At the End of the Day

Cameron the Corporate suit goes flooding land and degrading our water supplies. Verily, this man is unique.

At the End of the Day, it’s been raining a lot in Britain during recent days. Pretty much from the beginning to the end of the day, in fact.

It did the same thing last year. Being a set of offshore European islands facing 6000 miles of prevailing Atlantic weather to the west, rainy weather in Britain is not so much a likelihood as an annual eventuality. As long ago as 54 BC, Julius Caesar himself remarked upon the fact in scathing terms.

The multivariate ways in which this reality and its ramifications seem to evade the Round Table of Camerlot could not fit into the space I have allowed myself this evening. I can only observe that, if you are merely a Cabinet hewn from wooden legs in a table – as opposed to being owners of duo-hemispheric brains – sawdust is sadly lacking as a raw material when it comes to the formulation of future policy.

David Cameron told the media in Spring 2014, “This must not be allowed to happen again”. We all thought he was talking about flooding, but it seems clear to me now that he was talking about wet weather. No doubt the unwise King Canuteron has been convinced by his arse-licking courtiers that he can control the weather: the poor chap remains in ignorance of the fact that only the Haarpo Pentagons can achieve that, and Dave is not privy to their ways and means.

‘Blind Obedience’ was a term used by the Washington Post in 1972 to describe the mindset of Nixon’s White House Staff when obeying orders that were obviously unconstitutional. Only that state of mind can excuse the broadscale decisions under Cameron’s administrations to ignore planning laws in relation to flood plains:


You see, David Cameron is an honourable man: he took a naked £3.5m bribe from the construction industry to help him win power, and he is doing his utmost to pay the filthy lucre back in kind.

Sadly, that get-out clause cannot excuse the Prime Minister from his ‘never again’ promise when one looks at this response from the House of Commons Library:

floodspend271215I could call this a Smoking Gun, but once exposed to a heavy downpour very few guns smoke. The Government cut spending on flood defences for new homeowners and then relaxed the law so as to allow them to buy a floodplain home. Yes, there’s a government putting the Citizen first if ever I saw one.

But it gets worse. Because both this and previous administrations going back decades have preferred to dole out tax cuts to get reelected rather than invest in the upgrading of water collection and conservation. And to make matters worse, that vital task was then given to fatcat managers who benefited from water privatisations….who of course did nothing.

So today – despite having one of the three wettest climates in Europe – our ability to supply water to the population is compromised by both the demands of unchecked immigration, and myopic lack of investment.

You’d think that was bad enough. But for those without shame, it is nowhere near enough. Having signed up to COP21 in Paris, Camerlot last week snook through a law giving the go-ahead to fracking….a process of extracting shale gas whose methodology stands accused of polluting surrounding water reserves, and is found guilty of compromising supplies thanks to the insane levels of water waste involved.

For once, words fail me.