The last word (however strangulated) on Brexit.


mesmile WordPress keeps telling me their new editor is going to “level up my experience”. My new tablet offers a “main interface description” that suggests I “boot into the default screen lock”. As Geekspeak linguistics are clearly here to stay, this morning I’ve decided to start the day on a “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” basis.


There were time-based episodes of human eye liquidity in the post-afternoon situation yesterday, as risk-averse money-friendly representatives of the electoral roll membership tuned in their aural head-based stereophonic equipment to hear Sir Graham Brady use his air-disturbance facial orifice to heads-up his audience on the developing Theresa May hatred monitor.

200 humanoid electoral bots continue to be sub-prime on that hate measure, while 117 are so low in love and high in pancreatic emissions, they are devoid of confidence-directed emotional values vis-a-vis the First Among Egalitarian Ministers.

Tool-making arm-end mechanisms were thrust together at high volume while visceral Homo erectusesque vocally-carried expostulations repleted the atmosphere.

Digital and physical media workers windowed their diaries ready for the next European Union Withdrawal male-member skywards-pointing process sign-post to socially tectonic disaster self-identifying as “I am Homo superior not wishing to interface with Grockle-similar oiks in the voter-space, and as such I do not donate an airborne act of sexual intercourse on the subject of their educationally sub-normal compulsions”.


I wrote that passage in keeping with the Buddhist mantra (to which I do cleave, no irony intended) which avers, “Every day, do something you don’t want to do”.

Every day, I feel obliged to post about Brexit, but it is still what it always was: an attempt by the dwindling number of citizens left who still think for themselves to stick a long and stout yardbrush up the backside of corrupt legislators (and their allies in the equally corrupt bureaucratic and globalist communities of our country) with a view to having the People’s Will prevail.

The will of 52% of the electorate is not prevailing and it never will, because the day after the vote, a 75% pro-Brexit Parliament still had the power, controlled 80% of of the seats in Cabinet, and a Remainer geopolitically-connected woman then quickly became Prime Minster by élite acclaim. And to support her, the British, European and US media were overwhelmingly of the unsubstantiated view that No Deal Brexit would be a disaster.

Further, among the laughably termed Opposition, the activists upon whose obsessions their authority rests seem unable take on board the reality of the EU’s anti-democratic structure, and the vindictive nature of its attitude to any and all examples of dissent.

So I suggest again, the only effective resistance left to We The People is a General Election. For this is the one thing they cannot (just yet) control. I really do not care how many ignorant, ill-informed and bribed MPs might grasp at ethereal straws proffered by the equally depraved bubble dwellers in Brussels. Whatever happens, that will still be light years from what we voted for in 2016.

People keep asking me, “But who would we vote for?”.

And my answer over and over again is, “Come out from your tribal stockades and vote against any candidate who is a Remainer. Be they Labour, Tory or Libdem, don’t give them your vote…vote for any candidate who commits to Sovereign Brexit, and if there are none, then abstain.”

I am sick to death of hypocritical soundbite platitudes about “respecting the 2016 vote”. Three in four of those overpaid nonentities are driven by motives that have nothing whatsoever to do with you I – and have zero respect for what we want.

I understand perfectly well what an Election will produce: a hopelessly divided Parliament, and a No Deal Brexit…or an Article 50 extension. But above all, it will drag the Sprouts back to the negotiating table – because they least of all can survive the loss of Britain’s EU contributions, and new tariff barriers against their exports.

This is an ineluctable truth and it always will be. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.