THE PAEDOFILE: A conflict of interest waiting to become a scandal

How to protect every paedophile in Britain

International children’s services provider, Core Assets Group has announced the acquisition of Carter Brown Associates Ltd – the UK’s leading family expert witness firm. It is at best regulatory indolence and at worst a disgrace that this acquisition is being allowed to go ahead.

This latest acquisition by Core Assets – a rapidly expanding service supplier in the children and families sector – may make eminent sense for their business, but it makes no sense at all on the dimensions of justice and a level playing field for dysfunctional families; and while I would stress that absolutely no scandal I know of attaches to CAG, we must all wake up here and work out how paedophile rings operate.

Established in 2001, Carter Brown Associates delivers what it calls ‘bespoke expert witness services to legal professionals who operate in the family courts’. For those new to the subject, let me explain the disgrace of the family courts. They are held in secret – no media allowed – and despite many false dawns since New Labour’s promise of reform and openness way back in 2005, we are still waiting for something to happen.

If there’s one thing intelligent paedophiles love, apart from people under three feet tall, it’s secrecy. Under a regime of secrecy, they are able to infiltrate the social care system. With the power to give work to psychiatrists (supposedly guiding the Judges) now in their gift, these Fifth Columnists bribe the psychs to invent nonsense about this or that family ‘syndrome’…so the child can be taken away from parents, and put into care….for the enjoyment of other paedophiles. If expert witnesses balk at this, they are threatened with being struck off the Council’s approved witness list. As John Hemmings MP remarked to me last January, “The starting point of this business is usually financial blackmail”.

Yes, I know this reads like unsubstantiated paranoid conspiracy theory, but the evidence to support it is now overwhelming. I have personally investigated cases employing this exact procurement model among underclass families – or plain old fashioned poor folks – in Plymouth, Staffordshire, Sussex, Humberside, Essex, Wrexham and Chester.

Here’s how the CAG acquisition makes life even easier for the preying child molester – and again I stress, no slur is intended upon CBA. Carter Brown Associates employs 25 staff who support a network of 200 ‘expert’ associates including paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists and independent social workers with experience in both family law and criminal law proceedings. If that 200 staff resource is entirely free of hidden paedophile networking, then it would be – I venture to suggest – unique in my experience. Once this acquisition deal is done, the frequent necessity of bribing somebody in the legal profession or the police to ensure ‘the right result’ in Court disappears: the production line of victim procurement becomes seamless. From discovery of the child to the verdict of a Judge in secret, the likelihood of being caught drops substantially. (Not that many get caught even as things are).

Commenting on the acquisition, Core Assets executive chairman, Jim Cockburn said:

“Core Assets Group can now integrate the hugely specialised expert witness services of Carter Brown to offer a broader and comprehensive spectrum of services to meet increased customer demand, both in the UK and overseas.”

I’d love to know who Mr Cockburn sees as ‘the customer’, but one must see this in the context of proven paedophile modus operandi: an integrated spectrum of services catering for the UK and overseas. It’s a pervert’s wet dream.

Talking of overseas, the problem of systemic child abuse and corrupt cover-up is too often seen as a peculiarly British problem. This simply isn’t so. Two of the worst countries in the EU for child trafficking are Holland and Belgium, but where there are male human beings who get off on having power over the weak (for example, politicians, bureaucrats, teachers, police, priests, and social workers) there will be paedophile networks.

A recent example in New South Wales Australia makes the point amply. NSW Police Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox told ABC
TV’s Lateline programme that the Catholic Church had covered up crimes by paedophile priests, silenced investigations and destroyed evidence to avoid prosecution. The public outrage at his revelations triggered a Royal Commission into institutional child abuse. One of the stories that led to this concerns Patricia Feenan’s son, Daniel, a 14-year-old altar boy when first raped by a priest in the Newcastle/Maitland diocese.

Patricia Feenan herself observes (and she’s right) that one of the problems with MSM media coverage is lack of reporting about  grooming cultures. Sadly, Patricia fears that sexual abuse by the clergy continues, and will continue. Of course it will, for two reasons: paedophiles migrate to where their access to children is hidden by the job-function; and those professions tend to close ranks in order to protect their core reputation. We see this happening in Welsh Councils, in Humberside police forces, in Staffordshire child care, in the Plymouth judiciary, in the Catholic Church – and most notably of all, among the political class. Indeed, I will be posting at some point in the next 24 hours about yet more indefensible protection of sexual criminality in Britain.

I have only ever interviewed three convicted paedophiles. You have to have done this to realise what we are dealing with here. Child molesters tend to have no remorse about their activities. They shun attempts at redemption, and as yet no system or method of curing their delusional illness has been found. Paedophiles believe that they are right and we are wrong, and that the children usually enjoy the sexual activity. Having seen pictures of abuse given to me by helpful police in the past (and the ordinary ranks are full of disgusted and dedicated coppers) I can assure you that only a seriously deranged mind could believe the children enjoy it. The rate of suicide before the age of 35 among abuse victims is horrendous.

Paedophiles are usually sadistic sexual psychopaths, and they destroy lives wherever they go. Establishments throughout the world need to be shaken very hard, and made to realise that those they protect are – at least indirectly – killers. Some senior Conservative and Labour politicians are, right now, accessories to murder.

As long as we in Britain fail to deal with this ruthlessly and without favour, we have no right to use the term ‘civilised’ about ourselves.

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