‘Friedman and Hobsbawm separated at birth’: shock new claim

The world of lunatic economics was rocked to its sandy foundations last night when respected author and 1963 Wimbledon ball-girl Avril Dykes revealed evidence to suggest that Milt Friedman and Eric Hobsbawm were in fact the twin sons of Mr & Mrs Alvin P. Hammerschickle of Burns Down, South Carolina*


                   Milton Keynes                                                      Eric Frogspawn

“It’s obvious,” Avril told her admiring audience, “They both had big schnozzles, wore glasses, went bald and insisted their insane ideas were the only alternative. What’s also uncanny is the way in which, wherever their theories were tested out, right, it went tits-up within a few years and everyone got poor except a few at the top. It’s too much of a coincidence to be true”.

Decide for yourselves: visit Avril’s unique blog HowEastendersatemyBrain.com today.

* Astonishingly, there really is a town called Burns Down in South Carolina.