At the End of the Day

I am a man of fearless common sense. I know this is a good thing to be, because my Prime Minister says so. My Prime Minister – he’s yours too by the way, it’s not as if I’m having a Buckingham Palace moment here – says we must be without fear, and yet bathed in quintessential common sense.

Exactly like he was in March this year, perhaps. When he listened to all-thumbs model maker Neil Desperandum, got a terrible attack of spineless political arse-covering fear, and threw every ounce of common sense in his obese body out the window.

Our Neil the woodwork modelling kid (who was still struggling with his Year 1 model boat when the rest of us had moved on to stage sets) should’ve become an object of suspicion when he first of all infected half the Cabinet and then ignored his own rules in order to shag a Hard Left Tribune squeeze.

But no: his cockeyed prediction became received Truth. It was received with open arms by the US-UK-French Pharmafia (well it would be, wouldn’t it?) and since then has cost the UK £1.7 trillion in lost gdp. This is what inflation does: eighteen years ago when getting the effects of Swine flu and Mad Cow disease as wrong as wrong might be, Neil cost us mere billions. Now he’s in the trillions class.

He’s not so much a National Treasure as an international Treasury emptier.

Boris Johnson, by contrast, is the archetypal “Do as I say, not as I do” politician. The fearless common sense he demands is not entirely congruent with his own cringing coat-tails obedience to the geopolitical narrative.

That said, I am oddly intrigued by this concept of “fearless common sense”. It’s very Monty Pythonic: “Sounds like a job for Bicycle Repair Man”. And also terribly British, don’t you know: just as we say, “Perfectly ghastly”, so we now say, “Fearlessly commonsensical”.

It’s on a par with the wild and crazy accountant…. or the Crimson Permanent Assurance.

But whatever you do, don’t under any circumstances take your high IQ common sense onto Twitter (and others of this ilk) because you will be told that You Are Not Worthy….for what the social media want is fear, not fearless.

Who knows what your sentence might be if you disobey? I consider myself to have just finished serving ten years hard liquor.

Tiny and less than impressive ‘killer’ virus claims James Bond as latest victim

Britain’s biggest cinema chain is set to close all its screens after the new James Bond film was delayed until the spring — robbing audiences of a must-see movie and the industry of a lifeline. Cineworld, which has 128 theatres in the UK and Ireland, is this weekend writing to Boris Johnson and the culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, to say that the industry has become “unviable” because of the decision by film studios to postpone big-budget releases. It is drawing up plans to close all its UK sites as soon as this week, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

In my earlier Slogpost of today, this is what I meant by emphasising to the mass electorate how their perfectly natural enjoyment of media consumption is being abolished by the oddly depraved greed of the Pharmafia in particular, and the Davos geopolitical nutjobs in general.

And with that, I bid you all a very good Sunday night.