BREXIT: historic defeat for May, crushing defeat for Constitutional Law

methink2In the light of tonight’s unprecedented Parliamentary humiliation of the Prime Minister, it seems to me – if she really does respect the Constitution – that she has no alternative but to resign. However, the media have declared our current crisis so special, she needn’t do so. This is dangerous tosh. What we have here is a Conservative Party putting its own electoral survival ahead of Britain’s desire for real independence and self-determination. Whatever chaotic anarchy lies ahead, the Constitution must come first. Either she goes now, or the Rule of Law should be declared officially dead.


Two things may have passed you by during today….a day being billed as “the most significant since May 1940” – which was a month not a day – but either way has to be the most hyped billing in history. In May 1940 we faced a deadly enemy of enormous military power from Germany, not a shower of neocolonial clowns in Belgium. The enemy we face today is ourselves – a nation cowed and disgraced by rank fear of a trading challenge, and the unelected treachery of a cosy europhile élite.

The two things are as follows:

  1. Jean-Claude Juncker has cancelled all visits and appointments to potentially devote all of tomorrow to being with Theresa May.
  2. A senior German minister with close connections to their auto industry has said well, you know….maybe we could relax on one or two matters.

This is called ‘negotiating tactics’, something that the post-Davies Robbins/May régime has never tried in this process. They were high in delaying, being cooperative, building bridges and playing secret squirrel, low in spine and guile. But the conclusion here has to be that if, at this late stage, Brussels shows it can get off the pot, then it is not in the strong position it always affected in public. (Which, of course, it never was)

This insight will, I am sure, be spiked and or otherwise absent from the MSM reporting that follows in the coming days. Today’s televised coverage so far has seen (between CNBC, CNN, the Beeb and Sky) a dozen assertions by Remainer or pro-May Tories that “obviously nobody wants the disaster of a No Deal departure”.

Not one of these has been challenged by the interviewer concerned. Aside from being arithmetic drivel, it is also more broadly rejected by an enormous number of commentators familiar with global trade today in terms of the practicalities of how mercantilism is practised. As I watched Corbyn live in the Commons this evening, he was repeating the myth, talking of “the disastrous damage that will be done to ordinary people across the country” in the event of a WTO departure. Later (predictably) Sky’s Adam Boulton confirmed the existence of the Loch Nodeal Monster.

It reminded me, as a student, watching footage of a Nazi judge addressing defendants in the 1944 show-trial of those involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler: reality is not in Court.

I posted earlier today to express the opinion that the tableau we have all observed over the last 37 months is not just about the struggle to be separate from the superpower ambitions of EU federalist headcases like Merkel, Mogherini and Macron – the 21st century 3M. Nor – as the Left loves to allege – is it even homoaeopathically about a plot by “the Far Right” to take over the Government of Britain. It is about the peaceful self-determination of a majority of Britons to control their own destiny. It is, as Kate Hoey has always said, about The People versus The Establishment.

The nations of the West have become obsessed with the rights of tiny minorities. Concern for the more vulnerable in our country is a noble thing; the dictatorship of the minority, however, is the fast lane to serfdom. There is no point in replacing the Olly Robbins of this world with the Owen Joneses of a different (but equally unpleasant) demi-monde. We cannot build a balanced society of productive or disabled people on the empirically blind ideas of those who think women in mini-skirts create earthquakes, transgender males can be reassigned as child-bearing women, cultural appropriation is worthy of serious legislation, all men are born rapists, or the KKK is a serious threat to the rights of Americans.

The evening at Westminster today was (the televisual media told us) fizzing with drama, a personification of Britain in crisis, a legislature about to vote on the most important decision since the separation of Charles I from his head. This too has been a feature of the non-Brexit anti-Sovereignty fudge since June 2016. But it’s total IABATO*.

The occasion reflects little more than the self importance of our law-makers, and their love of intrigue, conspiracy, plot and poison. It also reminds us, by the way, of just how suppliant, unengaged and apathetic most of the electorate is.

The only genuine surprise of the evening has been the colossal size of May’s defeat – by 230. It has no precedent. Three hours ago, Number Ten was giving a “worst scenario” of 200. Fully 118 Tory MPs voted against the Prime Minister. I am informed that this is the biggest Tory rebellion in history.

Corbyn immediately tabled a Vote of No Confidence, and the Government agreed to a debate it tomorrow.

But I am left wondering what the point of that Vote (which he will lose) might be. Here is a thought to sleep on: although Tory MPs are not allowed to challenge Theresa May via 1922 Committee rules, surely there is nothing to stop them voting against her as Prime Minister in a Commons motion brought by another Party.

Call me wacky, but I do think Corbyn would have achieved a better outcome from such a motion. As it is, a failed No Confidence in the Government motion will simply waste more time that could be better used for the good of the country.

Sorry. Silly me. Had a momentary outburst of idealism. Just for a few seconds there, I imagined Jeremy of Nazareth might have the greater good in mind….as opposed to power for him to create the Socialist People’s Democratic Republic.

*IABATO…..It’s all bollocks and that’s official