How David Cameron blatantly deceived yesterday’s Emergency PMQ

The masthead of The Slog reads ‘A diary of deception and distortion’.

This is how our despicable cynic of a Prime Minister got out of jail during Emergency PMQs yesterday:

“I have seen no evidence that Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt acted improperly in handling News Corp’s proposed takeover of the broadcaster BSkyB.”

That’s absolutely true. Wanna know why?

He hasn’t read the Hunt email correspondence with Newscorp.

See today’s Daily Torygraph

Cameron said he saw no point in an independent Enquiry.

But this morning, those wanting Hunt to go in a Comres poll outnumbered his supporters 3-1. In fact, only 16% of UK adults think Hunt should stay.

Now I see a tweet from Max Carnage on Twitter saying the Department of Social Affairs tipped him off that ‘Jeremy Hunt is A-OK.

This is no getting ridiculous. Jeremy Hunt must go, and go now.