have a chance, we will have tears in front of Piers.

Today and yesterday, every means of reaching wee Jammy Devine – phone, email and website – has been closed down. And Big Tammy Thatzmaboy is also unobtainable.

This is the new politics – Open Government – as put forward by Gordo The Great.

Can we have quiet Clement Attlee 1945 Government back please?