At the End of the Day

In half a century, Rupert Murdoch has reduced the London Times from easily the most cerebral masthead on Fleet Street to a comic read by those with no independence of thought.

More than any other individual on the planet, the Dirty Digger turned opportunist American has neutered real journalism….but more significantly, used his compost heap of nasty newspapers to create the chernozem-black fertile soil in which wide-eyed fluffies could be dragged away from the scent of ordure-ridden stories ranging from the Iraq War via Hackgate to Covid19.

In a column today risibly termed ‘Analysis’ and headlined ‘Covid-19 data error lays bare our reliance on complicated testing system’, the Times asserts as follows:

‘The data that governs our freedom flows through two computer systems which do not talk to each other.’

I would regard this finding as a reason for bonfires to be lit across the country and church bells to ring out; but not the Times. It writes instead about ‘the centrality of the contact-tracing system to all of our lives. In the absence of a vaccine, spotting and containing the infectious is the only route we have to normality.’

Nonsense: for 78% of the population, Covid19 is utterly peripheral to their lives. There is no vaccine because there never is going to be a vaccine. And T&T is not the route to normality: only the adoption of proven management drugs and the acceptance of Herd Immunity as the goal will achieve that.

But the Times cares nothing for Truth these days: its sole raison d’etre is to advance the business power and geopolitical influence of the nearly 90-year-old owner bitterly wasting away towards some ghastly hope of cryogenic progress to save him.

As I have posted many times before, Murdoch’s do-before-I-die goal is to supplant the BBC in British life. Dominic Cummings sees the Beeb as merely a lumbering half-witted liberal club in need of reform – hence the appointment of Charles Moore as the new DG. Stand by for lots of Times profiles rubbishing Moore as a Far Right Toff.

The Times piece continues with ‘the addition of 16,000 new cases over the past week blows up hopes that the rise in infections was levelling off’.

Here we go again. The very definition of “cases” is what The Blunderer keeps going on about given that the testing is producing false positives.

But even were that not so, given the nature (now firmly established) of Covid19 ‘cases’ as producing only mild symptoms in 99% of infections, 16,000 is immediately converted into 160 hospital cases, of whom – with management – just 32 deaths will result….in a population now thought to be in excess of 75 million – and few if any will be in addition to seasonal deaths from flu and other respiratory pathogens among the aged.

The “extra stress upon the NHS” is a myth – as is the idea of a Coronavirus as some kind of scything down of humanity.

The thinking 16% already know this. The task now is to get through to the others too distracted, conformist or intelligent to care.

Time for those defending liberty to get through to the young working class