OFFICIAL: Revenue going online now twice that of old media in the US

..and bloggers beat the MSM online

I saw this graph at the site earlier today:

It shows that in real, uninflated Dollar terms, the print media in the States have an advertising revenue back where it was in 1950. And of the net $43bn per annum they have lost since 1999, I can also tell you that blogs and websites born online now have a bigger all-up revenue than the old MSM titles.

The writer  at caduceusx claims this means blogs et al now have more influence than, for example, the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal, but that doesn’t follow at all: what it means is that the alternative online news sources like us us now have more money. Given our income is clean – and rarely used to hire the best politicians money can buy – it most emphatically does not give us more influence than Newscorp. We still don’t seem to be able, for example, to bribe cops, bankroll pols, blackmail Home Secretaries, and aid in the covering up the murder of whistleblowers. That’s what we confirmed believers in press freedom call real influence.

Are we winning? Nope not yet: but the other side is losing.