Ed Front dissenter, full-on 48 percenter


In the spirit of free speech for which The Slog has become globally recognised, today we offer a guest spot to Ed Front, Chair of the Soros Anti-Little Englander EU League for Love

Colleagues –

The scumbigot misognyist Donald Dump has gone against the experts yet again and seems set to condemn the entire planet to death by frazzling in a swamp of greenhouse carbon monoxide. What planet does this fat fuck who can’t stop insulting decent people come from if he can’t see what’s happening on this one?

Let me tell you, this morning I woke up at 8am, and the temperature was just 10°C, but by 11 am it was 14°C. By mid afternoon it was 17°C: that’s 70% global warming in 7 hours! If this trend continues, Britain will be the same temperature as the surface of the sun by 2023. This is science Trump, not your shit for brains racist Mexican Wall fantasy. Get real!!!

Hahaha the UKIP fascist scum have had their Parliamentary seats wiped out at a stroke! This is democracy in action, Nazis! First Past the Post is not of course as I have said many times the ideal system, but if it keeps lowlife bacilli like Jo Cox murderer Nigel Farage out of power then it works for me because out of power means no influence and that’s why the Tory UKIP conspiracy was reduced to allowing undereducated people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about to get a referendum which if it hadn’t been for principled young people being denied the vote for trumped up reasons like not getting out of bed would’ve resulted in a massive vote in favour of the EU we all love because it stopped Thatcher from stealing the NHS from us.

But sadly, the neodictator Leave voter Theresa May who only pretended to vote Remain has now engineered a confrontation with the idealists in Brussels and so it looks like this infamous Article 50 letter is about to be despatched to Mr Tusk and that’s why we had to launch the March For Europe last Saturday.

And what a March for everyone it was! 17.5 million turned up to catch the May régime on the back foot, and it was only the bourgeois cynical reaction of the BBC lickspittle lapdogs that stopped this great outpouring of supranational fervour from making headline news all around the world. What a farce democracy has become when finalists defeated solely by restrictions in voting rights received just 12 seconds of airtime!!!

But we in the re-engineered Corbyn Labour Party will overcome, for once our 180,000 new activist shocktroops get to work in the next election, it is inevitable that the rigged 19% lead held by the vicious Tory clique will collapse in the face of our popularity, and be revealed once and for all as the shamelessly populist denier of disabled welfare and old age pensions it really is.

What a joke May is!!! She calls this a Government for prosperity from which all the people can benefit, but then shows over and over again that LGBT persons and their allies in the Islamic struggle are to be excluded from any and all access to power, and thus forced to commit atrocities in a tragic attempt to attract their rightful share of self importance.

Love not Hate: Brussels aqubar!

Death to all dumbspigot faggots. No hang on….