While they may get D+ for cross-examination, the word is that the Chilcots are good at paperwork.

The Slogger is getting feedback again about the Chilcot Inquiry. Apart from the sad few of us left of a vaguely historian bent, the Dead Sheep exited the national consciousness after Gordon Brown perjured himself before them some weeks back. But whereas, during the hearings, myself and others queried Martin Gilbert’s state of awareness (was he catatonic, cryogenic, narcoleptic or simply dead?) he has come into his own in the last fortnight.

As he is a historian, and charted every last one of Churchill’s bodily functions in a monumental biography, this is only to be expected. But Gilbert’s opinion, I’m told, is such that there may yet be retribution at hand for the Guilty Men of WMD.

Sensationally, I understand that Sir Martin and others have reached the conclusion that at least one batch of documents received by them is riddled with fakery. Chilcot Man Chris Ames (who runs the admirable Iraq Inquiry Digest) on Monday alluded to his own doubts about stuff he’s been seeing of late.

Now there is uncertain testimony, opinion, differing recall of events and a hundred other euphemisms for Whopping Great Fib. But there is only one word for the same person saying he did something based on his diaries and then apparently not having done so at all – especially when the witness is himself: liar.

The fickle finger of fate appears to be pointing at the careless Attorney Goldsmith and his change of heart. There could be fireworks after the Election.