Epstein, Obama, Gates, Bill Clinton, Andrew & Ghislaine Maxwell


Jeffrey Epstein was present at a meeting in Strasbourg in 2013 with the then Chairman of the Nobel Committee Thorbjørn Jagland and billionaire Bill Gates. Thorbjørn Jagland was the man who ensured Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize before he had, as it were, done anything to promote peace….a do-nothing-for-Peace who carried on that mode of behaviour throughout two terms as POTUS.

Epstein & Gates not in this shot

Former Nobel Committee chair Thorbjørn Jagland has confirmed that Gates and Epstein attended a session at his residence in March 2013, and that it was ‘an official meeting’. According to him, Gates and Epstein arrived together.

Epstein pled guilty in 2008 to charges of soliciting a prostitute who was a minor, as well as paying compensation to a number of women….and somehow managing to attract a sentence roughly one tenth that usually handed ou to nonces.

Bill Gates befriended Epstein after he was convicted of sex crimes.

But he told the Wall Street Journal in early September 2020 that “I didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with Epstein.”

Gates lied.

Ghislaine Maxwell sits in US jail almost certainly able to supply some of the missing pieces in this obscene jigsaw puzzle.

But since Trump became ill, the MSM both in the US and the UK have launched into a plethora of reminders about what a monster Maxwell is. I think we all know perfectly well that she’s a hugely disturbed person best kept locked away from the rest of us. But why remind us now?

Security blanket coverage

The aim of the mainstream media in revitalising her demonic status has nothing to do with the conquest of evil. The aim is to establish her as an entirely untrustworthy witness.

Why did she come back to the US voluntarily? This is the kind of lame excuse the anti-Trump media come up with:

‘….Donald Trump stated that he “wished her well” during a White House press briefing….Maxwell is not gonna be able to hide. There’s no place in the civilized world where she can go and not be found…..she made intentional efforts to avoid detection, which included moving locations at least twice….she returned back to the U.S. to live in a New Hampshire home (which she purchased with cash and through an anonymous deal) back in December 2019. That’s where the FBI caught her…..’

This spurious interpretation has two gaping flaws:

  • Apparently, she only moved twice during all the time she was missing…..but whatever the BS dealers say now, nobody knew whereTF she was.
  • There may not have been many ‘civilised’ places she could hide, but anywhere not called America would’ve been a good starting asumption….and New Hampshire? Christ, even the FBI could find her there.

I spoke to a New York based source three months ago who told me categorically that Trump had quietly asked her to come back and testify – in return for which she’d get, at worst, a lenient sentence.

Leftlib American writers are almost unanimous in declaring that Trump fears her testimony, but whatever event occurs, they will accuse The Donald of being a pimp, a paedophile, a rapist, a Russian agent and an electoral cheat. The truth is, although the man has a tendency to behave in an infantile yah-boo-sucks dopey playground manner, none of those allegations has ever stood up.

Trump is not the Establishment, but it is the Anglo-American Establishment that is terrified of what Ghislaine Maxwell might have to say.

Epstein’ss influence roped Obama, Gates and both the Clintons into every kind of ritualistic predeliction.

The two men most scared of her are Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton – among others. She is, without any doubt, a major geopolitical player who – given half a chance – could wreak havoc. And she has the dirt deposited in three separate banks to discourage would-be assassins.

Meanwhile, normal media service has resumed over the last 36 hours as Trump left Walter Reed Hospital:

Biden has either maintained or increased his lead in almost every State since Donald Trump was hospitalised, but the Unelected State is taking no chances: if Maxwell is going to be Trump’s ‘October Surprise’, then it will be depicted as a sex beast intervening cynically to save her own neck by using smears to save a sick cheat.

But questions still remain over billionaire Biden supporters and their frantic rush to protect damning Epstein secrets.

This is Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman – a billionaire and very heavy Biden campaign donor. He was pretty thick with Epstein: after his release from jail, Hoffman worked tirelessly to try and sanitise Epstein’s image. Now he’s working hard to get Biden into the Oval Office….or to be more exact, get Trump out of it.

He led an utterly mendacious diisinformation campaign to help Sleepy Joe in Alabama – a charge to which he freely admits. Eight years ago he told Wired magazine that he’d “always wanted to change the world….from about the age of twelve”.

Change for the better, we wonder? Well, he’s also an admirer of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. This is what he had to say about ‘Zuck’ and his content censorship:

“I don’t think it’s unethical if the designer of these systems is trying to improve society. And Zuck is actually on a mission—he does have a vision for a better society…..”

The casual naivety is frightening…..but it’s the way these gargoyles think. And trust me, they want Biden, not Trump.

John Ward “The Slog” is aged 72 and often awake