GREEK REFERENDUM: Athens in danger, Troika2 in a corner

From the Declaration of the Greek Prime Minister:

“It was asked of the Greek government to accept a proposal that accumulates a new unaffordable burden on the Greek people and undermines the recovery of the Greek economy and society, not only preserving the political uncertainties, but creating even more bulging social inequalities.

The proposal of the institutions included measures leading to further deregulation of the labour market, pension cuts, further reductions in public sector wages and an increase in VAT on food, dining and tourism.
These proposals directly violate European social aims and fundamental rights: at work, equality and dignity. But the objective of some of the partners and institutions is not a viable and beneficial agreement for all parties, but the humiliation of
the entire Greek people.”

When Tim Geithner returned from the Cracow eurogroupe three years ago, he told a colleague, “Those Europeans are going to take the Greeks and beat them senseless with a baseball bat”.

There is little more to say beyond this being the right response to a cynical attempt to beat up the little guy in order to discourage the bigger guys.

But what Tsipras has issued is a well-earned declaration of war between the corporacratic State and community democracy. It’s not yet the beginning of the end for the lunatics, but it just might wake up some of the trustingly apathetic.

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