GEORGE SOROS and the trail of Fake News leading to Emmanuel Macron via Robby Mook

methink1I suppose if you’re George Soros, being a multi-billionaire helps when that nasty ol’ dementia gets in the way of what’s left of your imagination. Poor old György, he doesn’t vary his bollocks much these days: he didn’t want Brexit, so he salted his own and other lazy media with Fake News about “a rush of British Jews applying for German nationality” after the result. The ‘rush’ turned out to be 12 people who’d made an enquiry to the German Embassy, and 1 (one) person who asked for some forms. Er, that was it.

When his Clinton “sure thing” lost to Trump, Soros-influenced and controlled media replaced British Jews with American liberals applying to emigrate to New Zealand. Slog enquiries – as in, two phone calls  – quickly established that an unstoppable torrent of five American citizens had contacted the NZE. Not one US citizen took things further….hardly surprising, given the highly restrictive immigration rules on personal wealth applied by New Zealand these days to people over 50.

And George’s answer to those wising up to his fake news? To accuse everyone else but his tame media mates of….fake news.

After their decadent Clinton family and associates were given a walloping by those Americans not allowed access to The Dream, the Sorosites wheeled out the Putin bogeyman and accused him of “hacking the Presidential election”. No details ever appeared as to what the result of ‘hacking’ an election process (not as yet digital) might be.

Notable, however, was the US Establishment accepting that only the Democratic National Convention had been hacked….and genuinely grubby secrets sent to pro-Trump media. Well guess what, Hillary wasn’t too keen on any further enquiries in that area. People closer to the action than I suggested this might have something to do with multiple voting in several marginal New York City constituencies….and other US States besides.

But there were other reasons Hillary Clinton demanded a DNC silence on the matter. In fact, the DNC was hacked by Assange’s Wikileaks….albeit very probably with Russian technical help. But the output of the hacking wasn’t exactly what one could call Fake News. The emails lifted off DNC Chairman John Podesta’s pc show that Clinton was advised to do fundraisers simply to make Soros “happy.” They also indicate the 85-year-old Hungarian-born heavyweight, through his top aides, freely tapping Podesta to make Soros’ wishes clear on issues ranging from trade via migration and up to the Supreme Court.

In one email, infamous Clinton adviser Huma Abedin writes to Campaign Manager Robby Mook to tell him Clinton is about to have dinner with Soros. Abedin said she expected Soros would eventually ask Clinton to appear at a fundraiser for America Votes, one of at least seventeen liberal organisations wholly or partly funded by Soros in the US.

Nobody has, as yet, nailed any act by Putin in trying to sway the election campaign in the way Wikileaks did with George Soros. Soros is, of course, an American citizen: but he is also the asshole who tried to destroy Sterling, funds former Communists in black ops against Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, and invents pro-Gipsy stories suggesting that Orban is involved in genocidal actions against Hungarian gypsies.

The sole purpose of these activities is the creation of Fake News.

Still, keen as ever to achieve the “right” democratic result, last weekend Mr Soros was everywhere defending the chances of EUNATO’s latest Wunderkind, Emmanuel Macron from….guess what again: why, the Russian dictator ‘inventing’ bad shit about him. 

Several Soros-aligned titles across the EU have been running spookily similar criticisms of Russia Today and other pro-Putin media. The Putinistas were engaged, it seemed, in attempts to destabilise the EU further by destroying every form of opposition to Marine LePen, and bad-mouthing Macron:

I don’t doubt that Uncle Vladimir would love to neutralise an EU which, backed by NATO, has persistently displayed colonial tendencies in former Soviet satellite States. Nor do I doubt that Putin himself has megalomaniac tinges.

But what Soros is doing here seems to me pretty obvious: he is getting his retaliation in first. Because he fears that Julian Assange’s Wikileaks project is about to reveal some mind-blowing stuff about the self-styled maverick Emmanuel Macron.

And believe me, when it comes to electoral interference, there is no problem at all in tying that to US liberals in general – and both George Soros and Emmanuel Macron in particular.

Take the UK’s EU referendum for starters. Macron publicly intervened on several occasions, telling the Independent at one point that “Brexit would make Britain as irrelevant as Guernsey” in world trade. Not Fake News perhaps, but quite obviously a Fake Fear Forecast. So too did Barack Obama: he made a special visit to the UK and told the British electorate they would “go to the back of the queue with the US” if Brexit went ahead….another Fake Fear Forecast. So, a little rich after that for Uncle Tombama to start whingeing about WikiMoscow leaks from the Clinton HQ that were solid-gold truth.

American-owned Huffington Post is also thumping the tub big-time for Macron, writing up ludicrous Fake News storied about his opponent Fillon “covering France in dangerous nuclear reactors”. France has never had a nuclear accident in its history. But George Soros backed Arianna Huffington in her liberal online news venture….and put her in eleven separate boards of media companies he either set up or invested in. “He is,” writes Kyle-Ann Shiver, “as close as a man can get to Arianna without being in bed with her”.

Before Wikileaks gets started on any Macron revelations, however, here’s a few I can offer to be going on with:

  • He is an ‘ENA’ – one of the legendary senior civil servant graduates of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration. He is as Establishment as it is possible to get
  • He has been  throughout his professional life an active federalist in the Great Project so lavishly supported by Soros
  • He is a hardliner on EU security (think Federica Mogherini’s barmy Army)
  • Behind him – “in the shadows”as L’Obs put it yesterday – there is a strongly pro-Federal judiciary backing him as the technocratic candidate.

But here’s the clincher….an unintended own-goal from Robby Mook in the Guardian. What a piece of work this guy is: in the Guardian piece, he calls the unmasking of undue Soros influence over the DNC ‘a serious and persistent security threat‘. Since when was revealing an electoral truth in peacetime ‘a security threat’?

But drama-Queen Robby goes further in his 3-card trick of disguising one thing as another, when he asserts that ‘the complex infrastructure that Russia built to infect public discourse with false or stolen information isn’t going anywhere….What the Russians are doing by stealing documents, spending unlimited amounts of money and creating and distributing “fake news” has the potential to corrupt our political system to its core, if it hasn’t already.’

Give me strength: he goes on to talk of Fake News in Russia Today (about which I’m sure he’s right) but then holds up the most guilty News Faker of the lot* – the New York Times – as a completely different animal, to be deserving of every American’s unquestioning respect. He talks about corrupting a political system ‘to its core’ after what we learned during the election about Bill Clinton’s pressure on the Department of Justice, the Hillary camp’s blatant ballot stuffing in at least three NYC districts, and the obvious pushing of FBI pro-DNC renegades against the Clinton Foundation investigation.

But Robby the Gobby gives the game away when he says in the Guardian piece that ‘WikiLeaks, which disseminated stolen DNC documents, announced last week that it would turn its attention to France, and has released material relating to presidential candidates François Fillon and Emmanuel Macron, opponents of Marine Le Pen‘.

This is what I mean by Soros getting his retaliation in early: Mook – as a Class A liberal fascist of the Millennial School, already clearly linked to Soros via his DNC role as revealed by Wikileaks hahaha – continues to do his best “to keep Soros happy” by writing a shambolic piece in the Guardian, one of György’s favourite Leftlib drivel sheets. And the objective? To get out the sympathy vote for George’s man, Emmanuel Macron.

Robby Mook should take up a second career working for the Brussels pit of mendacious viper asps…..he’d fit in there perfectly.

But in the meantime, what the French electorate should do is wake up to the cuckoo in its nest. The man who openly espouses the Third Way drivel of the most Republican Democratic President in History,  Bill Clinton. The technocrat ENA investment banker allegedly mired in illegal use of funds within the Eurozone. The man who fits the ‘social liberal’ globalist clone model of George Soros from tip to toe. The man who advocates limitless Islamic migration into the EU, and strongly opposed any ban on religious Muslim symbols….despite it being a central tenet of the atheist State.

The man who can’t wait to get to one Great Big World Order (a farcical idea that could never work)….just like his shadowy supporter, George Soros. To rephrase the old saying, Emmanuel Macron is the Soros Sheep candidate in lone Wolf’s clothing.

*As veteran Sloggers already know, there is bad personal blood between myself, The Guardian, The New York Times and Huffington Post. The first accused me of lying about Gordon Brown’s depression and eye problems; the second repeated the lies word for word; the third banned me from commenting after I accused Obama of using internet trolls in his reelection campaign. (The White House accepted the truth of the story two weeks later).