THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Don’t be fooled by Big Business media & government censorship: the EU is destroying itself.

methink2 There is nothing of real substance to celebrate about the European Union at the moment, and every Brit unwilling to be dragged down by this giant tramp steamer should make their feelings more voluble than at the moment. With Italy, Spain, Hungary, Austria and even Germany itself now at odds with the Macron-Merkel view of its future, the cabal in Brussels simply cannot afford to lose the income it derives in contributions and trade surpluses from the United Kingdom, its third biggest economy. If Theresa May won’t deliver Sovereign Brexit, then she must be forced out. That process begins in Parliament tomorrow.


Bastille Day having come and gone (a remarkably subdued affair in my neck of the woods), today the French football team takes on tiny Croatia for the title of World Champions. But tomorrow will be Monday, and on that day the People of France will once more deal with the reality of their country’s debt problems, the future it faces under Hard Man Emmanuel Macron, and the even more uncertain future of the European Union which they and the Germans founded in the 1950s.

The Macronisation of France is now well under way (President Macron is no Sarkozy lightweight) and for the British resident here it offers a strong sense of déjà vu for anyone who lived during the Thatcher era. Macron’s “centrist” positioning is a risible patriotic appeal he makes in speeches, but his behaviour suggests otherwise.

On the SNCF strike, he chose largely to ignore it and wait for the Unions to buckle, which they did. He has already brought four fat, large publicly owned companies forward for privatisation, with the familiar promises of quick profits for the plebs, but down the road the usual pattern of profiteering and obscene directorial bonuses will doubtless materialise. After all, Emannuel’s Alt State banking masters pushed him into the Elysée Palace to further the process of transferring capital and control to the powers one occupied by the Unions.

If Macron isn’t stopped (and I see no sign that he will be) then the regionally devolved communitarian black market tax culture that many citizens, tourists and settlers have grown to love will be replaced by one in which (as we shall see later in regard to Greece) there is no hiding place from the élites determined to turn everyone upside down and empty their pockets of cash, and their bank accounts of “electronic” money.

The President is gathering power to the Centre. His popular move of abolishing the local habitation tax takes money directly out of the Mayor’s control. Equally, on “safety grounds” he has reduced the non-motorway speed limit to 80 kph – about 50 miles an hour. But there are plans to invest heavily in far more cameras to enforce that law, which – like the motorway cameras – bear no relation to safety at all: they are there on 30kph exit lanes to slam the motorist at €70 a pop, with no realistic right of appeal. It should mean a whopping increase in the Revenue take….and it will have two effects: raise the already horrendous cost of motoring, and make many 50+ residents turn their attention to the train.

The massive French investment in TGV wifi trains for business travellers is beginning to make rail travel look like a better alternative for the private citizen: Bordeaux to Paris is now much faster than by car, involves no toll or petrol costs, and to avoid tolls now means travelling at 50mph….a long, slow journey. In turn, it offers none of the parking charges, queues, late arrivals and security madness asssociated with flying.

Macron has approved a massive promotion to win back SNCF passengers. For the first time in years, it stands a chance of making money. At which point, Macron or his successor  will privatise it….and prices will sky-rocket.

Emmanuel Macron may have no soul, but he has an astonishing brain. The way he uses it does not appeal to Angela Merkel – but then, as a former Communist Youth Leader, it wouldn’t. In Germany, unser geliebter Führer has been replaced for the last fifteen years by unsere geliebte Mutti. In France, L’Empéreur has been recreated by the Boy Wonder and his ideas about how to get France en marche. The two leaders don’t like each other much, but the dreadful state of the European Union founded by their forefathers is a far bigger problem than their clash of personalities and ideas.


Across the Channel in the less than United Kingdom, 52% of the voters decided two years ago that the time had once again come to rescue Europe from itself, having correctly observed that the EU (and its unaccountably feral children the European Commission, the euro and the Central Bank) were all out of control, along with the progeny of authoritarian grandeur delusions at times fuelled by alcohol, at other times by corrupt greed.

But this ill-defined purpose is at odds with the focused aims of the various Alt States globally, and the myopic quasi-religious zeal of the LibLeft in England and Nationalists in Scotland. As a result, Britain has a clear majority of bureaucrats, globalists, space cadets and legislators who – for variously cynical, self-interested, fluffy, naive and at times impenetrable “reasons” – want to stay on board the SS Eutanic.


So having had a celebration of allegedly eternal Liberty, Equality and Fraternity yesterday in France, what is the State of the Union that now binds it and 26 other States together? It is important for Brits to get a clear idea of this, because the British media are now so compromised by blind ideology, self-interested ownership and blatant Alt State censorship, they are giving (on a daily basis) a shamelessly narrow view of the real situation on the European continent in general, and the eurozone in particular.

Ironically, here in France the media are being far more open and honest about the huge crises the EU faces. The behaviour of African migrants at first in Calais and now in Paris has been headline news on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. The fact that Europe ‘is split wide open about migration’ (and that police forces are suffering low morale in the face of it) is openly debated, especially in the press:


Not too far from my place, travelling east, lies the Italian border, where the duly elected government is turning back refugees and trying to expand the economy, both in direct contravention of the directives of Brussels-am-Berlin. This too is widely reported, but the mainland media (especially broadcast) are far more circumspect about the parlous state of the Italian banking system, where close to €800 billion of bad loans are still on the balance sheets and looking immovable. Both Italy’s ruling Coalition Parties want to leave the eurozone, and both believe the banking problem is fundamentally insoluble, not least because on top of the bad loans, Italy owes Draghi’s ECB a staggering €565 billion of sovereign debt, most of it on a shortish term basis.

This is a much more unstable and far bigger problem than the one that landed Greece in the vassal sin-bin. Drive down Italy through Modena and Parma, and from the lower half of the Adriatic coast you can hop onto an overnight ferry to the Land of the Gods, where in 2018 there are three million fewer mortals than there were a decade ago.

There in Greece we see one of the great and unforgettable artworks of the EU punishment system, mixed with early 20th century Berlin economics. Although the ordinary Greek people are slated by the Western media as if they had personally run up the country’s original €150 billion sovereign debt, the money was borrowed under false pretences, by a right-wing government, from JC Trichet’s ECB – using expertise sold to them by a Goldman Sachs team whose leader was Gary Cohn….currently economic adviser to President Trump.

Trichet was asleep at the wheel and Goldman plus the Greek Right élite defrauded the EC. But nobody went to jail….taxes were raised dramatically, State pensions embezzled by the “creditors”, and the ordinary Greek paid by having his job, tourism business, State social weal and properties bought up cheaply…..advice upon which was given to wealthy German clients by none other than Guy Verhofstadt.

This is the latest obscenity from Greece: the Brussels controlled “Government” has invented something called “tekmirio”. They decide how much money you need each year to support your lifestyle and then tax you if you can’t produce the income to show you can afford to live as you do. For example, they estimate a couple needs need €4000 a year to own a 1975 Beetle van, and around €10,000 a year to live in an 80 square metre flat…a ludicrous estimate. If you don’t have it, they tax you on the difference.

Disturbingly draconian new measures have been introduced to force everyone to use credit cards – and fine people who don’t, to ensure every last transaction is recorded and available to be taxed. It is Teutonic tax accountancy gone mad, but it is also revenge, red in tooth and claw. I wonder if any Remainers still reading this piece think it will be any different for the UK once our capitulation is complete.

Further north, Hungary has spent a billion euros building a wall cum fence to keep opportunistic migrants out. Viktor Orban’s wicked sense of humour has now resulted in the EC receiving a bill from Budapest for exactly that amount, “because it was their idiotic migration policies that forced us to to do it”. Orban is the Iceland of the EU: he kicks out globalist banks, comes down hard on Soros front-organisations, continues to refuse any inducements to join the euro….and keeps on getting elected. The Hungarian leader is not going away any time soon, and the federalist fanatics have backed off….for now. Are you paying attention, Ollie and Theresa at the back there?

Wherever you look in the EU, it’s a mess – a mess created by the appalling social science and Stone Age economic ideas promulgated from the various carpet baggers and drunks in Brussels. Mario Rajoy – an utterly corrupt bumboy for the EC – has at last been caught with his hands in the till, and fallen from power in Spain. His successor, the socialist Pedro Sanchez, is already out of step with the EC: he has, I am told, made it clear to some senior Commission members that Spain isn’t going to march in step with austerity much longer.

As for Germany itself, Mutti is not quite so geliebte as she used to be. The migration crisis she created (and Interior Minister Seehofer’s demands that it be scrapped) now means  in the ranks of the CDU, many are already awaiting her departure and jockeying for position. Merkel is praying that Seehofer’s regional Party will lose in the forthcoming Bavarian elections, but this is unlikely. Meanwhile, support for the Nationalist anti-EU AfD Party is growing again.

But this is as nothing compared to pressure from other EU Member States, because most of them no longer accept her “European” policy, correctly discerning that it is designed (as usual) to benefit Germany. Things did not go well at the European Council summit: Spain’s Sanchez made his views eminently clear, and nationalist Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz hob-knobbed openly with Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini.

The LibLeft in the West – blindly formulaic as always – take the simplistic view: nationalism = “Hard” Right = racist = fascist. It was expressed some weeks ago in a spectacularly empty-headed “analogy” drawn by the hysterical and self-dramatic clown Baron Adonis:


In fact, it is nothing of the sort: Brexit is the reaction of a Top 3 EU economy to unelected, corrupt and authoritarian mendacity in Brussels, and the German drive towards federalism. The British People have voted to get away from simply becoming a regional vassal in the crypto-soviet Berlin-dominated wannabe Empire….and in this, we are entirely in step with the growing alarm in almost every EU member State. To suggest that this is a goose-step, however, is preposterous.

The LibLeft calls UK Leave voters “Little Englanders”, “poorly educated” and “ignorant”. In truth, the danger to Britain here is Little Socialists who don’t get out enough, Big Business that likes big markets it can control, and big banks who want technology to aid them in emptying the pockets and savings of The People.

This battle remains the one so admirably summed up by Kate Hoey at the outset in 2016: “This is not about nationalism, it is a battle between The People and the the State”.

I might refine it somewhat in the light of experience, and write, “This is not about knuckle-headed Far Right racism, it is a fight between the power of the People and the creeping power of unelected globalist Alt States”.  

But the principle remains the same….and nobody should expect the people next door to do the donkey work. The counterfeit Brexit proposed by Theresa May and her now 90% Remainer Cabinet comes back to the Commons tomorrow. Bombard your Tory MPs and Conservative Associations to support the four amendments neutralising her Chequers deceit, and please


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