Slog Jubilee Special cut out and keep souvenir

In your Hackgate anniversary special:

David Scameron – ‘My 18 Commons evasions nightmare’ 

Senior Met Police WAGS on how they spend hubby’s cash  

Rebekah Brooks exclusively interviewed on her second career as a Number Ten child minder

James Murdoch: I think coke is a soft drink but I honestly can’t recall 

Top Cop & Newscorp hack Andy Hayman on the virtues of a low profile

Rebekah Brooks explains her heartache decision not to adopt 13,000 African children

We talk to Andy Coulson and he ignores us before falling over  

George Osborne reviews this year’s must-have yachts 

Rebekah Brooks offers Enquiry Appearance fashion tips

Rupert Murdoch: Why I think Alzheimers is reversible

     Jeremy Hunt explains his lifelong addiction to Vaseline

Rebekah Brooks: My life with Charlie
(her husband, not…oh never mind)

Piers Morgan talks about his close pal Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney talks to the police about Piers Morgan

Rebekah Brooks tells us “I can’t forgive the rent-boys in my life”

Robert Jay on being mistaken for the Yorkshire Ripper

Tom Watson: My vow of silence about Trinity Mirror

Rebekah Brooks: Why underneath that veneer of sociopathy she’s just a little ginger groupie

Louise Mensch on the importance of fiction in her life

Prince Andrew on why he couldn’t possibly comment

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