A bit of R&R

mesmile As ever the man who zigs when others zag, instead of taking a long weekend off, I shall be enjoying a short week over the coming days. I may appear, I may not; I just decided that a bit of culture would do me good (along with a few laughs) thus enabling me to return, at least slightly refreshed, to the ongoing task of chucking sabots into the progress of tanks busy crushing new ideas wherever they might appear. 

By the time I come back, it seems likely that Theresa May will no longer be the Prime Minister. One can only live in hope.

But the relaunched Dominic ‘Cojones’ Raab has told the EC this morning, “Drop the Irish backstop or we will leave without a deal, on time, and you can whistle for your funny money”. And he didn’t ask Mother Theresa’s permission.

Methinks our Dom is the first Rat jumping off the shit, sorry, ship.

Until soon then, as they say in these parts.