THE SUNDAY ESSAY: why the Resistance to Covidaphobia needs a new message dealing with NOW

The full story of what’s behind the Covid19 caper is neither credible nor interesting to the ordinary Dick and Jane. Those of us who want to save our liberties need to come down to earth, and accept that the mass of voters worry about far more mundane things than we do.

Peter Hitchens has emerged, over the last six months, as the leading contrarian commentator on Contrick19 – its symbolisms, motives and derivation – and a man who flatly refuses to be silenced. His descriptions beggar belief at times as models of clarity, argument, logic, insight and dire warning.
But like the rest of us – and we run into the tens of millions now across the West – unencumbered by ideological kneejerking and smug acceptance, he has not as yet suggested what those with foresight should do about it.

This isn’t a criticism: you can’t tell people to man the virtual barricades until you’ve convinced them that the only likely alternative is slavery, imprisonment, humiliation and death. And getting people to believe that such a far-fetched outcome is even likely is impossible until you’ve displayed an avalanche of evidence that’s easy to grasp and envisage.

Even then, it’s very hard work.

It is more than slightly daunting to realise that, since last March, despite what began as a snowball in the blogosphere turning into such an avalanche, among the stubbornly State-loyal middle and lower ranks pootling about on the piste out there, there remains a strong preference for the tortuous rationales of Establishment media from CNN and the London Times to the Washington Post and the ever more patronising Bohemian Bourgeois Corporation.

Hitchen’s regular readership is probably a hundred times that of mine, but I have the same problem; indeed, when one does point up precisely how easy it could be for the Gigarich to realise their dystopian ambitions, half the time the reaction of the reader or listener is, “What on Earth can lil’ ol’ me do about that?”.

In fact, there are lots of things individuals could do, but there are several tricky problems with almost all of it. A worrying proportion of the options are already illegal, and the Johnson administration seems hellbent on ‘delegalising’ more and more of them. Holding demonstrations is all well and good, but they’re always open to hijack by the nutjobs – and of course, media smears framing those involved as nothing more than nutjobs anyway….not to mention the Holier Than Thous accusing participants of irresponsible spreading of “a deadly disease”.

Another approach is to encourage those most directly affected by injustice to take a more radical stance against State lies. One thinks of the Backto60/Waspi women as having largely failed to do this, and – by contrast – the frontline medical staff involved in Covid19 showing a lot more determination to counter the anti-science being peddled by the likes of Fauci, Horby, Ferguson and the rest of the Pharmafia.

But always, from somewhere, the bad guys seem to fish swamp dwellers out who are willing to call SPA victims “greedy” or Didier Raoult “a dangerous heretic”.

During the last fifteen years, we have seen care home children, mobile phone owners, financial services consumers, London taxi drivers, 1950s born women, frontline medical staff, Brexit voters and now those who understand viruses variously raped, spied upon, cheated, misled, abused, penny-pinched, undermined and silenced.

Every time, the perpetrators got away with it. But still we are stumped as to what we can do reverse the trend.

Perhaps, therefore, the time has come to look at what will happen if we don’t do anything to stop it…..if, as it were, we leave the mass electorate bemused and bored by the whole thing.

You may or may not have heard of an outfit called TDK. They’re running an enormous advertorial campaign online at the moment. Although I remember them largely as audio cassette makers half a century ago, since then they have really blossomed out. Today they’re peddling the latest must-have for all manufacturers and distributors – ultra-sonic sensors to ensure social distancing in the workplace.

This is TDK’s illustration meant to display how ‘to reduce the spread of COVID-19, offices and factories are being required to create an environment in which social distancing between workers and safe work practices are ensured. Solutions based on ultrasonic sensor technology are attracting attention as a means to accurately measure distances between workers.’

Three little pawns on the global chessboard. They spread disease and ignore the rules and overall they’re a nuisance but fear not my Davos devotees, they will soon be replaced by nice shiny robots.

Note how TDK’s assumptive sell suggests the New Normal is here to stay: this environment is already ‘required’. Oh really – by whom? And sensor tech is ‘attracting attention’. Well TDK, it will if you keep on running huge advertorials everywhere.

Civil servants and specifier architects will also see these ads. My God, they’ll think – we’re behind the curve: let’s make sure the PM includes it in the next batch of regulations.

This is how sales opportunism becomes a table stake. Can’t travel if you don’t have the inoculation certificate. Can’t work in a shop if you don’t wear a mask. Stay away from other humanoids or the alarm will go off. And if that doesn’t work, well – we’ll have no choice but the make it an electric shock next time. Start at 20 volts and work up. But the choice is yours, of course – it doesn’t have to hurt….

For me, the birth of all this nonsense was “We give you a mobile phone, but don’t you dare turn it off, or you’re fired”. Of course there were problems with ‘regulated’ workforce law: but workforces haven’t undergone deregulation at all: it’s just that now, the regulating is done by capital, not the State. We have swapped one tyrant for another….in exactly the same way that we have swapped lawless trade unions for lawless banks.

However, an enormous percentage of the UK population were toddlers when Unions were threatening our liberty to work where we wanted. They represent roughly 39% of the populace as a whole. Nearly 46% of those who inhabit the UK today cannot remember anything before Thatcher. Nine out of ten of those people underwent a State education that put no emphasis at all on liberty and freedom…but instead, stressed the existence of only right and wrong answers. I doubt if more than 1 in 10 know Orwell was a prescient writer of future fiction rather than a polluted river in Lancashire.

Tell them about a time when one could negotiate a rolling annual contract as an employee by all means; but that isn’t going to compute with this demographic. Point out to them that Bill Gates says one minute that the planet is hugely overpopulated (and the next, wants to vaccinate to save lives) and they won’t see the dissonance. They might knee-jerk some learned-by-rote drivel about “eugenics”, but that’s about it. Most of them think The Eugenics were a new romantics band in the 1980s.

In short, appealing to these folks on the basis of ‘vaccination is not as effective as herd immunity’, ‘totalitarianism can be most unpleasant’, ‘the New Normal is in fact utterly unnatural’ simply isn’t going to cut it. You’ll be dismissed in this ageist epoch as and Old Fart whose brain has turned to porridge.

The only viable strategy for the thinking 16% from now on is to focus on those parts of the present that the Wishful Unthinking 45% are not happy about. And in this regard, I am thinking specifically about the younger, lower-paid child rearers.

Let’s examine ‘what is’ in more detail. My outline of it is based on a view of what makes sense in terms of motive…..and what doesn’t. See if you can find a flaw in this conversation with myself…

Is it likely that those driving bourse economics over a financialised cliff would like to distract people from their activities, and perhaps even find something to blame for the ensuing disaster?
I suppose so, yes.
Isn’t it rather odd that those leaders who have rarely if ever shown any genuine interest in the common people seem happy to chuck away trillions in gdp allegedly to protect us from a virus that kills just 64 people in 100,000?
Yes – it’s one of many things that don’t make sense.
In a world where all the élites seem to care about is money, why did they go for 100% Lockdown when 85% of the Covid vulnerable are economically inactive?
Sheer incompetence?
Fine – you can argue that up to a point…but how do you explain the tendency of senior State medical bureaucrats both to raise expectations of a vaccine and wheel out Lockdown alarmists if they know such a thing is not possible or helpful when dealing with a mutating virus? And why do so many of these people hype the “killer” potential of the virus? Why do they rubbish tried and tested management drugs like the HCQ cocktail?
Yes, I admit that the connection to the Pharmafia raises serious ethical issues…and probably, Big Pharma just wants to sell billions of vaccines….but what’s the point of trashing the economy?
Because economic dysfunction will require Sovereigns to borrow yet more money, and so yet more power will pass to the banks and the Gigarich firms looking for ways to get bond income…
But won’t the bonds be dodgy?
Of course….but when no major Sovereign can keep up the repayments, the major power élites take up the challenge and relieve the State of the burden – so Pharma becomes ‘keeping you healthy’ and banning travel becomes “for the good of the planet” . The motorways and luxury air routes are for the Zils, flying about tirelessly in search of a better Earth. Perhaps six or seven sectors plus some military element become the providers, with maybe 4 or 5 mega corporations managing a cosy monopoly.
But hang on – if the economies shrink, and the robots take almost every job, how do 7.8 billion people get fed?
Very good question.
Oh for God’s sake, you’re not seriously suggesting global genocide?
Well, it’s either that, or the course we’re taking now leads to mass starvations and migrations and some pretty horrible riots. Remember….when he was London Mayor, Boris Johnson spent a huge amount on riot hardware; and he’s already talking about using the army to enforce his regulations.
Fine, but BoJo is just thick.
Maybe. But he’s a great admirer of the Singaporean model. And the, there are the radicals when it comes to population control.
Like who?
Not who as in any one person, but what – as in, Davos. The gigarich see the population explosion as a problem with no easy solution…..and believe me, they’re driven by fear, not philanthropy. At the 2019 meeting, that fear was obvious: having fixed the fisco-economic system so that it paid them fortunes and screwed the rest, they gave vent to a fear of “populism”….forgetting they lobbied and bunged legislators to dilute banking reforms and cut top end taxes.
Twenty six individuals now own the same wealth as half the planet’s population put together, and the collective wealth of the billionaire class swells by $2.5bn every day. That’s a small group of frightened people with a lot of clout and money.
In February this year, The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) invited the Club of Rome (EU) to discuss, as guests, population control. One handout said, ‘ fewer humans means less depletion of natural resources, thus prolonging these assets’ availability to those of us remaining’.
But people like Goodall say giving more education and free condoms to young Third World Women will do the job anyway….
Well, she’s one of the Goodies – a genuine philanthropist. But as people have fewer children and earn more money via education, they upgrade their accommodation….and water usage explodes thirteen-fold.
True enough…. lack of potable water is the biggest issue we face.
That’s right. And reducing population growth takes, by definition, a generation and a half. And the greedy men of Davos don’t want to pay for more education, and the higher wages that result. Wars are good for business, but global war over water supply would be bad for everyone. The problem needs sorting yesterday, not sixty years hence.
But how on Earth would they achieve something so draconian without evoking the revolution they fear?
Have you been following the citizenry’s reaction to Contrick19? They’ve bought into it totally – despite the mass of data showing that the method of containing the virus will be far more ruinous – and kill far more people – than one largely unsuccessful virus. They’ve been sofa-bound while one freedom after another – of outerwear, movement, travel, conviviality and access to paid work – has been removed……in just six months.
Fine, but that’s because they’re scared of Covid19…
So that proves, does it not, that they’ll be scared of the next medical bogey man that comes along too.
Is that really true?
Ask yourself this: why do you think a medical “emergency” has been created here? Don’t worry, I’ll answer my own question: because you can’t cull six billion people without medical help. Covid19 is, for Pharma, jam today. For Davos, it’s cream on top tomrrow.
And who’s going to bury all those people?
It won’t be done like that. Major social re-engineering needs transition periods. Vaccinations with “unforeseen side effects”. People suddenly finding their sperm counts and ovulations have disappeared. “Dangerous contrarians” being worked to death on “Green projects”. Another virus comes along that gets treated, but the treatment “doesn’t work”. There’s one thing you need to remember about the Davos Mob – they’re extremely adept at blaming everyone and everything else for their own greed.
That’s true enough….

…..look how a daft, suicidally cannibalistic economic system like neoliberal globalism has been accepted as the only way to run the world for the last forty years “because it isn’t socialism”. Eighty per cent of us have less money to spend, but “statistics” have persuaded us that we’re better off.
The more you talk about it, the more hopeless trying to stop it seems.
Precisely. And that has the added disadvantage of most people thinking we’re mad. It’s a case of teaching a pig to sing: you don’t get a song, it just annoys the pig and then the pig farmer gets you locked up in the funny house for upsetting his pigs.

So what do we do then?

We focus on what the ordinary 30-something person thinks about: family, friends, footie, sex, telly, junk food, booze, action movies…
How exactly will the Davos mob take that away from them?
They’re already doing it – sticking needles in their kids and making them wear masks, stopping them from seeing close friends, ruining footie’s stadium atmosphere, starting to talk about sexual abstinence if you think you’re infected, boring the backside off people with daily TV Covid bulletins, making it difficult to get pizza deliveries due to the demand, taking the pub off limits and banning cinemas at regular intervals….
I did notice that binge drinking at home shot up during Lockdown….
…..of course it did – it’s boredom.
OK, so what’s our message to the Great Unwashed?

Simple: they’re taking away your best years for no good reason.

You used to be in advertising, didn’t you?

That’s correct.