The truly ghastly, deliberately distractive hypocrisy of Rupert Murdoch


This is a tweet put out by the fake-yank Aussie Pornographer on 7th October 2013. If you really did ever wonder about the Hackgate/false paedophile connection, read this and be certain:

“BBC massive taxpayer funded mouthpiece for tiny circulation leftist Guardian. Meanwhile print media about to be gagged to protect Toffs.”

The two keys words in there are ‘BBC’ and ‘Toffs’. The Beeb reference was a Freudian slip on the old Digger’s part…and tells you what the target really was during the DLT/Rolf Harris/Jim Davidson/Stuart Hall/Paul Gambacinni farce.

The Toffs thing is just part of Murdoch’s infinite ability to suggest he isn’t a toff and get away with it.

Keith Rupert Murdoch became managing director of Australia’s News Limited in 1952. He did not do this via striving and worth: he inherited the business from his father. His father was a Knight of the Realm, Sir Keith Murdoch. As a gilded and privileged boy, Murdoch attended Geelong Grammar School…a private, fee-paying boarding school ranked second in 2010 among Australian schools feeding the Australian aristocracy.

As was pretty much the case with all Antipodean Toffs, he was packed off to Oxford, where where he read PPE….and supported the Labour Party. He was the archetypal privileged upper middle-class pillock who knew nothing about ordinary British people; he was, be clear about this, part of the revisionist Labour set led by Tony Crosland who f**ked up British free education – the classic guilty public school boy – by introducing the faux egalitarian and utterly disastrous Comprehensive Education system.

Few people realise this, but the amusingly pretentious owner of Newscorp didn’t actually start using his middle-name Rupert (a bit poncier than Keef, let’s face it) until he arrived in Oxford and discovered it had rather more credigree.

The Newscorp boss has praise and arse-licking support heaped upon him by Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Tony Blair, Nigel Farage, Piers Morgan, Dan Hannan and Michael Fallon. Draw your own conclusions about anyone capable of being such a prat-magnet.

He is a dissembler, a serial liar, a humbug, and a self-serving sociopath who has no affinity at all with British working people. He is a corrupter of senior policemen, politicians, functionaries and the Rule of Law. I do not doubt that somewhere in his disturbing psyche, Mr Murdoch has a cross to bear. I just wish he would stop hitting civilisation, decency, and culture with it.

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