Everyone with a functioning sense of humour – your moment has come.

These genuine post extracts and comment threads come from John Walker’s right-on site. I wanted to cry when I first got there, but now I can’t stop laughing. I urge you to go there and watch knee-jerk ignorance in action; but if you’re short of time, here are some wonderful extracts:

From the text of the post:

‘…Because, Rick, when you call something “multicultural crap”, it means you’re a racist bigot….’

Ah, right – so race is culture. Fine. Judaism is Communism. Five fingers are three. Etc etc. Oh dear.

‘….I still meet many people who do not understand how the Daily Mail is not just another tabloid, not just as bad as the rest of them, but instead something far more despicable and dangerous. It’s one of the most popular papers in Britain, and when we say, “Just ignore it – they’re just trying to get hits,” I shudder. We do not ignore evil – we challenge it and get angry about it. We make more people aware. Some people reading won’t have realised.’

Bless me, he still meets poor ignorant worms who won’t have realised, disadvantaged Unternmenschen that they are. We who are superior must educate them politically to control their base instincts, in the hope of them becoming perfectly correct. Like us: not populist. In fact, not popular at all, and going bust…like The Guardian.

Thomas Hobbes, eat yer f**kin’ heart out.

‘That the Mail would write a piece arguing that the NHS is a bad thing, and should have had no part in the Olympic opening ceremony, is not a surprise. They’re a vicious and spiteful paper, and their agenda against the poor and needy is over a hundred years old….’

I know this next bit will sound just as bad as Johnnie Walker, but (a) it’s irresistible and (b) at least I have awareness of the irony. An NHS closing Wards and discharging folks with a pack of paracetamol is a bad thing. The NHS has three-fifths of knob-all to do with athletics. At its inception, the Daily Mail was a sensationalist Yellow Press medium that supported the poor and needy to an almost lachrymose degree.

The comment thread:

“I’ve never met a daily mail reader, I’d probably choke them to death on sight if I did, I’m increasingly losing my patience for intolerance.”

I could spend a year decontructing his corker, but I’ll settle for aahhhhahahahahahahaahhahhhaoonoplease don’t it hurts aaaahhahahahahah, as time is limited.

“I LOVE the NHS. Yes, there are mistakes made occasionally, and sometimes those mistakes lead to tragic circumstances, but it is the best Health Service in Europe…”

Er…quantify ‘occasionally’, ‘tragic’ and ‘best’. Ignorance is not so much bliss as blather.

“John Walker, you seem to be one of the most conscientious and humanistic people I’ve ever met or read. You really are incredibly good to the core, and it saddens me that your level of care for humanity is not the default…”

Hooooughweeeeeeeuuurrggh, oh that’s better.

I remember, in his last cringe-making year in Office, Gordoom Brooon once remarked at PMQs that “the international sex trade in young women is totally unacceptable”. It struck me at the time as the most unnecessary condemnation in history, but that probably has something to do with the fact that I was born 1900 years after the fall of the Roman Empire. I think condemnation of the Dacre Mail comes under the same heading.

But my goodness me, when the Leftie spleen is vented, oh how we laugh.

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