CRUEL BRITANNIA: the answer’s a lie, now what’s the question?

methoughtfulI wonder if, like me, you remember the poor, confused old fogey who pitched up to the UK’s Culture & Media enquiry six years ago to say he couldn’t remember anything very much any more about pretty much everything? Oh what a sad figure Rupert ‘Gaga’ Murdoch cut that day, as he told the enquiry:

“I have never used any of the media in which I have an interest in order to further the success of my businesses”

During this, one of the biggest fib-fests of the Century so far,  a man was so incensed with the blatant hypocritical act being put on by the Great Australian, sorry, American, he rushed towards the Diabolical Digger and threw a slapstick pie at him. For he knew (as anyone with a brain and awareness of Murdoch’s cv knew) that the crafty old bugger was lying his shiny bald head off.

Well, it was a lie then, and it’s a lie now: On the UK’s Sky 7 am news this morning, these were the two lead items

  • The Government moving to ban disposable plastic items that threaten marine life when dumped in the sea…with an overt plug for Sky itself as the lead sponsor of Save the Seas – possibly the most obscene example in history of a depraved corporate entity bottom-feeding for good PR. Britain, we were told, “is the worst offender in the EU”; um, it being the only EU State surrounded by water, and having its fish stocks raided by foreign fishermen. And no mention, of course, of the tiny percentage the UK represents of this horror compared to (in order of temerity) India, China, Africa and the United States. Yes, it was globalist opportunism working hand in hand with government to keep Middle East murder off the front pages.
  • The jolly good results turned in by Sky plc – “the main investor in Sky News”, the anchor declared without any trace of a blush – and why shareholders in Sky plc were anxious not to have the UK Government’s referral of Murdoch monopolism spoil the party for all those deserving fatties out there who of course are mainly institutions doing their best to make their pensioners’ money work hard, God bless ’em.

This is what the quantum future of “news” will look like unless enough bright, informed and ethical citizens – and journalists – stop it.


You may be surprised to learn this, but the UK has an ambassador to the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and his name is Peter Wilson. Given the multiply changed versions  (and downright lies) uttered about Porton Down findings, OPCW findings, samples provided by Britain to the OPCW, the history of OPCW accedence to US demands (led by John ‘Baseball Bat’ Bolton), the evidence of laboratory faking and endless different accounts about how the Skripals were attacked by poison or poisons unknown, this verbatim outburst from Mr Wilson at at emergency OPCW summit wins the Slog prize for Mendacious Humbug of the Month:

“To date, Russia has proposed more than 30 contradictory and changing fantasies to explain the Salisbury attack. Russia’s actions to confuse and distract have not worked, but instead show how hard they are trying to hide the truth. We reiterate our call on Russia to meet its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, to end its offensive chemical weapons programme and to declare its programme of novichoks.We will continue to call out Russia’s reckless and indiscriminate behaviour when it violates this Convention, and when it threatens global security. Russia has shown disdain for international law and for the work of the OPCW. Russia has staged a brazen disinformation campaign, and to attack the reputation and expertise of the OPCW. They have sought to confuse, distract and brazenly misrepresent facts, despite the thorough, independent OPCW report, in line with best OPCW practice.”

Where among the Western MSM is there anyone who has dared to suggest that this unsubstantiated rant bears no relation to reality? Where is the hack who will ask:

  • what the 30 contradictions are, and why they are fantasies
  • what distractions the Russians have introduced
  • what evidence there is for an “offensive” programme of chemical weapons, and why they include ‘novichok’ – a generic Russian term
  • what part of proven Russian behaviour has been reckless or indiscriminate – the latter especially, given MI5 says the Russian poisoners targeted two people, and killed nobody
  • when Russia has shown disdain for the OPCW in excess of that shown by John Bolton over the years
  • why the confusions and distractions of the Putin government are any different from those of Theresa May and Boris Johnson
  • why best practice at the OPCW involves allowing the US government to summarily (and illegally) fire its Director?

I mean, c’mon here: if you specify thirty, surely you should be called upon substantiate every last one, no?

The disingenuous OPCW summit statement made by Peter Wilson proclaims that “The OPCW research results have confirmed British experts’ analysis”.

They have indeed: and neither report identified novichok as the ‘nerve agent’ involved. But this is not mentioned by the FCO lifer: on the contrary, he chose to reconfirm another lie by specifically calling upon the RF to “to end its offensive chemical weapons programme and to declare its programme of novichoks”.

It is important to keep hammering away at this:

  • The UK Government continues to give corrupt media owners an easy ride
  • In return, those proprietors print and/or transmit exactly what the Government wants – and nothing it might frown upon
  • Clinging to the Eagle comic idea that Britain is good, America is a valuable ally, the EU is philanthropic and Russia is evil is a similar act to that of a neurotic infant clinging to its security blanket. Most intelligent children grow out of this baby thing by the age of five. At the age of fifty, Mr Wilson has either failed spectacularly to do this, or he too is a liar.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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