win_20190127_120025 MPs finally put the May Withdrawal Agreement into a lead lined-coffin yesterday. Today they will reject the best way to leave the EU because of largely mythical fear created by MSM and internet IABATO. The best way forward after that will be a General Election. Just watch our legislators avoid that option for as long as possible.


This, we kept on being told, was The Big One. It was a Big Day. They didn’t come any bigger than this. As Big Days go, it was the Bigger Wigger. So Big in fact, that it had been to Biggin Hill in order to study what being Big was all about.

The two main sources of Big Bollocks were the Tory Remainer Bigwigs, and the increasingly Big Sky News anchor Adam the Big of Boulton. The Tory Mayflies were saying it to terrify their backbenchers into voting for the PM’s new improved deal because it was a Big Deal. Adam was saying it because, working for a news medium dependent on advertising for its survival, he needed to Big up the Day into something bigger than a rat’s fart, which is normally not very big at all.

Although Adam himself needs to downsize before everyone requires in-home Cinerama to fit him onto their monitors, he is still something of a Big Cheese, and cannot afford to become small beer, otherwise his access to Big Macs might be curtailed. To keep up his calorific intake, Bolt-On needs the expense account that goes with being a Big Shot.

But by midday, it was pretty clear that the Big build-up given to Theresa May’s Strasbourg  summit could not disguise the Big Fat Zero of outcome. One by one, Geoffrey Cox, Labour, the ERG group and the DUP gave the whole charade a Big Thumbs down.

The rest of the day on Sly News was thus devoted to Big Wheels telling Big Bucks cheesecake Kay Burley that the evening vote was the Big Banana, when it was patently obvious to an educationally subnormal amoeba that it was utterly predictable small time television.

So it was that the Prime Minister’s Room 101 bid to make two fingers look like four failed by a crushing 149 votes.

Did we learn anything from yesterday?

Well, nothing new as such. But what we were reminded of is that the citizen will always come last, and that to persuade said citizen that this is perfectly acceptable, the élites will always take advantage of the individual voter’s not surprising inability to remember who did what and when in the swirling mists of contemporary news overload.


What we relearned (almost as a piece of exam revision) was that the British and global Establishments will deceive, distract and demean opponents in a never-ending bid to make everything somebody else’s fault.

There are moments even now when one realises anew just how consistently shameless Remoqnoids, MPs and Ministers are in projecting their shameful behaviour elsewhere.

Here we are, being told by the Prime Minister that MPs are wicked and ungrateful little boys and girls for not putting the country first and getting behind her deal….a deal which is (on eight grounds way beyond the Irish border issue) a flagrant mass-dilution of what the vast majority of Brexiteers want. (As The Times showed at the weekend, only three constituencies polled in the UK last week supported her deal. )

Then we see Ministers pitching up to Kay Burley’s camera and saying “it’s this deal or the chaos of extension, so Brexiteers need to make their minds up” while being themselves about to remove the obvious way out of that, a WTO No Deal exit. An exit, mind you, that two days ago, in a 3,000+ sample poll conducted on Twitter, was found to be supported (among three other options) by 83% of respondents.

We watch in amazement as Hillary Benn holds forth on the horrors awaiting us following a No Deal Brexit based solely on the already queried or disproven theories of so-called experts over the last year. Thus, he concludes triumphantly,  “she is leading us into the limbo of extension”. No chum, you all are.

And finally, we sit through interviews with the Remainer vox populi, who blame Leavers “for this dreadful mess of a Brexit process they have caused” yet seem to forget that 99% of the significant negotiation of it was conducted by Remainer MPs and bureaucrats. And that the plank Cameron – another Remainer – called the Referendum in the first place because he had spent two years looking for reform in the EU and come up against nothing but patronising obduracy wherever he went.

I always think it important to remind the Asses of Assertion precisely how we got to Here, because they are all masters of denial when it comes to their own culpability in the process.

The simple truth is this. Brussels put the process on its head from Day 1 by demanding that every last screw should be tight on the last funnel and forecastle window hinge before HMS Brexit was launched. Robbins gleefully accepted this through cunning, and David Davis followed along because he is a very dull little man.

In fact, the only thing required under the Lisbon Treaty Article 50 departure process is to give two years notice and pay all outstanding bills for expenditure commitments. There is nothing in it that says “Fanny around for three months, toss ideas around, turn them all down, have a think and a leadership contest and then, under duress, issue the Article”. There is nothing about £39 billion beyond unpaid bills. There is nothing about the logistics of it all. All the May Cabinet had to do was say, “We’re off on March 29th 2019, and while we’re happy to discuss some practicalities after we agree a trading relationship, each of us has separate tasks to fufil in ensuring a smooth exit, so let’s get to it. You’re the guys that stand to lose €140 billion in trading income, so why don’t you kick things off?”

In all seriousness, we could’ve left Michel Barnier in a negotiations office all on his own for 34 months and we would not have been in breach of a single Lisbon Treaty codicil. 

That, my sanctimonious little Remoaner buddies, is it: we are where we are because your guys never even tried to call the Brussels Bluff….and you lot spent over two years saying that it wasn’t fair. We are Here because of Remainer cowardice and sabotage, a de facto coup d’état by a treacherous, self-interested Civil Service, and the staggering gullibility of Left and Right ideologues inside and beyond Westminster. We are Here because your voters didn’t turn up in big enough numbers in June 2016, and the civil service did not do a single thing to prepare for a Leave result – not one, single, miserable thing. We are Here because the European Commission was prepared to stone any wall, pull any stunt, find any obstacle and prolong every process in order to waste time and undermine something they fear more than any other single thing: Brexit.

And finally – yes, it’s true, I accept it – we are Here because (despite passionate warnings from myself and many others within days of the Referendum) the Leave camp saw the job as done and sorted. Boris Johnson went off to play cricket and get pissed with his mates: as ever, he was a far from perfect role model.

The Leave campaign post-referendum has been nothing short of disorganised, underfunded, naive, media-dopey, over-trusting and, to be frank, lazy. The vast majority of opinion leaders in the Brexiteer alliance immediately peeled off and returned to their day jobs of serial incompetence (Chris Grayling), leadership plotting (Boris Johnson), putting Tory survival first (Michael Gove) and turning up in Brussels with a vacant smile (David Davis). Despite having to defend herself against Corbynista purges, Kate Hoey has been the only one insisting that we must not simply give a largely Remainer régime an easy time.

In behaving in such a manner, they lost sight of this grim reality:

  1. The neoliberal globalist Right businesses want to kill Brexit in order to retain access to cheap labour
  2. The LibLeft social Establishment want to kill Brexit because they have an idée fixe about reactionaries wanting to take their racial, gender, green and internationalist toys away from them
  3. The bureaucratic classes want to kill Brexit because they see the ‘global-bloc’ future as being increasingly technocratic and, at a regional level, admin rather than democratic in nature
  4. The Alt States along the bourse > military > neocon > energy > surveillance axis want to kill Brexit because it gets in the way of, ultimately, creating an American-led global hegemony
  5. The multinational, multimedia information channels want to kill Brexit because fewer buying points and bot-controlled news distribution aligns them more easily to the Superstates involved, making them (in the end) virtually indispensible in the process of dictating ‘reality narratives’
  6. The banking system wants to kill Brexit because it would vastly increase the chances of a superbloc currency failure, such an event being a major potential catalyst in the process of collapsing the entire value-free, debt-riddled, economically stagnant and internally self-destructive monetarist perversion of creative capitalism.

Well, all these agents of disinformation and obfuscation have played their role with admirable (albeit evil) skill. Without any evidence beyond predictive speculation, they have persuaded millions of voters that trading under WTO is The Black Death, an independent Britain would turn into a haven for neo-Nazis, the EU is a force for social democracy, Russia is hellbent on global domination, the Gilets Jaunes represent populist anarchy, and – given a chance – an illiberal, unaudited, antidemocratic, fundamentally protectionist and anti-entrepreneurial, pro-monopoly European Union is the best place for Britain to be.

All this in the light of a Britain that has a massive trade surplus with the world beyond wannabe federalist Europe, and a massive trade deficit with that same totalitarian European construct.

Somewhere in a spinning coffin, George Orwell is laughing fit to wet his pants.

Winding up for the Government last night, Stephen Barclay paid tribute to “the enormous contribution made by Whitehall to arriving at this Brexit deal”. He meant it as a compliment, whereas the evidence suggests that most British voters would see it as a clinically accurate verdict on where much of the blame for our existential pickle lies.


Where do we go from here? Over the last fortnight, I have posted to say that Sovereign Brexit is dead and we need to think beyond it; and Brextension is inevitable, so we need to think beyond that too.

The problem for Britain is, everything is now dead: thanks to around 610 myopic sociopaths, we are all optioned out. So my position for the time being (today, but don’t hold me to that sports fans) is to go for the one longshot that might deliver us a Leaver House of Commons…..which is, of course, a General Election.

A second referendum remains the chosen route for the Labour Party. It’s an archetypal Leftlib idea, given that it would deliver precisely nothing, because (a) all the polls suggest that either way the result would still be very close and (b) we are not in a position to offer Remain versus clearer versions of Brexit in such a poll.

Neither Party will want another election, as they are both hopelessly split and lacking confidence in their respective leaders. So as per usual, what we need ain’t what we gonna get.

But if new bunfights force us in that direction, this time the armchair wing of Leave needs to get its kit together, have a plan in place for tactical voting, and pray that someone – Farage most likely, if he isn’t busy marching for things overtaken by events – can be a receptacle for positive Leave votes.

Meanwhile, it’s onwards and downwards to further predictable betrayal.